My Summer (ish) Travel Plans – 7 countries in 2,5 months!

Hey Lovelies,

How are you today? I am currently in Antwerp, the city where I live since the past months and it is raining so hard that I had no other choice than to sit behind my laptop and write this post. Haha.

I am sorry for being a bit m.i.a lately but it does not mean that I was not busy working really hard behind the scenes. I have a lot of exciting projects coming up and collaborations that I can not wait to share with you guys. So I will share a little bit today..

Get your hot cup of choco and snuggle up on the couch so we can go through this list together.

08cb4349f5e04d2192cd6987170647a2The European summer, that lasts from about early june till the end of august is perhaps almost over (well, judging by the weather now, it really is over) but that does not mean that the traveling should stop. I have 6 exciting trips coming up and I am still waiting for 3 to be confirmed so it will be a very busy time but I can not wait to take you with me on this journey.

So where will I actually be going?
In chronicle order:
1. Bali
2. Brussels
3. Dublin
4. Stockholm
5. Porto
6. Oslo
7. London

These trips are all planned within the coming 2.5 months. It will be an exciting challenge to visit all these beautiful cities while running my website, doing my freelance work and working a fulltime job but I am up for it.
I can not wait to share all my posts about these trips with you guys and all the pictures that I will take with my new camera that I have received to review….

Which one do you think I got?
Review will be up this week!

+ A little sneak peak in 2 of the places I will stay to review:

bali 1ah-freaking-mazing!