How to deal with a ‘I feel down’ day during (solo) traveling?

How to deal with a 'I feel down' day during (solo) traveling?

Hey Friends!

YesterdayI had such a stupid day. Everything that could go wrong went wrong and I just felt really sad. The thing about traveling alone is that when you are sad or annoyed you do not have any one to turn to. And yes, I have friends here in Bali as well, even one of my best girlfriends is living here but she had a bad day her self as well and I did not want to burden her with my problems.
At moments like those I miss my family a lot. I am 27, and will be 28 this October but still when I have a bad day I want to be surrounded by my family. I want a hug from my mum, have a heart to heart with my sister and go for a walk with my dad. Is that weird? (more…)

A little piece of luxury heaven in China Town, Kuala Lumpur.

A little piece of luxury heaven in China Town, Kuala Lumpur.

Hey Friends!

Today I would like to share this beautiful place in China Town with you guys called Peter Hoe. It is one of the best kept secrets that China Town in Kuala Lumpur has to offer. China Town can be crowded, hectic, busy with tourists wandering the streets, salesmen trying to drag you in to their stands to show you their latest collections, all kinds of different stands where they sell the newest Marc Jacobs bags, Louis Vuitton wallets and all kind of other fake products. In the midst of all this fakeness and chaos there is this beautiful serene place where it is all about a luxury ambience (more…)