Warung Pama is one of the best Warungs that you will find in Kuta. The first time that I came here was back in 2008 and every year that I came back to Bali I would have a few meals a week here.
They offer great quality versus very affordable prices. Their menu is great. They offer Thai, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian and Indian dishes to name a few. (more…)

How to deal with a ‘I feel down’ day during (solo) traveling?

How to deal with a 'I feel down' day during (solo) traveling?

Hey Friends!

YesterdayI had such a stupid day. Everything that could go wrong went wrong and I just felt really sad. The thing about traveling alone is that when you are sad or annoyed you do not have any one to turn to. And yes, I have friends here in Bali as well, even one of my best girlfriends is living here but she had a bad day her self as well and I did not want to burden her with my problems.
At moments like those I miss my family a lot. I am 27, and will be 28 this October but still when I have a bad day I want to be surrounded by my family. I want a hug from my mum, have a heart to heart with my sister and go for a walk with my dad. Is that weird? (more…)