5 things every blogger should stop posting

Hey loves,

I decided to write this post after endlesly stroling down blogs, instagrams and pinterest accounts and I noticed something that should stop NOW.

Blogging is a way of showing our creativity, our love for media and arts, fashion, design, lifestyle, travel, food or whatever is your fave topic to write about. However, what I have noticed, and I am also guilty of myself is certain things that a lot of us do. We kind of copy each others styles and why? I am sure we all are very creative but for some reason we go with the ‘comfortable choice’ often and I think that that is a shame.

What if we actually started to challenging each other again, our selves again in to finding our creativity and originality?

I really think our blogs/ IG feeds will look so much better. And we will separate ourselves a bit more and become ‘unique’ again.

Do you recognize any of these things? Perhaps, like myself, you do or did them too..

Laduree macarons- Who does not love these little pieces of heaven?
I must say, I am addicted to these macarons too, especially the pistashio ones but why is it that whenever I am on any random beauty or lifestyle blog I will find at least one macarons pic?
I am not saying that you should not post these but perhaps you can place them in a different setting?

If you don’t know what PSL stands for you have missed out on    something quite ‘big’. Starbucks big I mean. The pumpkin spiced latte is a seasonal Starbucks drink that returns every fall and you can enjoy this drink untill halloween. I can not tell you how many PSL’s I have seen in my feed the past month. Hey, I even posted one myself. LAME! Haha. Maybe something we should not do next year? And if you actually do like the PSL and you purchase this one, maybe we can find other ways of displaying this cup?

I mean come on, we put this ‘trend’ to bed in 2013 no? Sometimes I still see bloggers post their infamous bathroom selfie and to make the situation a bit worse, I see a lot of duckfaces. Yes, still. Have I made bathroom selfies? Yes! Do I post pictures with the accessional duckface? I certainly did. But all good things (and bad things haha) should come to an end. If even the selfiequeen Kim K. is not doing this anymore, why are you?

To be totally honest, I never really understood the big hype around mason jars but for some reason, it really became a ‘thing’. I could not open one IG account or I saw one of these jars. Is it a fun way of displaying your healthy smoothie? Yes it is! But there are so many other things / glasses/ jarshaped thingies you can display your smoothie in. I am so curious what we can create, the beautiful pics we can take if we just look a bit outside of the  box  masonjar.

Seriously? We did this pose like 5 years ago. Why are we still doing it? Is it a popular tag? Yes it is. Do I expect us to take pics in cat like positions now? No I don’t- But I am sure we can create a more exciting pose than this one, no? If you want to show your outfit, let someone take a cool outfit pic. You want to high light your shoes? Work from different angles and not only the ‘straight from above’ angle. You feel me?
These 5 things are things I definitely did in the past so I am not judging your for doing it too. I just hope this post will inspire you to do different things. To post original content. I can not wait to see your pictures !

Do you recognize any of these 5 things and what is the thing you think bloggers stop posting now?