Hotel Review: Qbic – London

Hey lovelies!

Last week I had the pleasure to visit London and when I was looking for a new hotspot to discover where I could stay,

my friend recommended me the Qbic Hotel. Until so far I have never heard of the Qbic hotel so I googled it and I came across their website.

After browsing it for a while I decided that that was the place where I wanted to stay. It seemed like a high end luxury hotspot where cool design, urban art and comfort came together and I was ready to explore and discover the hotel.

I have stayed with my lovely friends at the and I had a fantastic experience. If you are looking for a place to stay in London, this is it!

LOCATION:Schermafbeelding 2016-01-18 om 13.02.02

The hotel is very easy to reach. With several bus stops nearby the hotel and a tube station just a 2 minute walk from the hotel.

The Tube station that is near the hotel is Aldgate East.  When you arrive at Aldgate East it is important to leave the tube station via White chappel gallery. [see picture above]
When you got out of the station turn left and walk about 50 meter straight forward. At some point at your right side you will see a park  and when you enter the park you kind of already will see the big Qbic sign.

The hotel has 4 flours and several different rooms. I had the pleasure to stay in room 425 on the 4th floor.


On the ground floor you can find the reception and the bar/restaurant area. When you enter the hotel you will see the reception in front of you, on the left side you will have the elevators that will take you to your room and on the right side of the reception you have the bar/restaurant en lounge area.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The lounge is amazing. I was really impressed with the design. The design chair and comfy couches that they had over there including all the (wall) art were just a treat to look at. From all the hotels that I have stayed in (and those are quite a lot by now) the Qbic in London definitely made it to my world wide top 3!

What is also really nice about the Qbic in London are the complimentary hot beverages!


Free coffee for all the hotel guests 🙂

Each floor has a complimentary coffee and tea station where you can get your hot beverages 24/7. So if you want to snuggle up in your hotel room and watch a movie you can get your hot tea or coffee so your night will be even more pleasurable!


You have 2 options for breakfast.

The Breakfast Menu!

You can take food from the buffet, this varies from fresh fruit and yoghurt, bread and pastries, cheese and sandwich spreads, cereals with milk or you can order ala carte from the menu. This is not included in the breakfast price but still very worth of trying!



Beautiful room, room 425!

I have stayed in room 425.
Unfortunately I was not able to explore the other beautiful rooms during my stay but I will definitely do that this time. Now I can not compare all the rooms but I can sure tell you a lot about mine. When I entered the room I immediately wished it was my own home. The cool and clean design really spoke to me, I directly felt at home. I also understand the name „Qbic’ a bit better. Schermafbeelding 2016-01-18 om 13.14.28Allt he rooms are build as ‚cubicles’/ Qbics! The room is very well organized and divided in a sleeping area, an workstation and storage area and the very bright and spacious bathroom. What I hate about hotel rooms are those with bad lighting and the Qbic was seriously a dream come true for every blogger when it comes down to light. With several different switches to adjust the bathroom light just to your comfort and ease it is perfect to take pictures all day everyday and you don’t have to wait until you have proper daylight in order to take your pics.

*I feel really sad because I also made a lot of pictures of myself in the room but unfortunately these got erased because my camera formatted my card. Thank God I already placed 90% of my pictures on my laptop but hey, definitely a good reason to go back soon!

Lovely bed @ The Qbic London

Okay, back to the room. Besides the perfect lighting I must high light (haha, pun intended) the amazing green design lamp. This is the ‚moonlight’ lamp and you can put it on if you want to have more of a chill vibe in the room.

The design Moodlight!

If you want to do your make up you can adjust this by just putting on one of the other lights. Again- Qbic, perfect lights for every mood!

What I also love that underneath each button you can see what the switch is for:


Moodlight, main light, etc and this is fantastic. It is so annoying when you enter a hotel room and you want to put on the bed side light and you have to press 80 buttons before you hit the correct one. With the Qbic everything is easy and I absolutely love that!

Another big love of the Qbic is the art on the wall. I absolutely adore it. I have stayed in the room with this wall art:

Love the wall art!

And the cool thing is that my painting was also projected in the lounge area!


The bed is super duper comfy and the bed is stacked with a bunch of pillows so you will have something to hug if you are in the hotel by yourself 🙂


The work station area and storage area was really cool. Everything was made of robust wooden material and that gave the room a cool vibe. It also was really handy because there was enough space to hang everything. What I also liked about it that it was so open. You often have those ‚closed closets’ that kind of take a lot of space and make the room look smaller. This way the room was still very spacious. There was also a safe available where you could enter your own 4 digit code so you could keep your important stuff extra save 🙂

The bathroom is very bright and spacious. I never would have chosen the color yellow for a bathroom but it kinda really worked and I got inspired to perhaps change the color in my own bathroom as well. It is very bright and it creates a sunny vibe and it perfectly goes with the clean cut vibe that the entire room has. What I also really liked was the quote next to the sink:


Perfect for your morning inspiration! 🙂




Schermafbeelding 2016-01-18 om 13.03.16

When I left the first day for breakfast I was a bit confused. I looked for over 15 minutes to find the ‚do not disturb sign’. I always put this up because I want my room to be cleaned when I leave the hotel to explore the city and not when I return from breakfast. After my search and when I could not find it I decided to just go for breakfast and hope that my room would not get cleaned in the meanwhile. When I was walking towards the elevator I saw these stuffed animals hanging on the door. First I thought it was a joke, that it was maybe a group of people that stayed together and that this way they could easily find each other. At some point when I saw more than 4 of those thingies I thought, let me just take a closer look and OH MY GOD, it was the cutest thing ever. THAT was the „DO NOT DISTURB sign” – how great is that? I laughed so hard. I went back to my room and got my own doggy!  and hung it on my door! Totally cute!


No pets aloud, but stuffed animals are more than welcome 🙂

I loved my stay at the Qbic. I have stayed there from Friiday night to Sunday morning. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I got a bit sick on Saturday night. I think all the traveling got the best of me, or perhaps I ate something wrong. Feeling sick when you are away from home sucks but I can not be more grateful of the great care from my friends in the Qbic hotel. They were really kind and thoughtful and I got some light toasted bread to easy my stomach and drank some warm tea. It is great to see that the staff of an hotel are so involved with the wellbeing of their guests.


I loved the location of the hotel. it is not in a hectic area at all but it was kind of great to discover this side of London. I have discovered plenty of new hotspots near the hotel that I will share in another article. You can reach many hotspots and touristy points by tube but I love that when it is time to sleep you can actually have a peaceful night because it is quite outside.

The complimentary tea and coffee station is fab. It is super duper nice to have a nice hot cup of tea while watching the telly (that is directly attached to the bed for your comfort).

Absolutely. The Qbic has still other rooms I want to explore and discover and it will definitely on top of my list when I will go back to London! The Qbic gets an A+ from me in every aspect. Art, design, spaciousness of the rooms, bathroom and inspo in general. I mean, there are even quotes placed in the elevator so you have something to read on your way up or down! Awesome? I do think so!


This hotel is suitable for just about everyone. I really looked around when I was having my breakfast to what kind of people it attracted. I saw the young and in love couple in their late teens/ early twenties that were in London for the weekend, I saw a couple in their 40’s that were reading the London map and I also met a group of German girls my age that were in London for the weekend. Conclusion; the Qbic welcomes everyone!

I do think that it is a perfect hotel for those that appreciate comfort and luxury at the same time. People that like art and design. Business people, friends, couples and even the solo traveler, the Qbic is perfect for you!


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For more information please check out their website:

HOTEL REVIEW: Hotel Vondel – Amsterdam

Hey lovelies!

I have visited Hotel Vondel during the Xmas season and I absolutely loved it! Going to Amsterdam soon? Than I have the best place for you to stay.

Hotel Vondel is a beautiful 4 star hotel in the midst of the city center.



Hotel Vondel is located in the best place possible. It is walking distance to the very famous Leidse Plein where you can find numerous hip and trendy hotspots and a lot of stores that will make your heart beat faster. From H&M to Lush, from Karen Millen to Shoebaloo- the area around Leidse Plein has it all.


It is also just walking distance from the main shopping street „Kalverstraat’ and if you want to discover the way the true Amsterdam fashion chick shops you can also walk quite easily to the nine streets/ negenstraatjes.

What I really liked about the location is that it is in a peaceful side street of a very busy and hectic place in Amsterdam. This way you can escape all the hectic by staying in a hotel in a beautiful and serene environment but you can be in the hip and happening crowdy places within a 5 minute walk, so basically you will really have the best of both worlds! What also will take your breath away are the beautiful 18th century townhouses the hotel is created in + the fact that the hotel is very close to the great heart of Amsterdam „Vondel Park’

How to get there: Are you an international traveler and visiting the beautiful city of Amsterdam and you are planning your stay in hotel Vondel you will probably arrive at Schiphol airport.

It is quite easy to reach the hotel from the airport and you can do it according to your own budget:

Take the direct train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station- this will take you about 20 minutes. From the central station you can take the tram (1,2 or 5) to Leidse Plein. From here it is only a 5 minute walk. From the airport to the tramstop Leidse plein will be approximately around 7 euro’s (train + tram)

You can also take a taxi to the hotel and this will also take you about 20 minutes. The fare will be a bit higher and it will be between 40 and 50 euro.



Hotel Vondel has 10 roomtypes as you can see below. I had the pleasure to stay in the Small  Double Room!

  • Souterrain
  • Double Small
  • Standard
  • Executive Twin or Double
  • Junior Suite
  • Apartment
  • Loft Suite
  • Triple
  • Family Room
  • Family Suite 

To be totally honest, I did not understand the term ‚small double room’. The room was anything but small. It was actually quite spacious and lovely.


Upon entering what I directly noticed where the high ceilings. I was located ont he 4th (top floor) and could enjoy very high ceilings which I absolutely adored. Directly on my left side there was a closet where the safe was kept, the coffee and tea corner was placed and it offered some storage room. On the right side you also had a closet where you could find the mini bar as well. The mini bar is upon payments and the coffee and tea are complimentary.


Next to the minibar you had the flat screen TV attached to the wall, directly in front of the bed which was placed under a very big window. So when you are back in your room after a long day of exploring Amsterdam and you just want to kick back and relax and watch the telly, this is perfectly possible.


What I also loved about the bed being under a window is the possibility of waking up with the morning light in stead of just putting on some lights in your room.


The room also had an office space where you could find a desk and a chair which is perfect for business people, bloggers, journalists- everyone who just needs to do some work during their stay- the Vondel Hotel has got you covered!


Lovely details of this boutique hotel: The hotel (and the rooms) are decorated with beautiful small artsy details. My room had lovely paintings and it really gave that special touch to the room!

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The bathroom was gorge! I love grey tones and this bathroom just had all the shades of grey that you need (yes, forget about 50 shades of grey, these greytones are much better:) It had a bathtub with a rain dance shower and even a sky window. So when you are taking a shower you can watch the stars (or well, search for the stars at least 🙂

The bathroom also came with a hairdryer and products from The Spa Collection to enjoy your showers even more!

I love a hotel that pays attention to the small details. I thought it was pretty cool that the bath mat was branded with the VONDEL brand (see picture) and that there was a plaid on the hotel bed. A plaid, how awesome is that? I have stayed in over 200 hotels but I have never seen a plain on the bed. This gives it that ‘home away from home feeling’ and that is magnificent. 


What I always find really important to review during my reviews are the hotel staff. I can tell you, I have had some really bad experiences, where the hotel maybe is really nice but the staff definitely is not. That was not the case at Hotel Vondel. Here the staff are as kind and as beautiful as the hotel itself. The Dutch hospitality was yet again proven to be one of the best globally. Examples: The receptionist was very friendly and helpful and gave me a lot of information about the city center and which highlights were worth visiting. She did not have to look up any of the information, she was really knowledge and could tell me everything without any hesitation.

Another example was that when my internet on my phone did not work anymore because I needed a new log in, I asked the head waitress where I could find a new log in code and she told me that she would get in for me at the reception. I immediately said that I would get it my self and I thanked her for her answer and she said that she would gladly get it for me and that I should continue to enjoy my breakfast- these little things are really important. It immediately made me feel like a valued guest and that she put the needs of her guests first. And that is what you are looking for when you are on a trip, no? You want to relax, don’t want to think about anything. And when a problem occurs, even if it is a small one, that you have staff available that will fix it directly for you is just great. A big thumbs up for the lovely staff! Oh, plus everyone is all smilles, which I adore. How often do you see staff that just look cranky 24/7. Here everyone was always smiling which gave me a very pleasant feeling. When I was taking pictures in the restaurant I ran in to, I think he was one of the cleaners, and he directly showed a lot of interest in my work and asked me if he should help with taking the pictures- I thought that that was really kind of him!



Breakfast is served downstairs at the ground floor in restaurant JOOST! The breakfast is served in a really beautiful area. I love how artsy the hotel is and that even the restaurant has many beautiful details (see pictures)

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The breakfast was really versatile. You had a buffet that offered many different things. From different breads and pastries to yoghurt and fresh fruit. There are also other toppings you can put in your yogh and my fave obviously are sprinkles. I love any hotel that offers sprinkles at their breakfast ! Bacon and eggs are also on the menu and they offered different kind of cheeses.


Besides the buffet they also offer a menu where you can chose your yummy meals from. I chose a waffle with some whipped cream to start my day with a smile. I put some of the delicious sprinkles on it as well.


The hotel has a beautiful city garden where in the summer they also serve their breakfast. It is amazing to find a garden in the city center of Amsterdam and that this hotel has it just makes it that more special! The hotel also has it’s own restaurant called JOOST and the food there is super tasty. The menu has Dutch specialties that you can indulge in but also offers a versatile menu so you can take a culinary trip down to food heaven! The breakfast is also served in restaurant JOOST!

The Vondel Hotel is for many different people. I can recommend it to all the luxury lovers and expats who appreciate a good boutique hotel but also to the ordinary traveler. There is nothing ordinary about this hotel but I can guarentee you that it will make you feel extraordinary. Due to the several rooms there is a room that will fit every budget. The room is perfect for people that want to explore Amsterdam city and perhaps even the night/clubbing life because it is so close to the Leidse Plein with a lot of cool clubs and cafe’s. It is also perfect for business travelers due to the location and the comfortable rooms that cater to all your business related wishes. (you have your own office space with a desk available). Because they also offer family and tripple rooms the hotel is also perfect for a family get away or perhaps even a couples weekend where you want to explore Amsterdam with your best friends!

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For more information please do visit their website and if you are ready for your Amsterdam Trip and you want to book the best hotel to take your trip to the next level do not forget to use this promocode to get yourself a great deal: PROMO10