The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy: The morning after!

Hey Lovelies!

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Yes- let’s continu than! 🙂

When I woke up I felt very blurry. Like I just took a rollercoaster ride in Six Flags for the 100th time in a row. I felt dizzy but happy and it took me a second to realize why I was feeling this way. I looked to the right side of my bed, where normally my pet cat is and I saw a bigger ‘cat’ lying there. A big tiger. Haha. No, it is not that kinda post. I saw my hot neighbor boy lying there, still sleeping. It was so weird to see him ‘quiet’ and this peaceful. It gave me little butterflies in my tummy. He was so incredibly cute.

beyonceeI pulled the blankets over my head while smiling from ear to ear. I could not believe that we spend the night together and that it felt so good.
After feeling lovey dovey I realized that he could wake up any minute and in my mind he is not ready to see me without my make up just yet, cause let’s be honest girls… We don’t all have that beautiful ‘I woke up like this face’ that Beyonce has as you can see by the picture on the left. Does she look like ‘Beyonce” in this picture? No not really, but she is still drop dead gorgeous and trust me, when I wake up like this I look nothing like that. My hair looks like a birdnest (haha, so embarassing but so true) I have dark circles under my eyes and my skin is not near as flawless as hers. Does this matter? No- I am good the way I am but for the first time, you would like to look a bit cuter for your boy, no? Well, at least I do. beyonce flawless
So I ran to my bathroom to do some touch ups. Not a full make up look but just a little concealer under my eyes, some daycream with a little color in it- just the basics. And of course I brushed my teeth cause there is nothing less sexy than morning breath and I brushed my hair. I still looked very natural but I would rather not traumatize him by my real “I woke up like this face” just yet. Haha.

I was just about to rush back to bed when I heard some noises. FUCK! Was he up already? I wanted to sneak back in my bed before he woke up so I can pretend to sleep and ‘wake up’ when he woke up, you know, like romantically waking up together. I ran back and just before I was able to jump in my bed I fell over my pet cat (oh there he was in stead of on my bed) and I fell. So there I was, lying on the floor, FROZEN and affraid to move. Because before when I thought he was up he appearently wasn’t but I am sure that the noise I made with my fall woke him up. And yes, it did. I heard him whisper: ‘Baby, is that you?’- OMG, I was already dying on the floor but did he just call me ‘Baby” ? He never called me baby. I was dying from excitement and happiness. But I still was lying there, quietly. I hope he would just fall back a sleep and I could get up without the huge embarassment of facing him.
I think it kinda worked because after a few minutes (that felt like hours) it was very quiet and I was able to get up and get back in to bed. I checked if he was sleeping and he was. Or he pretended that he did- I don’t know that for sure.

I snuck back in to bed and where I wanted to pretend that I was sleeping, I actually fell a sleep again. I was woken up with a kiss on my forehead and a nice breakfast in bed. Wait- he made me breakfast? WOW! I did not expect that. It was weird how much could change overnight and that he showed this softer side of him that I did not see untill now.

This picture is btw not my own picture. I got it from Pinterest. I felt incredibly geeky taking a snap of something so small that made me so happy and as I was still feeling incredibly embarrased by my fall I decided not to do it. The breakfast was kind of similar. He made me a toast with an ommelette and got some croissants and pastries from the shop we live next too and there was also some orange juice. Not freshly squeezed, but hey, I am not complaining. 

The entire morning was perfect. We talked a lot about the previous night and how much we both enjoyed eachothers company. He said that he did not feel like this in a long time and that I triggered something in him and that it felt really good. He said so many sweet things that I did not know how to respond. I am not the best when it comes down to my emotions cause I either overcompensate or I don’t say anything at all. I do not have a grey area when it comes down to love and emotions- maybe you can relate? – For me it is really difficult and this time I did not say anything back- wel hardly anything.

I just smiled and ate my breakky. I saw that this made him a bit insecure. Today I really saw a whole new side of him. I thought, okay girl, you got this, just say something back. Anything. Because I was feeling the same way- So there it was, my big “I like you too moment” – The words came out of my mouth:
“Wow, the breakfast is so nice, thank you” – Wait what, really? That was my responds for his entire “I am so happy that we are here together speech”.  – Djeez, I really suck. So than I just gave him a kiss and before I knew it I did actually say something nice: “I am really happy too baby”. (Yes I called him baby too cause that is actually my favourite nickname for when I have a BF).

And there it was, his million dollar smile. Bye bye insecurities, hello my kinda arrogant at times, but really sexy BF.

“Come on, get dressed – I got something planned for you. For us’- He said.
And what that was….I will share that the next time with you but it was really fun I can tell you!


Schermafbeelding 2015-05-14 om 12.29.58

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The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy: The day he became my BF!

Hey lovelies!

Wow, have not spoken to you in a MONTH! I can not believe it ! I really needed some time for myself… With my hot neighbor boy, well as you know it all happend so fast and so much has happend over the little time that I knew him. In the past month a lot has happend as well and I needed some time to process it all. Besides that, I was really busy with planning my trips as I have some exciting collaborations coming up the coming few months. Just to name a few…you will see a lot of beautiful pics, travel tips and reviews about Bali, Jakarta, Brussels, Dublin, Stockholm and Oslo!

I really can not wait for those trips. But first things first… short recap before the long story.

Is he my BF now? – No
Was he at some point? – Kinda
Do I want to be with him now? – Don’t know, i’m so confused
Is there someone else? – Maybe..

So let’s get it started. The last time that I talked to you guys he met my mom and they, how strange it might have been, kinda hit it off. They decided that we would go shopping together, for bikini’s. Yes, the first thing that came up to my mind was FML Tripple XL! I was far from being bikini season ready, but I mean, unless your name is Doutzen Kroes or Adriana Lima, who ever really is? I think us girls always see things we would like differently about our body’s no? Haha.

But so we went, shopping for bikini’s. My mom, my neighbor boy and myself. Really? I felt like I was dying. I actually thought of calling in sick but that would have been too obvious. Eventhough we ( my neighbor boy and I) live a 5 minute walk from the city center he wanted to go by car. I said that I thought it was ridiculous but he said that we might go away from the city center for dinner. And here he was again being the confident and arrogant man that he is. But somehow I still liked it…

So there we went, to the city. In his big brand new car. When we were walking towards the car I told my mom to hop in the front seat, he heard that and he rushed to the door to open it. My mom thanked him and sat down and as I waited behind her, so he could open my door too I did not notice that he was already sitting in the car.
‚Are you still coming?’ – He said. Okay, FML, he was not opening the door. I felt so embarrassed. I pretended like I was busy texting someone so I would not come across as the idiot that waited for a guy to open the door for her..#OOMPALOOMPA, but on the other side, he was nice enough to open the door for my mom so he still scored some points in my book.

As we went to the city my mom said to immediately go to Hunkemoller (which is a Lingerie Store where they sell bikini’s too) so I could find some nice bikini’s. Here was the moment that I was giving me anxiety attacks for the past 24 hours haha.

silvie bikini
See, like I said before, I do not have a body like a Victoria’s Secret model and trying on bikini’s and showing them to my mom and my love interest is not on the top of my fave things to do list. (Yes, I know, everyone is beautiful in their own way and I am not claiming that you have to be a skinny ass model to be beautiful so let’s not go in to that shit right now. 🙂

We entered the store, my mom up front running towards the colorful bikini’s, behind her my hot neighbor boy going and behind him little old me. O-M-G, we were actually here. My mom got 5 bikini’s and came towards us. WOW, Ninja much mom? How fast is she? I was not even able to take 1 bikini and look for my size and she already had 5. In the right size.

Try these on first she said, and I went to the dressingroom. The first one I tried on was this colorful floral print bikini which is actually nice but I am really in to my nudes. In my clothes as well as my bikini’s. But the colors looked kinda cool so I thought to try it on anyway. Plus if mom picks out something you really can not say; NO.. haha. So I tried it on and called my mom. I carefully opened the curtain of my dressingroom just a little bit and just peeked with my head and called my mom. But of course she came and opened the curtain fully so everyone (my hot neighbor boy + all the other shopping customers) could see mee in my bikini. FML, I really should have went to the spray tan salon first because now I was so white that I felt like a walking glow in the dark stick.

There they were. Mom and hot neighbor boy. He was smirking, checking me out from head to toe and I could see that he definitely liked what he saw. But my mom obviously didn’t. ‚Why are you wearing that, you look like a peacock”.
Wait, what? But mom, you chose this bikini for me.

No, it looks weird, those are not your colors. Take it off.
WOW, I looked like a peacock? Thanks ma, love you too. I did not know if I should laugh or cry. As she left and went back to the store to get more bikinis for me to try I looked at my hot neighbor boy.
When our eyes crossed we just looked at each other and simultaneously said: ‚PEACOCK” hugged me and kissed me on my forehead and said, I think you look lovely in that one, my little peacock. And again he made an awkward situation less awkward for me. After this incident I tried on a few more bikinis and ended up buying the one that made me look like a colorful bird apparently and a all white one.

After all the shopping we decided to go out for some sushi and sake. My mom and my hot neighbor boy were in deep conversation and I kinda felt like the 5th wheel and I totally zoomed out. I was Instagramming cause I was so bored (and addicted to Instagram at the same time) until I heard my mom ask the big question. The question my dad normally asks:

„SO, what are your intentions with my daughter?
As I was just taking a sip from my sake I almost choked but did swallow the sake in time. I froze. Yet again. I could not even make eye contact with him or my mom so I just kept staring at my phone, to a picture on Instagram that I already liked so not sure what I was doing but I could not bare to look up.

Well, it is the first time in a long time that I am in a relationship where I really feel like we have a long future ahead.
Wait- what… a relationship? Did I have a BF? I was not aware of this news. haha.
I looked up and he smiled. My mom gave him her famous “approval nod” and excused her self because she had to go to the powder room. As she left the table I immediately grabbed his hand and said; what are you talking about, am I your girlfriend?
He said, didn’t you know? I think it was kind of obvious. Do you think I spend the entire day with any random girl and her mom? I would only do that with my woman. Wow, his woman? I am his woman now?

I wanted to play it cool and be like, but we have to discuss that first but I thought…#YOLO, just go along with it. So I gave him a kiss on his lips and hold his head between my hands and said, let’s get the check boyfriend. I want to go home.

So we asked for the check and brought my mom to the airport as she was flying back that night. From the airport back to my place I felt something I did not feel in a long time. Butterflies, and they were dancing and jumping in my tummy. A new thing that he started to do was when he was driving he would have one hand on the wheel and one hand on my leg. And every other minute he would look towards my direction and say how happy he was in just this moment. And I have to say, so was I.

As we reached our place and were walking towards my door I did not know what would happen. As we were standing in front of our doors I asked him your place or mine. He said, yours.

I opened my door and there it was. A bouquet of red roses with a little card in it saying: ‚Will you be my GF”
Before I could turn around and ask him how he got those flowers in my house he turned my body around and pressed me against the wall and gave me a long passionate kiss. As I latterly felt my heart skip a beat and pushed him of me to get some air the only thing I could say was: „how’ and he interrupted me. „ you did not think I would not ask you properly right, I am an old fashioned guy”. I could just smile, only smile, all smiles that night. He lifted me up and kissed me again. And that was the first night he spend the night, being my BF.

SPOILER- and it was amazing…. More on Sunday y’all!


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