mysmileDear you!

Thank you for visiting the wonderful world of Dobe Globe. If you wonder what the name Dobe Globe actually means check out this article: *Click here! 

Dobe Globe has been founded by Cigdem Depeli- Born in Holland, Raised in Asia and currently living in Antwerp, Belgium.

With her jetset lifestyle where she spends more time on airports and sleeps in more hotel beds for reviews than her own bed she has become a travel specialist with a main focus on luxury travel. Every now and again she will write about budget traveling as well when she really sees the potential of a certain brand and thinks it will be interesting to introduce this brand to her readers. After visiting more than 50 hotels and villa’s in the last year only she developed a keen eye for detail when it comes down to luxury and design hotels and she has become the top luxury traveler specialist that is currently out there.

Besides creating hotel reviews and travel guides she also has a big passion for writing about personal issues. You can find her touching, inspiring and entertaining columns on the website too. She thinks it is a great way of bonding with her followers and readers and to truly connect with them.

Cigdem will create different projects like for example the very successful #TOTD to inspire others to travel more, to do more and to be more! She thinks that the world wide web is big enough for everyone and instead of seeing other bloggers and journalists as competitors she embraces them and creates a community that will help each other to grow and to inspire others as well.


At Dobe Globe we believe that nothing is impossible. Our website is, just like you very versatile. We write about different topics and interests.

Our main topics are Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty and Personal Growth. We also share personal columns to inspire and or to entertain you!

Dobe Globe has grown a lot in the passed year. With the number of unique visitors increasing on a weekly bases and a big community on Instagram (currently 11K followers) we have created a growing platform for the creative wanderers amongst us.

At Dobe Globe we will always give our honest opinions. Hire us to review your product or to visit your venue (hotel, villa or hotspot) and we will provide you with an article + we will promote your venue or product on our social media channels.


5 thoughts on “ABOUT DOBE GLOBE

  1. Thank you very much for following The World according to Dina, it’s highly appreciated!
    Happy travelling! 🙂
    Best regards from the North,

    1. Thanks love! You have a great website.

      Will definitely keep on checking your page!
      Big kiss ! from the ‘south’ hahaha xx (wel actually, West Europe :D)

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