The ultimate guide for basic bitches in Bali

My lovely ladies, my basic bitches!

I often get asked to what the most instagrammable places in Bali are and lets face it- we are lacking a bit of originality lately. We all go to the same cafe’s, to the same resto’s, hotspots and waterfalls so why not some them up in one article so you can always refer to it while visiting bali?

It is okay to be basic sometimes. But you can be extra while doing it too!

So put them Gucci belts aside and buy the very basic bali bag that all us bloggers have and start your week fresh with a visit to one of these places. And if you are the OG basic bitch, you will visit them all!

  1. Kynd-
    Unless you have been living under a virtual rock the past year you have to know KYND! KYND community, with them beautiful pink famous wall with palms trees painted on it, personalized smoothiebowls with your own name in it or powerballs? Kynd Has it all! You might have to push away some other bitches to get a pic with that wall cause trust me, it is always BUSY A.F! TIP: Keep eying them peeps sitting infront of the wall until they leave! It works for me every time πŸ™‚
  2. Cafe Organic
    Cafe Organic has 2 outlets- one in Canggu (hipstertown) and one in Petitenget. I prefer the one in Petitenget. Even though the menu is similar the atmosphere is cooler in Peti! As the big window display says, No Bad Days- so true. So get in front of the Garden Gangsters Mural and make that Instagram Selfie!Schermafbeelding 2018-04-16 om 05.02.41
  3. Cafe Bali – Cafe Bali is going strong for over a decade and still it is one of the hottest places in Seminyak. You can not not go there, I mean come on, the indoor mini pool with the elephant in it, the photrograph Β wall?- If you don’t do a photoshoot here, are you even worth of going there? πŸ™‚
  4. Potato Head- Another hotspot for them Ozzies especially- Potato Head with the great infinity pool directly at the beach. Big suntanning beds (minimum charge of 500RP ++ and cool staff- YES, another must visitSchermafbeelding 2018-04-16 om 05.07.37
  5. Old Mans – If you are a hipster, wannabe hipster, local or whatevz fits your label, you must go to Oldmans. Their iconic blue wall is all over Instagram and you MUST take a pic there too or else you can’t sit with us anymore. The drinks are cheap, the music is great and it is a perfect place to start your evening (or end it…)
  6. The W- For all them poshy basic bitches with their Louis V’s, for all them chicks in the #guccigang- the W is for you! The Woo bar offers great chill places for great sunset drinks and amazing food. YES, this is the only place in seminyak, well, the only beachclub of an hotel where heels are expected. Sure, thongs are okay as well but lets be honest, do you want to be that peasant like? NO? Be the queen you are and put on those Louboutains!Schermafbeelding 2018-04-16 om 05.17.10
  7. Seacircus- Do you know that very extremely over the top colorful wall you see all over Insta? YES OF COURSE YOU DO- that is Sea circus baby- Great food + healthy juices + very friendly staff? Of course you will go there. And if you are bored there just walk a few stores down to there latest hotspot Neon Palms. I would give NP their own place in this list since it will definitely be THE hotspot of ’18 but since you basic bitches have not fully discovered it yet it will temporarily have to share it’s place with her big sister Sea Circus ! πŸ™‚
  8. Coffee Cartel- Probably the place in Bali where they serve the best coffee and still them Instagirls are more obsessed with the tiles on the floor. So make sure your toe nails are pretty when you go here. You will make a 1000 ‘from where I stands’ here while sippin’ on your matcha latte.Schermafbeelding 2018-04-16 om 05.17.38
  9. The Lawn- A poshier version of Potato Head only in Canggu and with a more local expat crowd. Great place for selfies, fantastic food, and arrogant hostesses. You will feel just at home! Haha. The servers (boys) are actually pretty nice tho!
  10. The Loft- another great pink wall. You must have seen this one on insta too. What can I say, is the food original? No. It is healthy and organic but hey, what else is new? But the service is good so we ain’t complaining.


This was part one of the Ultimate basic bitch guide to Bali- Part 2 is coming in May!
We hope you enjoyed it and if you have tips let us know!



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