gallery 8 reasons why you should buy your followers!

Dear Friends,

It has been a while since I have posted. More about that soon.. But for now I want to focus on the subject that is mentioned in the title of this articles. Today I will explain why you should buy your followers…and perhaps even more interesting..why not to.

Buy them if:


  • If your only aim is to grow some instagram fame, buy your followers!
  • If you don’t care about false advertising, buy your followers!
  • If you don’t care that you are your own version of a con artist because you are promising an audience of a certain number to your (potential clients), buy your followers
  • If you are desperate, buy your followers
  • If you want to grow fast, buy your followers
  • If you do not care about deceiving people, buy your followers
  • If you are so eager to get free stuff and can only accomplish this by fake followers, go ahead, buy your followers
  • If you are too lazy to put in the actual work to gain a bigger audience, buy your followers

If you are not any of these above things, please do not buy your followers!Schermafbeelding 2017-12-30 om 21.37.50

As the end of the year is coming closer and closer I wanted to send out this article still in ’17- so hopefully we can change the outcome in 2018.

This year I have noticed that Instagram has been more booming than previous years and almost everyone these days knows someone who is or aspired to be a blogger, an online influencer or even an Instagram model.

Me, as a big lover of social media unfortunately saw a very disturbing trend this past year and I want to talk about it to you. If you are as fond of online platforms you will keep reading.

BUYING FOLLOWERS- yes unfortunately it happens all the time. I think I approximately get 4/7 invites a month to try out companies to buy followers and I am sure, if you are an online influencer you get the same offers, if not more.

I have never done this. My account grows slowly but surely and I am very proud of that. Is it tempting sometimes? Of course. But will I ever do it? Absolutely not.

I have seen accounts with 10% of my followers grow and boom superfast in 6 months- they gained aprox between 50-110K followers in just 6 months. There are a few, like very few that are the lucky ones. And by lucky I mean those that worked their buts of to get this result and I am super proud of those people, but most of those huge growers purchased their followers. –  these are not assumptions but facts. Several friends in the blogger world shared this with me and even tried to convince me to do the same.

I really see two different type of people these days. Those that are in it for the Instafame, free trips, free stuff etc and those that really work hard in building their business and their online empires. Those that know how real the struggle can get and those that keep husslin’ in an honest way.

I honestly hope that in the next year we will see more of people that fall in the second category.

                     Growing slowly sucks.

I get it. Seeing other people growing super fast can be annoying at times knowing that they are not doing it honestly but try not to focus on that. I have to admit, of course I can be jealous too, when I see someone hitting the 100K or even the 50K i’m like, shit I want to be that person too…but I would never do something dishonest towards my followers and clients. And I hope you will try to not do it too.

Friends that bought followers.
I have had honest conversations with bloggerfriends who have purchased their followers. They told me this in confidence and I know that they would never admit it to the online world and I am not here to expose them but it was very interesting for me to hear their reasons.
It all came down to not wanting do do the work, it was too difficult to compete with others, the need to run with the ‘big dogs’, just to buy a few so you hit a bigger number so you became more interesting for clients.

All the arguments given seem reasonable right? I mean, when I hear those arguments I understand why some people would do it.  But always when I would ask the question if they don’t feel a tad guilty, deceiving their audience, their would always become quit. And the conversation became awkward. Because of course, if more than half of your followers are purchased, how interesting is it actually for a company to work with you.

Real talent will always shine true. You do not need to have 100K followers if you got them in an dishonest way. Work hard and it will pay of, I promise you. It might take you longer but it will feel so much sweeter. Find ways of growing your account in a natural way, I am sure you have better things to spend your money on than fake followers.

Stay amazing, stay authentic, stay real.

And to close this article in the words of Tupac (changes)
Bein’ real don’t appeal to the brother in you
You gotta operate the easy way ——————in this case buying followers
“I made a G today,” but you made it in a sleazy way ————–in this case followers

Hope to see you on my IG! *Click click click* – feel free to share your thoughts with me and send me a DM on insta! xoxo


*disclaimer to those that have purchased followers; I am not judging your actions, I just hope that in the future you would reconsider your choices and think of other ways to grow your accounts naturally.. Do you boo. x

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