17 places to visit in 2017

Hey loves,

A new year has come. 2017- does time fly? YES IT DOES!
A new year also means that you have a lot of new opportunities to travel the world.
I don’t really believe in New Year Resolutions, however I do believe in the New Year Travellist.

Every year, at January the first I create a list of destinations that I want to visit in the following year. I divide it in to two lists.
1.  The sure things;
Destinations that I prebooked in the year before and I know for sure that I will visit in the new year
2.  The travelbucketlist;
Destinations where I would love to go but i’m not sure if it will be possible yet

And these are my 17 destinations of 2017:

  1. The sure things:

1.   Paris
2.   London
3.   Rome
4.   Barcelona
5.   Miami
6.   Boston
7.   Washington
8.   New York
9.   Bali
10. Singapore
11.  Oslo
12.  Dublin

2.  The Travelbucketlist
13. Vancouver
14. Toronto
15.  Colorado
16. Utah
17. San Diego

Creating a Travelbucketlist and a Travellist in general can make your year a bit more structured and organized. Time really does fly by, so planning can be a good thing for you! Spontanious things can still happen while being on the destination, no worries!

Where will you go in 2017? Do you have some trips planned already? What is on YOUR list? 




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