Bill Cunningham – New York


‘”You see if you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do, kid.’ –
B. Cunningham

Hey Lovelies,

Happy Sunday!

I hope all is well. I woke up exactly 2 hours ago (yes, even during the weekends I wake up around 7 o’clock). I looked outside my window, it was raining. The perfect fall weather to stay inside and enjoy a good movie or binge watch on your fave series. But I just could not decide on what I wanted to watch. I was stroling through my collection of movies, series and documentaries and than I saw the documentary of the very legendary Bill Cunningham- And eventhough I am a huge fan of his work, for some reason I never actually watched his documentary- biopic.

I saw that it was 2 hours and I thought, sure why not- It is still early and I got all the time. And God, am I happy I did watch it. I feel so inspired.

Many of us have traveled or will travel to New York. The Big Apple. The city of lights, the city that never sleeps, the city of the most incredible streetfashion, best rooftop bars, clubs – EVERYTHING!

We go to NYC and take a million selfies. Statue of Liberty? CHECK! Magnolia Bakery? CHECK! Empire State Building? CHECK

But before us, there was Bill. To me, Bill is really the heart of NYC- and I am pretty sure that 90% of people reading my post don’t know who Bill is.

Besides his entire life being one big ball of inspiration he also had good one liners in this bio pic. A few really spoke to me and one of them is this one:Schermafbeelding 2015-12-13 om 08.53.13.png

And isn’t that true tho? If you have a job that does not feel like working but it is just having fun than you really have it made. Bill is currently 83. 80 FF’in 3 and he still rides his bike all over NYC, going to several events a day to capture the best streetstyle pictures that are out there. He is currently driving is 29th bike, cause the 28 before that were stolen. But that does not matter. He does not give up. That is such an inspiration. Being at that age and still going anywhere and everywhere, just so we can have gorgeous images to stare at.

He only captures things that are fashion to him. He does not give a crap about celebrities and in his words ‘them and their free dresses’- He is probably one of the few man out there who don’t know who Kim Kardashian is. Haha. He cares about ‘real people’ and that makes him pretty cool.

Also- he is probably the only guy Ms. Anna Wintour would stop for to take a pic. There is this really funny scene in the documentary where hundreds of photographers are calling Anna as she is walking by but she does not even give them the time a day. But when she spots Bill and hears his voice something magical happens. She stops and poses. And not in a rushed way. Cool, calm and collected- and allows him to get the perfect shot. When he waves that he has the shot she rushes back and continues walking- Everything for Bill he!

Bill has been photographing Anna from a very young age on. Back when she was a 19 year old socialite he was already capturing her beauty and style- Small note; she had the same hairdue back than too.

Bill has been photographing people in NYC for so long now, he really has seen it all. Capturing different trends and seeing the people change. The fashion change. If you are a true fashionista you really should get to know Bill. He is a fascinating man and I guarentee you that you will be inspired by him!

Back in studio 54 when he was kicking it with Andy Warhol, he designed hats for Marilyn Monroe and he is been capturing New Yorkers for about 50 years. One word: LEGEND!

I could go on and on about this amazing man, but why should I talk when the pictures and the doc can do the work and show you more than I could ever tell you. This is a MUST WATCH ! (video at the end of the post)Billcunningham.jpg54d40ad52a29f_-_esq-style-rebels-042314-ux9dkc-xl4.jpgimage19.jpg

For more of his work visit the website of NY-Times:

To check out the documentary check the video below. I actually found a You Tube account that displays the full bio pic. Yes, all the 2 hours of it!


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