DOBE GLOBE- What does it mean tho?

Hey lovelies!

Today I will explain to you a little bit more about the name DOBE GLOBE. I have gotten this question so many times by now, and well, for me it is quite obvious what it means but I do realize that it is not that logical for everyone so let me explain it for you today.

globeWhen I thought about a name for me website I came up with a bunch of things first before I got the name DOBE GLOBE. I wanted something catchy, trendy, raw and edgy at the same time. I wanted to separate myself from others and I wanted to create an international name that was was approachable and easy to relate too (once you know what it means).

FIRST THINGS FIRST- What would my website be about?
I think it is important to think about the message that you want to send out to the world. What will your identity be, what is the maingoal of your website, what do you want your brand to look like. Many many years ago I had a beauty blog and I was active as a beautyguru on YouTube and when I got ‘older’ and I evolved more I discovered that I had many other interests. Beauty is still a big love of mine but it was not 100% me anymore. I have a big passion for traveling and lifestyle related subjects so having just a ‘beautyblog’ did not fit me anymore. I still really enjoy watching beauty blogs/vlogs and tutorials but I wanted something different, something more.

As I grew more and more and I developed more interests and specialties I wanted my website to grow with me too. One world that I really wanted in my brand name was the word ‘Globe’. I have an obsessions with globes and I think our earth is the most precious and beautiful ‘thing’. Using the word Globe is pretty obvious. It is international, worldly and related to all kind of subjects like traveling, lifestyle and even beauty and fashion! A globe is universal, just like those subjects!

Than I started to think about the message I wanted to send out to my friends, followers and readers and I came up with 2 things:

1: DO everything that your heart desires.
2: BE the best you YOU can be.

And there it was. All of a sudden ‘DOBE’ was created and DOBE GLOBE was born. So when pronouncing it it is actually DOBE and not ‘Dou-Bee’ as some might think.

At first I was a bit annoyed that DOBE had 4 letters and GLOBE 5 letters because in logo’s and all it would not be ‘even’ and I am really OCD like that

There for my message to you all: “Do everything your heart desires and be the best you you can be on our beautiful Globe. Live life to the fullest. Explore, discover, DO more and BE more. Always push yourself to be the best version of YOU!

What do you think about the name?

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