Scream Queens- A new Fox Series and a must watch!


Hey lovelies!

While all our fave shows are on their seasonal, got cancelled or even ended (boooo, Glee šŸ˜¦ ) stop we must discover new shows. And this show that I will discuss today is a long anticipated show by the creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy called Scream Queens.
In short: Basically you have some Dexter’ish murders, some Gossip Girl fashion, some Scream (the movie) like murders and some PLL like mysteries.

The first season will beĀ centered on a series of murders involving the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority where the mainbitch, a.k.a the Queen B is played by Emma Roberts. (Bling Ring, Wild Child and We are the Millers). She plays Chanel, a slightly bitchier version of our all time fave Blair Waldorf and she obvi has her own set of minions. Where Blair would still have the audacity of calling her minions by their own name, Chanel just calles them Chanel no 1, Chanel no 2 and so on. Fun Fact, Ariana Grande plays Chanel no 2 šŸ™‚ari


So what is it about?
The story begins with a clip from 1995, where there is a prom party going on in the Kappa Kappa Tau house. One of the girls comes running down stairs, to the party with hands on her blood and hands and says; “this is not my blood’. The sorority sisters run upstairs and find one of their own ‘sisters’ in a bath tub, she just gave birth to a baby and claims she did not know she was pregnant. The Queen B, selfish as she is says that she can’t have a baby and that it will ruin her night. The other sorority girls panic and at some point the song by TLC-Waterfal comes up and the than Queen B says that that is her jam and she must dance to it and she and her minions go downstairs to party. When the song is over they go back upstairs and find that the girl that just gave birth has died but the baby is still alive…

Now 20 years later in 2015
there are all kind of weird murders on campus where it seems like the girls from the sorority house Kappa Kappa Tau are the targets. It is believed that the ‘mystery baby’ (is it one of the sorority girls, is it the stalker guy from Starbucks that was stalking Chanel previously) is the murderer and he murders the girls one by one in a red devil costume.Ā hulu_screamqueens_071415_rev_ren640(oh yea, Rachel Berry aka Lea Michelle plays in Scream Queens too as the awkward and kinda scary Neck Brace Girl :))

I know it all sounds really creepy but this ‘horror comedy’ is actually really funny. The murders aren’t done really scary and it won’t give you nightmares. It is a dark comedy with a little twist. For example, while the red devil tries to kill one of the sorority girls ( I will mention who in the spoilers down below) he is texting her that he is going to kill her while standing in front of her. She than texts back to him and she ends up getting stabbed. Somehow she survives this and she crawls to her computer to post a #twitterupdate about her being stabbed, cause that is obviously the most logical thing to do when you are stabbed. Just before she can press ‘enter’ she gets stabbed again and than dies. At least you think that she dies. A few moments later she opens her eyes again, presses enter’ and than ‘dies for real’. Basically, it is al meant to be funny, however, some ways of the murders are quite frightening if you think that it could happen in real life too but because it is brought in a way that almost seems like a mockery it becomes weirdly funny!

If you are bored with the seasonal stops and you are in to shows like Glee, PLL, GG and Dexter, this is definitely a show for you. Also if you like ridiculously hot people, watch the show. I mean, there is a guy that is supposed to be the father of one of the girls, but he is GOR-GEOUS and definitely a D.I.L.F haha.
And if you need some bitchy one liners, Chanel got you! You will learn a lot from that mean girl! šŸ™‚
I can’t wait to see how the other 13 episodes will be (season 1 will have 15 episode)!


If you do not want to read spoilers, stop here!



* In the first 2 episodes there will be a lot of deaths already. The girl I was talking about, that tweets about her own death is our girl Ariana G a.k.a Chanel no2 . She will die but still is able to tweet about her own death.
* Alan Thicke and Chad Michael Murray (OTH)will both make a special guest starĀ appearance later in the season
*Nick Jonas plays the gay (but is he really gay?) guy Boone who get’s murdered in the second episode but is not really dead.
*Deaf Taylor Swift (yes that is actually one of the sorority girls) get’s murdered in the first episodeĀ while a lawn mower drives over her head (YUK)Ā 

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