The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy: The morning after!

Hey Lovelies!

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Yes- let’s continu than! 🙂

When I woke up I felt very blurry. Like I just took a rollercoaster ride in Six Flags for the 100th time in a row. I felt dizzy but happy and it took me a second to realize why I was feeling this way. I looked to the right side of my bed, where normally my pet cat is and I saw a bigger ‘cat’ lying there. A big tiger. Haha. No, it is not that kinda post. I saw my hot neighbor boy lying there, still sleeping. It was so weird to see him ‘quiet’ and this peaceful. It gave me little butterflies in my tummy. He was so incredibly cute.

beyonceeI pulled the blankets over my head while smiling from ear to ear. I could not believe that we spend the night together and that it felt so good.
After feeling lovey dovey I realized that he could wake up any minute and in my mind he is not ready to see me without my make up just yet, cause let’s be honest girls… We don’t all have that beautiful ‘I woke up like this face’ that Beyonce has as you can see by the picture on the left. Does she look like ‘Beyonce” in this picture? No not really, but she is still drop dead gorgeous and trust me, when I wake up like this I look nothing like that. My hair looks like a birdnest (haha, so embarassing but so true) I have dark circles under my eyes and my skin is not near as flawless as hers. Does this matter? No- I am good the way I am but for the first time, you would like to look a bit cuter for your boy, no? Well, at least I do. beyonce flawless
So I ran to my bathroom to do some touch ups. Not a full make up look but just a little concealer under my eyes, some daycream with a little color in it- just the basics. And of course I brushed my teeth cause there is nothing less sexy than morning breath and I brushed my hair. I still looked very natural but I would rather not traumatize him by my real “I woke up like this face” just yet. Haha.

I was just about to rush back to bed when I heard some noises. FUCK! Was he up already? I wanted to sneak back in my bed before he woke up so I can pretend to sleep and ‘wake up’ when he woke up, you know, like romantically waking up together. I ran back and just before I was able to jump in my bed I fell over my pet cat (oh there he was in stead of on my bed) and I fell. So there I was, lying on the floor, FROZEN and affraid to move. Because before when I thought he was up he appearently wasn’t but I am sure that the noise I made with my fall woke him up. And yes, it did. I heard him whisper: ‘Baby, is that you?’- OMG, I was already dying on the floor but did he just call me ‘Baby” ? He never called me baby. I was dying from excitement and happiness. But I still was lying there, quietly. I hope he would just fall back a sleep and I could get up without the huge embarassment of facing him.
I think it kinda worked because after a few minutes (that felt like hours) it was very quiet and I was able to get up and get back in to bed. I checked if he was sleeping and he was. Or he pretended that he did- I don’t know that for sure.

I snuck back in to bed and where I wanted to pretend that I was sleeping, I actually fell a sleep again. I was woken up with a kiss on my forehead and a nice breakfast in bed. Wait- he made me breakfast? WOW! I did not expect that. It was weird how much could change overnight and that he showed this softer side of him that I did not see untill now.

This picture is btw not my own picture. I got it from Pinterest. I felt incredibly geeky taking a snap of something so small that made me so happy and as I was still feeling incredibly embarrased by my fall I decided not to do it. The breakfast was kind of similar. He made me a toast with an ommelette and got some croissants and pastries from the shop we live next too and there was also some orange juice. Not freshly squeezed, but hey, I am not complaining. 

The entire morning was perfect. We talked a lot about the previous night and how much we both enjoyed eachothers company. He said that he did not feel like this in a long time and that I triggered something in him and that it felt really good. He said so many sweet things that I did not know how to respond. I am not the best when it comes down to my emotions cause I either overcompensate or I don’t say anything at all. I do not have a grey area when it comes down to love and emotions- maybe you can relate? – For me it is really difficult and this time I did not say anything back- wel hardly anything.

I just smiled and ate my breakky. I saw that this made him a bit insecure. Today I really saw a whole new side of him. I thought, okay girl, you got this, just say something back. Anything. Because I was feeling the same way- So there it was, my big “I like you too moment” – The words came out of my mouth:
“Wow, the breakfast is so nice, thank you” – Wait what, really? That was my responds for his entire “I am so happy that we are here together speech”.  – Djeez, I really suck. So than I just gave him a kiss and before I knew it I did actually say something nice: “I am really happy too baby”. (Yes I called him baby too cause that is actually my favourite nickname for when I have a BF).

And there it was, his million dollar smile. Bye bye insecurities, hello my kinda arrogant at times, but really sexy BF.

“Come on, get dressed – I got something planned for you. For us’- He said.
And what that was….I will share that the next time with you but it was really fun I can tell you!


Schermafbeelding 2015-05-14 om 12.29.58

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