The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy: The day he met my mom.

Hey lovelies!

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing fantastic, this has been such a good weekend. But before we get there we have to discuss the past week. Since so much is happening between me and my hot neighbor boy I have decided to update you more than once a week. I always try to work with the feedback of my readers but where it once was 50/50 on how many times to post these stories it is more 80% to 20% of people that would like an update more often. So the 80% have won! WHOEHOE! 

If you want to be up to date on our last story, press here and you will get a the recap:

My mom’s visit was amazing. Not being able to see her often makes the times that I do see her very special. As we went to my apartment I could finally stop crying. You know those moments when you think you fool someone but in fact you really can’t? Well, I always have that with my mom. I thought I could pass my tears of as tears of happiness because I was happy to see her but she immediately asked me if there was something wrong with a boy.

-Wait, what? – Followed by a “Don’t even bother to tell me that it is about something else, I know you”. Damn you mom, haha. I love you but I hate you too sometimes. Why do you know me so well, I asked her. “Girl, I carried you for 8 months and a week, you were to eager to get out and spend time with me, and we did, 28 years, so I think I know my child”. I love it when my mom starts her sentences with “Guuuuuuuurrrrllll’ which is always followed by some snappy one liner. I definitely got that from her.

She asked the guy I had a crush on a few months ago and if it was about him. This was actually the first guy that I liked after my relationship ended but this time it was not about him. I told him that I on the surface still had feelings for him (that until this day I truly do not understand since he is totally not my type) but that I was not in touch with him at this moment. Than she asked me if it was about the “Hot guy in the car”.
I looked at her like I had seen a ghost. Why would she bring him up? I was so confused.
And again she said: “Girrrrrl, I know my child, spill your beans”.
I asked her if I should make some tea so we could discuss it and this time she looked at me confused. “Tea? Tea? Excuse you, that is not how I raised you. I would like a Bloody Mary please”. Yes, my big love for alcoholic drinks is also something I got from my mom. (my newly found love for beers is something I got from my dad haha)

So as I made some Bloody Mary’s, thank God I still had some tabasco, I started telling her everything. From the way how we met on the day he was moving in to my building, how he borrowed my towel and was in my apartment half naked on that same day. How I ran in to his sister and thought it was one of his girlfriends, about our date on the rooftop, the restaurant and how I accidentally threw some dim sum in his face. But I also told her about his behavior. How he can be hot one minute and cold the other and how intense he really was.

My mom listened and listened and just about as she was about to say something my doorbell rang. We looked at each other like, who can that be? I know that if it would be someone without access to my building they would have to ring the bell from downstairs and we have a little chat through the intercom and I can see through the build in camera who it was, but now directly my front door bell rang. It could only be someone with access to the building. I got a light heart attack as I made my way to the door. Normally I look through that little peep hole thingie where you can see who is at the other side of the door but this time I just opened the door. There he was, with another bouquet of flowers in his hands. I whispered: “What are you doing here?” and before I could say something else he gave me a kiss on my lips and pushed me aside by my hips and walked inside as he would always do. As he had already passed me he looked back and said, I am here to meet your mom.

The first thing that came in my mind was (and yes, I curse a lot): You arrogant son of a b*tch. You leave me completely mindfucked yet again, storm off, you are angry and now you are in my apartment like nothing ever happend with flowers for my mom.

His behavior makes me angry but since day one, his arrogance also turns me on. I do not know guys like this and it just makes my heart skip a beat. Not sure if it is a good thing or not, but at this point I still enjoy it.

He went to my mom and gave her the flowers while introducing himself. He really is such a charmer. My little slick rick, sometimes a big slick prick. Such an asshole but a charming one. I immediately felt my anger melt away, as it always does (well, so far) when I see him.
I could see by my mom’s behavior and body language that she directly liked him. Even after all the stories that I just told her about him. I was really surprised that they hit it of so well. When he went to his apartment to get some red wine for my mom when she finessed her bloody mary, because apparently my selection of reds were not ‘good enough” my mom came to me all smiles like a teenage girl, and was like, ahh, he is sooooo cute. What a nice man. He really reminds me of your father.

First of all, my mom never likes the boys I am dating at first, I think it is a mom thing, no? You only want the best for your children and nobody is ever good enough. Second of all, she will not make the comparison to my father that quickly. I mean, with my ex she only said that after 2 years. My dad is such a great man, nobody can compare but for some reason she saw (or thought to see) something in him that reminded her of my dad.

When he came back he just gave the bottle to me and asked me if I could poor us all some wine and he made his way back to my mom to continue their apparently very interesting conversation ( I have no clue what they were talking about, I was still frozen and in shock of my mom’s behavior and the way she was actually nice to a guy that I brought home. Well, that made his way home and kinda invited himself in to my house. I almost felt like the maid in my own house. While they were having fun in my living room, I was send to the kitchen to open the wine and to bring the drinks. Oh my god, I felt like such a loser. And one thing, I love to drink, but I can never open any thing especially not never opened wine bottles.

wine opener

I normally never do this myself. And I truly understand why after yet another incident. I just can’t work that thingie that you use to open the wine with. So as I was trying to open the bottle which at some point felt like my own Mission Impossible I heard my mom and
Mr. ” I am so fantastic” laughing and having so much fun that I wanted to be there too. But what should I do, I can not return without the drinks and this bottle was impossible for me to open. But than I remembered that I still had some red open, I just will bring them some of that. And I did. And I almost pee’d my pants of laughing after I gave them the drinks because after my neighbor boy took his first sip (obviously after making a long toast to my mom and her visit) he said, see, this is how wine is supposed to taste. He than went on and on about how this wine was so fantastic and that this definitely was his fave ever. And that the better wines are always more expensive than the supermarket wines. And I just thought, dude, you are drinking a 12 dollar bottle wine and not the one you think, but since he seemed to like it I just let him have his way. 

I got a phone call and I saw it was my friend who just broke up with her boyfriend so I really had to take it. I hated the thought of leaving the apparently 2 new besties because I must admit, their getting a long thingie kinda made me feel uncomfortable but I am a good friend and ho’s always come before bro’s. So I excused myself and left the room. After a long conversation with my girl, about an half an hour I returned and they were still chatting and laughing. Not sure if at this point they were tipsy but it seemed like a lot of fun.
I came back and purposely sat my self down in the middle of them and my mom said to him: Well, that is settled than. We will see you tomorrow. – Huh, what, tomorrow. She put her hand on my knee and said, it is going to be so much fun. WTF, what was happening tomorrow. Than he put his hand on my other knee and said, well, it was about time that I would see you half naked too, it is only fair after you saw me that I would see you in that way too.

OH MY GOD Awkward, I jumped up, what the hell was happening here. My mom said: We are going bikini shopping and your friend is joining us. Since you are almost going to Bali and need new stuff I thought it would be a great idea for him to join us so he could share his opinion about your new beach ware.

REALLY MOM? I wanted to tell her how much I hated her, cause seriously, going bikini shopping with my mom is one thing but with him too? I never wished to be struck by lightening so much as I did at that exact moment. Showing of my body (which is not entirely ready for bikini season yet cause let’s be honest, when is it ever? haha) to him, but also with my mom their. No that should not be awkward at all.

He saw how I got a mini heart attack once again and he said, it will be so much fun. Asshole, really?! He got up and excused himself and said that he would see us tomorrow. He said his goodbyes to my mother, well his new bff and as I walked him through the door he could not stop smiling. But it was a devious smile. He turned around when he reached the door, kissed me on my lips and whispered in my ear: “Do you think I would not recognize my own wine? Not sure what kind of crap you served us but don’t ever do that again, okay? And he bit my ear gently. I felt embarrassed and turned on at the same time. I said that I won’t and could not help to bite my lip while looking him straight in his beautiful eyes. He than bend over and softly bit my lips. “Goodnight beautiful” and he left, and I was yet again #Frozen.

In a few days you will read all about the shopping date, and I can tell you (since this happend yesterday, it was amazing and I am sure you will love it too! :))

Talk to you than,

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