5 reasons why the night will bring out the best in you and 2 AM’s will be your favorite hours too.

Hi loves,

2am-sharp39-s-were-made-for-poets.-lovers-writers.-visionaries.-photographers.-painters.....I heart quotes, yes, I really do, I can surf hours on pinterest, google, basically everywhere for quotes.

I do not just randomly search for „quotes” but i search for keywords. I love to read quotes all day, everyday but for some reason I can get lost in them during the night.

Combining a full time job and my freelance work + being a travel journalist can be a lot to take sometimes. And I am not even starting about my social life and family obligations.  I live and breathe in different timezones and sometimes I find myself awake because in the timezone that I just left it is time to wake up. Get it? No? Okay let me explain.

For example when I return from Singapore to Antwerp and I lie awake around 2AM in Antwerp it is because over in Singapore it is already 8AM and time to get up. And because my body feels that I should be up I really just can’t sleep. That + a major case of insomnia haha.
I am a dreamer, like many of you. I am a creative soul and I do my best work after midnight. I love the peace and calm and how quite it is when I look outside my window. I have a big love for the darkness. It soothes and calms me and I truly adore it. I can stare to the deep blue dark sky and feel intensely inspired. And than I get my laptop and I start to do my thing. Or I get a piece of paper and I start to draw. Or I start to paint. Whatever I feel like doing at that exact moment. If you are a creative soul like I am you can probably relate to what I said above. The daylight is inspiring too, mother earth looks wonderful but there is just something special about the night. Something that will touch your soul in its deepest part that the daylight could never do.
There for I will give you 5 reasons why the night will bring out the best in you and 2 AM’s will be your favorite hours too. 
Like I said above, the night is soothing. The darkness has its beauty that is beyond comparison to anything else in this world. There are less distractions and you are more likely to focus on your work. With this new found focus you can actually start/finish that one project you are working on for a long time now. Just let the power of the night take over and let the magic happen.
The night is the perfect time for meditating and connecting to your soul. Again, with less distractions of this hectic and at times chaotic world we live in it creates the perfect window to just meditate and be one with yourself. Often people meditate just before the sunset, and can understand this too but I prefer the darkness. It just adds something special to a meditation session. Imagine yourself on your terrace or balcony or even in your room, in the dark, on the floor, with your eyes closed, meditating. Doesn’t the thought just makes you feel more relaxed? It does the trick for me. And after your meditation session I promise you that you will feel inspired. You will have had a million thoughts that you can process now through out your art work. So paint, write, draw, just create!
If you are that person that, even though the night offers calm and peace, still are looking for a little human contact at times, reach out to your love, your interest, your inspiration, your muze, your brother or sister and talk. I had the most powerful and intense conversations during my midnight sessions. It brings out the philosophers in all of us. It almost feels like people let their guard down, just a little bit, even those that are really stubborn during the daylight can be a bit more soft during night. It is so special what the darkness of the night can do to a person. When you surrender to the darkness you will feel so much lighter and you will open up. I had so many midnight conversations on the phone, where I was lying in my bed, with my eyes closed dreaming away while talking to a very special person. This special person does not have to be a love interest. I have had beautiful conversations with my girlfriends and relatives too.  And after all those conversations I always felt this newly found energy and inspiration. I can highly recommend these conversations, also for the loners amongst us.
I just had to share another quote inside this article because for some reason this quote just touches my heart. And isn’t it a bit true? I would consider myself a happy soul but with a dark twist, but does that make me a sad soul after all? Sad souls are up past midnight and I must say a lot of my friends with creative souls have this certain dark twist too. And for these sad souls or dark minds the night is the perfect time to process those thoughts.
Take a piece of paper and write down your thoughts. Yes you too, even if you hate to write down your thoughts and get in touch with yourself. These hours are the best hours to do this! Write down your thoughts or at least keywords and than start your healing process. I show a lot of my emotions in my art. My articles, my paintings. Let these keywords and phrases be the center of your art. Once you put things on paper you can put them better in perspective. So after you have written these down, continue in the way you make art. Are you a painter, a poet, a writer, a graffity artist? Take the supplies that you need and just let everything out. All the thoughts that you have, the pain that you feel, the frustration you experienced and felt that day, all the emotions, take everything and turn your sadness in to something beautiful.
Okay, this might sound a bit weird too, but really you should try it. If I would ask you what your favorite life song would be, what would you say? – Okay, now I want you to take that song, that song you probably have listened to a million times now, and just carefully and mindfully listen to it 3-5 times in a row. Close your eyes and let the words sink in, feel every beat and harmony and become one with the music. I will guarantee you that you will hear a word or phrase to that song you thought you memorized by heart that you never heard before. You will understand the words and the song so much better and you will discover at least 3 new elements to that song. After you have done this put on an (preferably) instrumental soundtrack to a beautiful movie. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and yes, even for the haters out there, Twilight too, those movies have amazing soundtracks.
Check out this website for great inspiration of instrumental soundtracks of fantastic movies: *Click!
Put it on and start your creative proces and I promise you that your art will get a totally new dimension to it and you will feel and see that you create your art on a totally new and higher level.
Well, these were my 5 reasons why 2AM’s are my favorite hours. What are your reasons?

P.S, I will see you in my dreams. 

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