The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy: The dinner date part 2.

Hi Friends,

How are you on this lovely Saturday evening? If you are enjoying a nice evening in, I will entertain you with part 2 of the official dinner date…but before we continue…. read part one here: *Click!

If you are too lazy for that, haha.. here is the last paragraph:
I could not hold it in anymore. I laughed so hard and he started to laugh even more too. ‚I’m really enjoying this time with you bunny” he said while giving me a kiss on my hand. And it was just like with that one kiss I was brought back to reality. This was actually happening. I was on a date with this beautiful man and it was going so good (apart from the food fight isn behavior) I felt really nervous all of a sudden and than I ……………

got a phone call. It was my mom. Not living in the same country as here we don’t actually call a lot. We do Skype a lot or talk through Viber but if I receive a phone call it is always really important. So whenever I see her name on my screen, or well ‚ MOM „ I freak out. Knowing that my dad has not the best health I immediately thought that something happend. The last time I got a phone call was because my dad got a heart attack so I felt extremely nervous and I could not pick up. Of course my neighbor boy was like: Hey, did you made an arrangement with your friends to call you a half an hour in to the date so if the date sucked they could rescue you. haha.

I told him that it was my mom and that I would step outside to call her back. He asked me if anything was wrong and I told him that I did not know at this point.
I was shaking and trembling and when I heard my mom’s voice I could hear in her tone that everything was just fine. We had a talk and I went back to the table. He asked me if I was okay and I said, well, remember how you said that you would like to know where I got my attitude from….. well in a few minutes you can actually see it. He looked a bit confused and I told him, my mom just called me that she arrived in Belgium and she is on her way to my apartment. NOW.

I told him that I should go but that he should stay and enjoy the rest of the meal. He told me that that was nonsense and he asked for the bill. While the bill came I reached for my purse, to get my mirror and lipstick but he immediately put his hand on mine and said: „No, I will not allow you to pay, when you are out with me, you will never have to pay for anything”. – My god, the way he said it sounded so hot. There was that confidence again with a slightly arrogant look in his eyes.
I told him that I was not planning on getting my wallet but that I just wanted to touch up my make up before we left. This time I actually was the one laughing and he, honestly, he looked a bit red. Or maybe it was the lighting of the restaurant who knows. Okay, let’s be honest with each other. It was most likely the lighting of the restaurant but it would have been cute if I had that effect on him. haha.

As we were walking back to his car he said that he was quite excited to meet my mom. Wait, what? That is not what I meant when I made that comment about my mom before. I thought, since we live next to each other you will probably see her, but we will not continue this date with the 3 of us. There are no hang out sesh’es for you with my mom planned dude. – But it was already too late. He was going on and on about how moms always liked him and that we should stop to buy some chocolates or flowers for her.

I tried to tell him that I was not planning on actually formally introducing him to my mom- I have only introduced one guy to my mom before and I have been with that guy for a long time. I thought that the best way to tell him was to make a joke out of it, something I regretted the second after I did just that.

„I don’t introduce just randoms to my mom, you know”.. I never had been in a car where someone would hit the breaks so fast and hard. „Randoms? Randoms” I am just some random guy to you?
There was that exact same upset look he had as the time I made that dumb joke about walking me home.

Oh no, what had I done. Before I could defend myself he held a monologue about he could never be defined as a random, by no one. Not even me. And that he never takes girls out to dinner or on dates, he always just meets at his place. He nevers takes a girl out in public unless he really likes them. – Wait what, he really liked me? I tried to stop him but I could not. After something that felt like 5 hours, but was actually just 5 minutes he stopped and I asked him if he really liked me? He looked at me and said: „ You know what, people are wrong when they say that stupid questions do not exist because this is a really dumb one”.

I did not know what to say. I felt like a little girl being told of by the teacher. The way he said it was not nice at all but what he was actually saying kinda was. I started to notice that this was his way of expressing his feelings and vulnerability. I wanted to respond but he asked me to please stop talking till we got home.speeding

I just starred out of the window not knowing how to exactly feel. Sad because of the way yet another evening was ending or happy that this beautiful man liked me. I decided to focus on another positive thing. My moms (very unexpected) visit. As we got to our apartment he parked the car, got out, opened my door and let me out. When he did that I was so happy, I thought he moved passed the awkward moment in the car and we could let this be. He walked with me to the entrance of our building opened the door and as I was walking inside he said goodnight. No kiss, no nothing. HUH? As I was standing on one side of the glass door, inside, and he was standing on the other side of the glass door, outside, something in me snapped. He was walking away yet again and I could not take this again. I opened the door and asked him where he was going. He said that he needed to take a drive. A drive to where? Why are you being like this?
He said that he needed to think. But honestly, think about what? As he was walking towards his car I walked after him and I called him a coward and I told him that it was so adult of him to walk away from this situation and from me. And to be honest, I did not understand it, we were still in the getting to know each other stage, how can he feel so much already. He did not look back nor did he turned around. I turned around my back to walk towards my building again but than something snapped again. I walked towards him, but this time I walked a bit faster and I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards me. I could see in this face that he truly did not expect this. I told him that I liked him too and than I grabbed his face, pulled him towards me and gave him a kiss. Where normally he would hold my head between his to big hands to kiss me passionately, this time I was the one doing it to him. After the kiss I starred at his beautiful blue eyes and told him that I would see him tomorrow. – I thought that I nailed it, cause it actually went all so perfect. I did not fall or trip this time, I was in charge and in control. So I thought. Of course this was not the case. He now grabbed my hand, pushed them of his face and put his big hands on my head again and looked me deep in my eyes.
He said, I probably won’t see you tomorrow. I am not spending tonight at my place.
-Wait what? What the hell did this mean. So he tells me that he likes me and than he is going to some other chick? Or not, but where was he going? Maybe it is my insecurity that I assume that he will go to another girl, but it was already 10PM. where would he go? He does not have family living in the neighborhood and even if, why would you go to someones place so late? I wanted to yell at him and be angry, but just when I was about too, I realized that he was nothing of me, just a date. He is not my boyfriend. So why should I care this much? But I realized that I kinda did..and that maybe he was not just a random guy for me.

As he got in his car and drove away I was still standing there. Ready to breakdown and cry and just when I wanted to do that another car pulled over. It was my mom. I could not help but my tears made their way out. My mom cried too. Thinking it was coming from a place of happiness because we did not see each other in such a long time. ‚I missed you sweetie’- she said while giving me a big hug. „I missed you too mom”.

Let’s go inside my love, said my mom as she walked with me towards the entrance of my building.
You would not believe it, but I just saw a really handsome guy driving in the same car your dad has, he came from this direction, does he live here too, do you know him perhaps?

Yes mom, he actually lives in the building and I do know him…let’s go inside and I will tell you all about it….

And a lot has happend after that…if you want to be the first one to know, follow my FB page, you will help me a lot with this, your support is highly appreciated: FACEBOOK ❤


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