The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy: The first official date, pt 1!

Ello friends…

Are you ready for a hot and steamy update of my awkward encounters with my hot neighbor boy, cause yes, it will definitely get hot and steam, I can tell you that. Tonight we would have our first date, like real date date, outside our apartment building and we would actually go to a real restaurant. . .
But first, read this part if you are not up to date yet: *Click click click!

I was so incredibly nervous. It all started the day after our first kiss when I woke up. Yes, last night I had some doubts but now I knew it for sure. The butterflies all came back to settle themselves in my tummy and bounce around 24/7. I felt good, happy and overly excited for tonight. However, I still had to officially confirm our date so I made sure that I would leave my house at „our time” 8.45 sharp.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-14 om 12.29.58 I first thought to leave him a note under his door, cause that actually became our thing but I thought, no, let’s do it face to face so I could show him that I could be cool too.
Obviously this was yet another dumb idea. I left my house at 8.45 sharp but I did not see him. There was also no note under my door so I had no clue on what was happening for tonight. How can we have a date we don’t discuss a place or a time. I felt a bit disappointed and I felt some of the butterflies leaving my tummy again. I made my way to the elevator to go downstairs and as I was standing in the elevator I looked in the mirror and started talking to myself. As I was telling myself how stupid I was, that he probably already forgot about the whole thing I apparently already reached the ground floor and the door opened. So as I was standing there, telling myself how stupid I was, there he was, behind me.

He really is like a ninja, he appeared from nowhere. He asked me what I was doing and I said that I was just practicing a speech that I had to give later that day. He asked me why I would call myself stupid in this speech. OUCH he apparently heard me…It was so awkward. I think that I started to blush and I just wanted to make my way out of the elevator but he was blocking me. He pushed me back in and as the doors closed we were standing there. Just the two of us. I felt so much tension in my entire body but I had to go to work and I could not be late so I pushed him of me and said: „i’ll see you tonight, 7PM your place, we will leave from there”.

YES! I did it, bold and fierce, strong and with full confidence. As I tried to make my way out of the elevator and walk away with a sort of „sexy walk’ I heard him say something and as I turned around the elevator door was closing in on me and pushed me towards the wall. It was so awkward. I was half stuck, and my cheeks were probably red again. FUCK! I almost nailed it, it was supposed to be so awesome and cool and now I just made an ass out of myself, AGAIN.

And I still have no clue on what he actually sad. I made my way to work and put all the awkwardness in the „Afer work Box’ where I keep all my non work related thoughts.

Work went by fast and after working hours I left to go home and to get a bit dressed up. I put on a mean red lip and I immediately felt a whole lot sexier. I at least looked hot and fierce so I hope that would make up a bit for that morning fiasco. I was about to leave to go to his apartment when my doorbell rang. I went to open the door and there he was. He even brought flowers. Yes, actual flowers. And of course before I could invite him in he made his way inside him self and put the flowers on my kitchen counter. Come, let’s go.
I took my hand and walked me out of my own apartment. haha. This felt really weird. We walked towards the elevator and while we were waiting he gave me a kiss and said: „ You look beautiful bunny”- wait, what, bunny? What the hell. Is this cute? like..for me it is just a weird nickname, no? What do you think?
I did not know what to say os I just smiled and he gave me another kiss. I beeped his nose what normally was part of our morning ritual and told him that he looked nice too.

We went to a Chinese dim sum restaurant. First I did not understand this choice because he specifically said that Chinese food is not his fave, but than when we got there he said that he remembered that during one of our rooftop meetings I said that I really missed the food from when I was living in Asia and that I was able to get good dim sum almost everywhere. I thought that this was so sweet. Obviously I ordered more than I could eat and I tried to educate him about the several dishes. I really appreciated it that he actually tried a lot of things.Schermafbeelding 2015-07-15 om 22.58.04
I also ordered my fave shrimp dim sum and as I tried to but one in my mouth t using the chopsticks the dim sum actually slipped through the sticks and fell right in my top, between my boobs. It was so hot and steamy and sticky and my boobs just burned. I jumped up and tried to get the dim sum out of my shirt. I got it out but it was so hot and I panicked that I just threw it of me. But little did I know I threw it in his direction and it actually landed on his face. What the hell, did I actually hit him with a piece of dim sum? In his face? I wanted to die.
First of all, I do not understand how this happens, I even eat my soup (yes really) with my chopsticks and I am so good and working these bad boys. How on earth can food slip away from me…and why did I threw this piece of food in his face. My mom always told me never to play with food, I think I did not listen good enough to her while growing up. – At first I think he was in quite a shock but that he made one of his famous jokes/oneliners:
‚You don’t have to force feed me bunny, I told you that I would try to eat everything, no need to get so aggressive” haha. I love how he could take an awkward situation and turn it in to something funny.
I think I apologized to him more than 15 times in 1 minute and all he could do was laugh. And as a cherry on this deliciously awkward cake, he got the piece of dim sum and ate it. See bunny, I am eating it, but next time, just ask nicely okay, don’t throw it in my face.

I could not hold it in anymore. I laughed so hard and he started to laugh even more too. ‚I’m really enjoying this time with you bunny” he said while giving me a kiss on my hand. And it was just like with that one kiss I was brought back to reality. This was actually happening. I was on a date with this beautiful man and it was going so good (apart from the food fight isn behavior) I felt really nervous all of a sudden and than I ……………

You will read about that tomorrow…haha..Goodnight! XOXO

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6 thoughts on “The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy: The first official date, pt 1!

    1. Hi Laura, ahh super leuk om te horen joh 🙂 Dankjewel! Ja dat was wel een awkward moment he hahaha….Tof dat je je er in kan vinden. Zelf ook awkward dates gehad? x

  1. Haha heerlijk geschreven weer!! Ik ben ook zo’n akward duckling als het komt op dates..thank god ben ik nu getrouwd ghiiii 😉
    Echt kan niet wachten tot deel 2..word steeds leuker!

    1. hahaha, dankjewel Sabine! Awkward ducklings rulen! haha….Heb je dat niet meer nu je getrouwd bent? Deel 2 staat nu online! Laat daar ook even een comment achter wat je er van vond! Ben benieuwd ! X

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