Review: Hotel Bloom! – Brussels – Belgium

Ello Friends,

Last weekend I was in Brussels upon an invitation of Hotel Bloom ( to come over and to do a review. Since I live in Belgium I love to discover hotels and hotspots here and after hearing fantastic things about Hotel Bloom I wanted to see if these things were all true and I can say, everything I heard was true. My experience at Hotel Bloom was beyond amazing. I had such a lovely time there and I will tell you just way: First let me tell you why Hotel Bloom is so different from other hotels and totally unique in it’s own way. Bloom! invited 287 European artists to come and create art in their design hotel. Every room has it’s own unique art on the wall behind the bed and all these art pieces were created with the inspiration of the word „bloom”. It is so cool to see what the word ‚bloom’ means to so many different people. I have had the privilege to stay in room 726, the Fresco was made by the British artist Claire Merriman: Schermafbeelding 2015-07-14 om 21.15.14Other Fresco’s that I really like: Schermafbeelding 2015-07-14 om 21.17.58Schermafbeelding 2015-07-14 om 21.20.58Schermafbeelding 2015-07-14 om 21.19.58Schermafbeelding 2015-07-14 om 21.20.41Schermafbeelding 2015-07-14 om 21.18.29 My Experience: When I got invited to do a review at Bloom! I was very excited. I saw some cool pictures online and I could not wait to experience it. I mean, they have their own make your own waffle truck inside their hotel. A truck inside a hotel? WOW! Super cool! Have you seen that before? I sure have not. I was really curious to see if you could actually make your own waffles and I can tell you now, you can!IMG_1300 But first things first. I went to the hotel with the public transportation, after getting lovely directions from the chatbox function at their website. This was extremely helpful. As I followed the given directions I got to the hotel quite quickly. My first impression when I entered the hotel was very positive. You enter the hotel and directly you feel like you have entered a world of luxury. Almost directly in front of you you will see the checkin desk where they keep fresh fruit for guests to take. Beside the check in desk you also have a snack machine where you can get little goodies as salads, sandwiches, chocolates, drinks etc. Perfect to enjoy if you want to stay in! I also almost immediately spotted the super duper cool hanging lounge chairs that I could not wait to try out.IMG_1319 They looked so comfy and the art behind the hanging chairs is so cool. It is bright and colorful and I immediately felt happy. After I checked in I went to my room on the 7th floor, I stayed in room 726, an L Room King. As I opened the door I noticed the very spacious room (30M2 ) and the very big flat screen TV! Thank you to the lovely people at Bloom! that made me feel welcome. I love handwritten notes, I cherish them so much! + the popcorn snacks were perfect for my movienight 🙂IMG_1295IMG_1297When you enter the room you have the bathroom directly to your right. I checked and the thing that caught my eye was the orange and white sink, what I really liked was (yes I pay a lot of attention to details) that the towels matched the sink and where white with orange accents. I had a bath tub in my bathroom which always is fantastic.IMG_1302 There is a minibar available with complimentary water bottles and a safe where you can keep all your precious belongings. When I walked further in the room I saw the bed and I of course had to test this out immediately. I jumped on it like I was a little kid and than just rolled a bit around it, yes this sounds so weird but that really is the way I test beds. It felt really comfy, the bed is huge and behind the bed I saw this amazing art piece. The art in my room was painted by the British artist Claire Merriman and I absolutely loved it. What I also really liked was the huge desk where you can get some work done and also the little lounge area. There is a lounge chair available next to the window and it is perfect to kick back, relax, have a drink before actually going to bed. IMG_1304In the morning when I had breakfast I was really surprised. The waffle truck is not a myth, it is real! There is an actual truck within the hotel and it is beyond cool. I have made so many waffles, at some point I was quite full but it was just so much fon that I could not stop. I really enjoyed all the breakfast items, Bloom! has one of the best breakfast buffet’s I’ve seen so far within Europe. They have a big variety of items you can chose from so everyone will find something they love to eat! I had a fantastic time at Bloom and I can highly recommend it to everyone visiting Brussels!

Roomtypes: Hotel Bloom! has a room for everyone. Are you coming with your friend, your lovre, your friends or even your family, Bloom! is ready for you!
L room Twin
L Room King
L Panorama Room King
XL Room XXL Room
Disabled Room Double
Double Room


Location: The location of Bloom! is perfect and it is very convenient to reach. I went with public transport and the best way to go there is via Brussels Gare du Midi and to change to the metro there (line 2 or 6 towards Elisabeth). The stop you have to get off at is „Botanique” and when you exit the metro station it is a 2 min walk. You will directly see the Hotel’s big sign! The location is beautiful since you are almost directly next to the Botanic Garden.IMG_1413IMG_1416 I mean, with a garden like this almost attached to the hotel, you really get the best of both worlds. A lot of comfort and luxury in your hotel and beautiful nature just a minute away!

Breakfast: Food, oh how much I love food. Especially hotel breakfasts. I am always curious on what is being served that will separate a hotel from others and I must say, with Bloom! I was so pleasantly surprised. In there breakfast area called OO! IMG_1376IMG_1378they have a cool vintage waffle truck where you can make your own waffles in the morning. IMG_1328IMG_1386IMG_1357IMG_1362It feels like you are in heaven. Those delish fresh waffles with yummy toppings like my personal fave sprinkles topped with wipped cream are so amazing. IMG_1330IMG_1334Besides this awesome eye-catcher what also caught my eye was there fruit and mint water. IMG_1359Refreshing water with either lime, lemon or mint is just so amazing, especially during the warm weather. I thought that this was really original to serve in a hotel.

IMG_1345Of course they have pastries too like croissants and all kinds of bread.IMG_1341 Yoghurt and fresh fruit are also available as well as a mini make your own salad bar. You have lettuce, dressing, different ingredients and garnishes to create a healthy salad. Bacon, eggs and sausages are also available. IMG_1339
What I also really liked was there tea section, I mean, don’t these things look so adorbz:

You can also enjoy a lovely dinner at Bloom! in their restaurant Smoods. During the summer they have an adjusted menu (*Click here for the summer menu) but still there are some yummy meals on the menu. Also, what is extremely cool about this design restaurant is that you can chose in which area you would like to enjoy your dinner or cocktails. For example in the „Library” or the, yes, at Bloom! everything is possible.


For more information and to check out their latest deals and promo’s please visit their website:

16 thoughts on “Review: Hotel Bloom! – Brussels – Belgium

  1. Do you think reviews of hotels when you are invited to write are still as authentic as when being an anonymous guest? Because it is written so overly positive.

    1. Hi Sabrina, I do understand where you are coming from but my reviews are always as honest as they can be. I tell the hotels I collaborate with that I will always give my honest opinion, I also do not send my articles to proofread. If there is something I don’t like I always mention it in my posts, but with Bloom! there was just no negative remark. The only thing that I can think of is that I did not want to leave after 2 nights. xo

      1. For example, I also get a lot of requests of companies that want to collaborate but I also always look if it will fit my brand. I do not collaborate with brands if I know in advance that it does not fit my target audience. Bloom! seemed like a lovely hotel and after my visit I can only confirm this. I hope you will get a chance to visit too sometimes!

    1. Ahh, dankjewel! Foto’s maken blijft super leuk onderdeel van m’n job! Het is echt een leuk hotel dus als je binnenkort een citytrip naar Antwerpen wilt boeken weet je waar je moet verblijven!

  2. Wauw, dit hotel ziet er echt prachtig uit! En je hebt hele mooie foto’s gemaakt. En wat een luxe. Deze ga ik opslaan bij mijn favorieten, zodat ik er eens een nachtje kan vertoeven! 😉

    1. Hi Simone! Het is ook echt een fantastisch hotel! Dankje voor je compliment!! Als je er bent geweest, laat het mij zeker even weten! Kunnen we verhalen uitwisselen over hoe fantastisch het was <3!

      1. Yes! Zal ik zeker doen! 🙂 Ik ben afgelopen weekend ook naar een mooi hotel in Leuven geweest. Review zal deze week online staan!

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