RECAP: Me and my hot neighbor boy – what has happend so far + BIG SPOILER!

Hey sweet people!

Oh-my-GOSH! I get so many sweet responses of you guys on my stories about me and my hot neighbor boy. I am so happy that many of you enjoy these stories and that you guys help me on what to do/not to do with this hottie.

I have received so many emails and direct messages through my personal FB about updates and I thought I would do something back.

I also received a few messages where you guys were asking for a recap, or where the other articles could be found so I thought I would dedicate this post to a full recap on what has happend so far…

So far there are 5 parts online. Have you read them all?

1- This is how we met: *click here!

2- This is how I tried to ‘Let it go’: *click here!

3- This is where I saw him with a mystery girl: *click here!

4- This is the one with the dinner date part 1: *click here!

5- This is the one with the dinner date part 2: *click here!

SPOILER: If you are finished with part 5 you might wonder..what happend next? Well…I did not see him but I found a hand written letter slipped under my door that explains a lot of what happend on our last encounter….

Curious? – Update will follow soon.


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  1. Neeeee wat doe je nou? Dit is gewoon een dying cliffhanger (ik ben de ultieme romanticus) I cant handle this! Wanneer komt deel 6 online?


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