The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy- The Dinnerdate part 2.

Hey sweet friends,

Today the long (well, 24 hour) anticipated part 2 of the dinner date..I love reading y’alls reactions to my story, thank you so much for the support! If you want a recap of dinner date part one Click here!
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So let’s continue on where we left off..He got up and reached out his hands towards me so he would be able to pick me up from the floor. I reached back and he pulled me up. As I was standing there before him he hold my head between his both hands, looked me deeply in my eyes and said: „If you want to spoon, next time, just ask okay?’- I wanted to give him a witty comeback or say something funny but I could not. All I could say was „Okay” and I smiled. I never stood so close to him.

Our faces were only 2 inches apart from each other. Now I could see his eyes even better. He has the most piercing blue eyes i’ve ever seen with a hint of yellow in his right one. It was so weird to see that yellow spot but it was cute at the same time. We walked to the dinner table and he tried to pull my chair for me. I did not understand this (i’ve been dating some mannerless men lately) so I automatically walked towards the other side of the table. He asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was sitting. He said „but I am pulling your chair for you, come here’. The thing I really start to notice about my hot neighbor boy is that he never asks something. He demands things from me. But not in a bad way, it is with respect, but still, i’ve noticed it. I am not used to this behavior. Normally, I am the ‚dominant’ one but with him it is different. And I actually listen to him and that kinda surprises me even more. When I discuss this with my friends they don’t believe that I can me so submissive but with him I (already) am.

We had dinner and the conversations that we had were really nice. I saw such a different side of him. Almost a bit of a vulnerable side, especially when he was talking about his family. I will not go in to too much personal details since it is his private stuff, but the conversation was just enlightening. He also did explain why he disappeared for a few days; Long story short, his sister had some problems and he went away to help her to fix it. (And he did).

After dinner he wanted to have the dessert on the rooftop terrace. We went up to the roof to watch the (non existing) stars. haha. As we came up to the roof there was only one chair and it was kinda broken. Not that I am a spoiled little doll but I was wearing my new dress and I did not want to sit on the floor, you can understand that right?

He sat down and he saw me doubting. He asked me what was wrong and before I answered he said, you don’t want to ruin your new dress isn’t it. This was the perfect moment to make my „Oh, what, this old thing’ comment and of course I did. I told him that I was wearing this dress the entire day while he replied; „oh really? Because when I saw you when I was looking out my window and you were walking back from work, you were not wearing a dress but normal pants.
#FAIL I felt so embarrassed. #OOMPALOOMPAMODE

I was actually happy that we were outside in the dark so he could not see my face turning what I can only imagine to be incredibly red. As I tried to laugh it off I was actually quite happy that he dropped it.

He took off his shirt and put it on the floor next to him and sat „Sit’, while giving me a naughty smile. I obviously immediately checked out his goodies. Good, his body was AH-MAY-ZING. It was kinda like that moment from Crazy Stupid Love, when Ryan Gossling took of his shirt and Emma Stone was like „Dude, are you photoshopped?”ryan gossling sixpack I tried hard not to look at his fantastic body but to remain our eye contact but I was failing miserably. He pulled me towards him, to the floor and actually sat me down next to him when I was still #FROZEN (yes being frozen around him becomes a thing too). He, the arrogant a-hole that his is, knowing exactly why I was not saying anything but was just awkwardly staring at him asked me if there was something wrong. And I, I really do not know why, whispered to him;
” You are so hot”. He laughed out loud. This was the first time I heard him laugh. Normally he just smiled without making noise, weird huh, but he laughed, quite hard actually. I wanted to disappear, I felt so embarrassed. He said that he thought it was cute and he pinched my cheek and gave me a kiss on my forehead. – At this point I felt like I was in Crazy, Stupid Love part 2 with my own R. Gossling.

We watched the ‚stars’ (just a clear blue sky with no stars haha) and just talked about life. Hours passed and it was just so nice. He did try to kiss me once but I pretended that I did not notice it. I kinda wanted to make him work for it, weird huh? Normally I am not the biggest no-sayer towards a kiss, cause let’s be honest, I do like to kiss cute boys, but like so many things, with him, it was different. I did not want to give it up just yet.

After a while I told him that we should call it a night because I had to get up really early the next morning. It is always such a lame excuse no, „I have to get up early” but it was also kinda true.

He said that he would walk me home and we both laughed. I told him that he was suuuuchhh a gentleman, taking the effort to walk me all the way back to my home. I was laughing so hard at my own sarcastic joke, as I kinda always do because I think that I am hilarious. But he just stopped and starred at me. He, again, took my head between his both hands and said that he would have taken me home no matter where I would have lived. And that it did not matter that I live 2 seconds away from him. -He was so incredibly serious and his tone of voice changed that I almost apologized for my comment. What the hell was happening with me. I did not understand. But okay, I ALMOST apologized. I of course did not. But when he was helding my head I saw that yellow spot in his eye again. And something came over me. I do not know why, but we were so close and I thought he was so beautiful, I leaned in to kiss him. My lips almost touched his but he backed away. Wait,-what the hell was happening. He pulled away? I did not understand this. After a perfect night, this was how it would end? Incredibly awkward and by leaving me hanging. He looked at me and he was obviously annoyed and said:

‚Don’t pretend that I would not do anything for you’. I would do anything for you’.

Now I pulled away. Where the hell does this come from. I hardly know this guy. „He would do anything for me?” Was this about my comment about taking me home? I do not understand. So we walked to my door in full silent mode and it felt like I was doing the walk of shame, but this time with the person I felt the shame towards standing directly next to me. He waited until I put my key in my doorlock, opened the door and stepped in. I turned around to wish him a goodnight but before I could say anything he just said „Thank you’.

Opened his own door, entered is apartment and shut the door, while mine was still open. I stood their feeling completely mindfucked. I could not move, #FROZEN. But than I realized that he may be looking to the peephole in the door and he would see me standing there so I quickly went inside, locked my door and jumped under the shower. When I am upset I sing in the shower, really loud, it helps me to feel better but this time I did not because I knew that last time I did it, he could hear it..
Where just a few minutes ago I felt butterflies in my tummy, I now felt like they were all shot dead and their dead bodies wear floating around in my stomach. It was such a shitty feeling. I dried my hair and went to bed, feeling extremely nervous about the next day..because I was sure that I would run in to him….and what was I supposed to do?

…Well I will keep you posted.


18 thoughts on “The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy- The Dinnerdate part 2.

  1. Omfg, the mindfucker! I would go nuts if the kiss is almost in your reach and then..nope nothing nada, well bye! Such evilness aahh! Ryan Gosling would do it, he is sexy God HA!! 😉
    Oh dear..really looking forward to the next chapter, kiss or not to kiss..that’s the question 😉

  2. Omfg, the mindfucker! I would go nuts if the kiss is almost in your reach and then..nope nothing nada, well bye! Such evilness aahh! Ryan Gosling would do it, he is sexy God HA!! 😉
    Oh dear..really looking forward to the next chapter, kiss or not to kiss..that’s the question 😉

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! hahaha can you imagine how I feel..I GO NUTS! But a lot has happend again…update soon..I did post the full recap just now, did you already see it? xoxoxo

      ps, that really is the question lol

    1. Ahh dankjewel! De recap staat online met een handig overzicht van alles wat er tot nu toe is gebeurd…heb je die al gezien? Van de week komt deel 6 al weer online! Hoop dat je die net zo leuk gaat vindenl Liefs!

  3. Oh ik ben echt benieuwd naar deel 2 maar het einde is wel een beetje apart afgelopen dus ben benieuwd hoe het de volgende keer gaat.. Wel weer heel erg leuk geschreven!

    1. Hey girlie…Ja I know right…maar inmiddels is er weer een hoop gebeurd en het gaat weer lichtelijk de goede kant op..update volgt snel…Heb je wel al de recap gezien van alle posts? Die staat sinds een paar minuten online! In iedergeval thanks voor je lieve woorden ! xoxox

  4. Poeh he. Ik heb je serie verhalen met veel interesse gevolgd, het leek net een sprookje. Maar na dit verhaal twijfel ik eraan. Wat voor gevoel heb je er zelf bij?

    Ik zelf zou denk ik ook niet weten wat ik zou moeten doen, maar aangezien hij zo opeens zich anders gedraagd… Dat vind ik wel een beetje eng eigenlijk. Ik zou voorzichtig aan doen, of hem op een afstandje houden. Je wil niet aan een of andere freak vast komen te zitten, ook al is hij nog zo knap :p

    1. Ahh, Rachel, echt super leuk om je reactie te lezen! Echt super cute! Deel 6 komt aankomende week online….heb je de recap al gezien? Daar staan alle 5 artikelen die tot nu toe gepost zijn in een handig overzicht onder elkaar! xoxoxo

  5. Ik kan niet wachten op the next one. Dit moet wel romantisch zijn hoor, anders word ik gek!

  6. Ik krijg er zelf kriebels van in de boek. Just wondering: is het allemaal fictie of overkomt het je echt?

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