The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy- The first Dinner Date- part 1!

Hey sweet people!

How are you today? I think we need a good catch up session.. As I told you a few days ago, my hot neighbor boy invited me for dinner at this place after disappearing from the face of the earth for a few days.

Even though I did not accept his invitation, because let’s be honest, I did not have a real choice since he demanded my presence in stead of asking if I was available, I still thought about going- or not going. I even asked YOU for your help and something happend that I did not expect…100% of the reactions encouraged me to go. And so I did. I felt so much more comfortable with your support (seriously, my readers are my best friends 🙂 that I went.. And yes, one of us ended up half naked. again. Kinda becomes our thing now.

But let’s start at the beginning. My day started out normal. I went to work around 8.30 AM, normally I leave the house at 8.45 AM because I know that we will run in to each other by that time but I did not want to see him yet. In my own sick twisted way I wanted to play ‚hard to get’ and make him wonder why he did not see me in the morning and be a bit of mysterious towards him. I wanted him to feel insecure about if I was coming over that night. But honestly, who are we kidding. My girlie girly mindset took me an a whole big trip about the thoughts that he could possibly have about not running in to me, but let’s be honest, he probably did not even notice. I just get carried away like that, but I am sure I am not the only one, right? haha.

As I went to work I felt excited, I had a date with this hottie tonight who was a genuine good friend to me a while back when I needed a friend. He did not make a move than but was really there for me, but now we kinda had a date. Was it a date? He never used the word ‚date’. He just invited me for dinner. You can have dinner with your normal platonic friends, right? But he did made it really clear that it was just the 2 of us and that his sister would be gone. – Wait, what the F* was happening. My thoughts and fantasies were taking over and I kinda had to regroup and recover. Focussing on work is never a problem. I just put my fantasies and thoughts in a little box and I open it when I leave the office. So I did just that. The entire day just flew by and I hurried up home. Normally I hardly ever leave the office at 6 PM but today I had a reason too do that. I wanted to go home, take a shower and put on something cute.
As I came home, took my shower and got dressed I actually doubted for a split second. Should I go? Do I expect too much? Is it really a date? Why can’t I be one of those lose goose girls that can go on casual dates without overthinking it. And yet again, I felt like a major oompa loompa. Charlie, I think i’ve escaped your Chocolate Factory.

charlie-and-the-chocolate-fact-charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-466442_1024_768Before I left my house I did one final mirror check; hair fixed, rocking a hot outfit, smelling so good, thank you Dior!
It is so weird to open my door, step out, turn 45 degrees to the left and find his door. As I knocked on the door, for some reason I did not ring his bell, I waited and nothing happend. After a minute or two I thought I would try the same thing he did with me last time and said: ‚I know you are there’ – while feeling extremely nervous.

He opened the door and asked me how I knew that. I said I did not and surpassed him and stepped in to his living room. I felt on top of the world, strong, confident, the roles were reversed. And just when I thought that things were fab I, of course turned it in to an awkward situation.
When I was trying to strut sexy towards his couch while giving him a good view of my fab ass in my new dress that I bought for this occasion (and if he would ever ask me that I would obviously deny it and respond with ‚what, this old thing?’

I slipped and fell flat on the floor. Why you might ask? Was the floor wet? NO. Was their something on the floor that made me slip? NO. It was just my inner clumsy oompa loompa dying to get out and fuck up this moment for me. So there I was, face towards the ground, flat on my belly. For a second I thought that I would pretend that I fainted but than I realized it would not make this situation better at all. But what should I do? I was, again, FROZEN and just decided to lay there until I could come up with a reason for this whole fiasco.

He got down to the floor to lay down next to me. As he was trying to pull away the hair from my face so he could see my face I turned my back around and I turned my face away from his. What happend next still cracks me up. He got behind me and started to spoon me. Haha. And said; well if you wanted to cuddle you could have just asked me too, no need to lie on the floor, I do have a bed you know’. When I heard him talk I held my breath and when he finished his sentence I just bursted out and laughed so hard. He turned me around so we were lying face to face at the floor and sad; I knew that you would fall for me but this is quite quick. – There was that arrogance again. But he smiled differently this time. Not with cockiness but with a sweet and humble look on his face. I told him that I was embarrassed and he said that there was no reason too. Everybody needs to cuddle sometimes, you just have a really original way of asking for it.
I loved how he tried to make me feel less awkward buy making jokes about this situation without actually making jokes of me.

So there we were. 2 people lying on the floor. Spooning. And it actually felt really nice. Comforting and soothing. As I was getting ‘unfrozen’ I realized that I did not want to get up. It felt so nice. But of course I did and we had a nice dinner and than some..

You could never guess what happend next..

But I will keep that for tomorrow…. talk to you guys than!

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23 thoughts on “The awkward encounters of me and my hot neighbor boy- The first Dinner Date- part 1!

    1. Ahh, super lief chick! Vind ik echt lief van je! Ik doe van de week een recap van alle verhalen tot nu toe! Hoop dat je ze allemaal tof vind, laat het me zeker weten ! x

    1. Hi! Wat super leuk om te horen! Morgen staat deel 2 online van de dinnerdate. Ik neem dan ook een glas wijn bij het nalezen en zo lezen we hem soort van virtueel samen 🙂 Kus kus!

  1. Wauw! Heel leuk geschreven! Dit is pas het eerste dat ik lees, dus ik geloof dat ik wat gemist heb. Benieuwd naar de rest en de recap. Ik ben heel benieuwd of het echt of verzonnen is. Maar daar zal ik dan snel achter komen. Ik ben het met Diana eens. Het leest echt als een spannend boek. Keep ’em coming!

    1. Hi meis! Thanks voor je comment! Ik ga op zondag een recap artikel plaatsen met een duidelijk overzicht naar alle posts! Het is deel van mijn manuscript..hihi….maar er volgen nog heel veel online delen…. Thanks nog maals voor je lieve woorden ! X

      1. Thanks you are the best. De recap staat online van alles wat er tot nu toe it gebeurd….en er is een kleine spoiler..hihi xoxox

      2. Ik ben net klaar met werken, dus ik ga er nu eens lekker voor zitten!

      3. Wauw! Ik heb net even alle verhalen gelezen! Zoals ik begrijp gebeurt dit allemaal echt? Je kunt het echt zo goed in beeld brengen. De gedachten, de emoties. Ik vind dit zo knap! Wel een beetje een aparte en mysterieuze man hoor. Ik kan me voorstellen dat je daar als een blok voor valt! 😉 Ik ben zo benieuwd wat er in de brief staat, nadat hij je zo stomverbaasd achter liet na jullie eerste date!

  2. Oeps, sorry voor de vorige reactie! Het was niet m’n bedoeling om met de oude blognaam zo in beeld te reageren! Kennelijk stond ik ingelogd via WordPress! 🙈

  3. I am hooked! Echt super leuk!!! I wanna know more and more! Ik zie t al helemaal voor me!


    1. Ahh, thanks lieverd, super leuk om te horen! Van de week komt deel 6 online. Heb je de volledige recap al gezien van wat er tot nu toe is gebeurd? Deze staat sinds een paar minuutjes exclusief online ! xoxo

      1. Ik ga m gelijk lezen! Ik heb je ook gelijk via FB gevolgd, want ik wil echt niets missen! Vind je blog echt super leuk! Xx

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