The 6 ultimate tips to safe traveling!

Travel season is coming up and I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips and tricks on how to travel safe.
From the start of your journey till the end, we will make sure that you are traveling in the most safe way possible.
    Before you actually start your trip organize all your paperwork. Make a file where you keep all your important papers. Also scan these documents so you have a online version of this document as well. The reason why I do advice you to also have it in a hardcopy file is that while traveling you might not always have access to a great wifi connection, so be double prepared.
Example of the docs:
  • Your e-tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your creditcard
  • Medical files
  • Insurance card copy/information
Keep all of these papers in one place so if something will happen you always have your papers ready. It is really important to make copies of your passport and creditcard/debitcard because if anything happens you should be prepared so you can block your passes or apply for new ones.
    NO, not the druggy ones, I knew what you was thinking. haha. Get vaccinated if necessary. Check in advance if you need vaccinations for the places that you will visit. Traveling is one of the most beautiful gifts you can ever give yourself. Be sure that you do everything that you can to be and stay healthy.
    My best tip I could ever give you is to always have some cash in whatever valuta it might be. I have experienced it so many times by now, that when I arrived at the airport for some reason none of my bankcards where working. Neither my debit or credit. Can you imagine not having any money, not being able to access the money on your account and than being stuck at an airport, after flying for, let’s say 20 hours. OH-MY-GOD, it sucks! Always keep some money with you because at least than you can exchange it to the local currency and you can make your way in to the city/your hotel and take it from there.
Also, always have several bankcards. From a visa to a master card, from debit to credit. Be prepared. If one card does not work you can always at least try another one.
And when you are traveling, never take all the cards with you when you hit the town. Always keep at least one in your hotelroom, in your backpack or suitcase, locked up. So if your wallet does get stolen, or you lose it, you have a back up one in the hotel.
padlocksPadlocks, my new best travel buddies. Padlocks are amazing, they are small and so handy. I use them to lock everything up. For example, not every hotel room will have a save and you would like to keep your valuable belongings like your papers and your money save right? If you travel with a backpack you can easily lock it up by using a padlock.
Also for those that are taking long bus rides, you almost always check in your big luggage and they store that in a different part of the bus but if you want to keep your small backpack with you it is a smart idea to be able to lock it. You probably will fall a sleep and you do not want to risk that when you wake up, that your phone and wallet are gone. Trust me, i’ve been there. Lock that shit up.
    I really understand that when you are traveling you want to be free, live in your own reality. Not think about what is going on back at home..but it kinda works the other way around too. Where you like bo be young wilde and free, there are people back at home that would like to stay informed about your whereabouts.
For example, i’m 28 but when out traveling I keep my parents and my friends updated on an daily bases. Now, I do not expect you to do the same thing, I know day to day can be a lot but do send your loved ones back home a message every once in a while. Give them regular updates on where you are or if you don’t want to message people one by one, post stuff online so if something happens, they can at least locate you easily in stead of not having a clue on where you are.
    The last part I would like to discuss is respect. Often when you are traveling you will notice cultural differences and that is one of the best things about traveling. Seeing how other people in different sides of the world live, work and just are is amazing.
Remember that you are a guest in their country and that their rules go You do not have to agree with those but you do have to follow them in order to have a good and safe time. For example, I am from Holland and (soft)drugs are legal in the Netherlands, Amsterdam only already has 100ds of coffeeshops, but when you are traveling to for example South East Asia, any kind of drugs is illegal and there are some hard punishments on taking/using drugs. So always say no, also when you are offered them or your (new) friends are doing it. Do not go there. You do not want to get caught smoking a joint and then end up getting a huge punishment for that…
Respect people in their ways too. For example, I lived in Kuala Lumpur and even though it is above 30 degrees celcius most of the time I did dress differently than I would in for example Bali. Do not walk around in your hotpants when 50% of the people are covered up due to their religion beliefs. There is a time and place for everything. Of course this does not mean that you have to be fully covered up your self, but instead of a hotpants you can wear something a bit longer out of respect.
Well, these are my 6 top tips on how to stay safe while traveling. If you follow these I am sure you will have a fantastic time!
Have fun!  xoxo



2 thoughts on “The 6 ultimate tips to safe traveling!

  1. I would offer one additional recommendation and that is to check in with the closest home country consulate or embassy. In the event of an emergency with your family/friends at home, they would possibly be able to inform you by contacting the embassy. Embassy check ins are also good for keeping the traveler updated on possible dangerous political or crisis situations in the countries you visit with travel warnings or in the event of a natural disaster such as the recent one in Nepal, your embassy will know to search for you. Thanks.

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