#IBISSLEEPACADEMY- Everything you need to know about having a good night sleep.

Last month I was invited to participate in the #IBISSLEEPACADEMY in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I was very pleased because I have been to this hotel before for a review.
*Click here for review!

It is at an awesome and convenient location and the event sounded like a lot of fun.

‘Would you like to spend a day with other writers, bloggers and journalists, while learning about where dreams come from, doing some yoga, listening to some poetry and eating relish food?’- Uhm, duh, obviously. So I took the invitation and I am very  pleased I did!

Before attending the event we all had to chose the workshops that we would like to participate in.

IMG_0663On the program were the following activities and workshops:
– Yoga sessions
– A workshop about the meaning of dreaming
– How do you create the ideal sleeping environment
– Make your own COCO-MAT Pillow
– Get ready for bed with products from the Dr. Hauschka skincare line
– Poetry sessions with the Dutch Poet Justin Samgar

Ibis-36Since I am someone with insomnia I was definitely interested in all these workshops cause I can use all the help I can get. Haha. I chose 2 workshops but in the end I participated in almost all of them.Ibis-1

The purpose of this day, or at least how I experienced it, was to take us through an entire day, step by step, from waking up to going back to bed and everything in between. A day full of fun activities, relaxation, educational elements, great food, spa sessions and even bed time stories. Could this Sunday be any more perfect?

IMG_0631The workshop I really liked was with the Dreamcoach Nicoline Douwes Isema. She really gave a lot of insight on why we actually dream and what those dreams mean. Often a dream is a way of dealing with your thoughts, problems, issues, and even the happy moments. She gave a lot of examples of situations that I could really relate too and she gave great tips on how to pick your dreams a part to actually really understand them.  Bit by bit.

Ibis olifantjeBut besides this I also learned that not all your dreams have to mean ‘something’.  It kinda bursted my bubble though because I dream of my hubby Leo (Di Caprio) often, about our wedding and raising our babies, #obsessed. But apparently this does not have to mean a damn thing. Obviously, I secretly hope that this is one of those ‘predict the future dreams’. hahaIbis-39

Where Nicoline taught us more about the spiritual side of dreaming Professor Raymond Cluydts taught us more about the scientific part of dreaming while showing us statistics and making connections between your sleeping environment and your sleeping habits and the actual sleeping part. He has researched the phenomenon of ‘Dreaming’ a lot through out his career and he teaches at the University of Brussels about everything that has to do with sleeping and dreaming. What I thought was really interesting is that he emphasized on how important it is to only sleep in your bed, your couch is a big No No!

FOOD THAT MAKES YOU SLEEPYIbis-171After all the workshops we had a lovely dinner as well. There were a few items on the menu that we could chose from and all the food was made with the sole purpose of making us sleepy. I had some salmon for my main and a beef carpaccio for my appetizer. The food was very yummy and I did get sleepy..but I am not sure if it was the food or the glasses of red wine that I drank. haha.

MINI SPA SESSION WITH DR. HAUSCHKA-Ibis-190 Before participating in the #IBISSLEEPACADEMY I actually never heard of Dr. Hauschka. They were present to give us a workshop where they presented their skincare line and I must say, I was really impressed. The lady from Dr. Hauschka that gave the presentation and guided us step by step in the ‘cleaning’ process of our face gave us great information and I really learned a lot about my skin care and even got inspired to create a new skincare routine. It was kinda awkward in the beginning though. When your makeup is flawless the entire day and you have to remove it in front of a big group of mostly strangers and to sit there with your ‘naked’ face felt a bit weird, but in the end good. It was so funny, because it actually did feel like we were preparing to go to bed after a full fun day of activities.

MAKING A PILLOW WITH COCO-MATIbis-217Ibis-213 Pillows are so incredibly essential for a good night sleep. Trust me, I have so many problems with my neck and when I sleep on the ‘wrong’ pillow I will have a soar neck the entire day and probably even for a few days. Therefor it was really interesting to make your own pillow with the girls from COCO-MAT. And I must say, after trying my pillow for a month, I do agree for 98% that this is the perfect pillow.
For more information about COCO-MAT, check out their website: www.coco-mat.com

After the make your own pillow workshop it was time to go to bed. There was a poet with us the entire day, Justin Samgar [*click here for his website] and he made a poem/recap of the entire day that he read to us all. After that we had the opportunity for him to come to our rooms together with a lady that brought some warm milk with honey and to get a bed time story read to you. Obviously I wanted this! Too bad that it wasn’t my fave fairytale (Cinderella) but his poems were really nice too. He has a really nice and soothing voice so it kinda was the perfect end of a perfect day.

Ibis-85While typing this post it is actually also my bedtime, so i’m going to relive this day and hopefully dream about it.


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