The awkward encounters between me and my hot neighbor boy – Who’s that girl?

For those that re following the encounters of me and my neighbor boy, I am back with another update. As I said before, a month has passed and I did not post anything about it but in a month actually a lot has happend. In the last part, part 2, *Click here, you could read all about our newly established friendship. And again a lot has happend.. he came to my apartment again after disappearing for a few days..

But just a small recap for those that are not familiar with the story:
– I have a hot new vikingishly looking blonde tall neighbor boy
– The first day we met he was half naked in my living room borrowing a towel
– He has really loud sex (I can hear this from my apartment, No I did not have sex with him 
– He has the most gorgeous blue eyes that make my heart melt
– He is extremely confident which is annoying at times
– He was there for me when I was going through my breakup
– He actually is a nice guy underneath his arrogant attitude.

So, the way we left last time was that Mr. hot neighbor boy was really there as I was going through my breakup, and as I thought I imagined it all, I found his note that he slipped under my door what confirmed to me that it actually happend. As I found the note I was excited to see him the next day. As we both always leave at 8.45AM to work I knew that I would at least see him, but when I found his note and it said that he had to catch an early flight I realized that I would not see him.

He is always so mysterious. Like, early flight…To where? I was with him the entire night, why did he not mention this. Where did he go to, how long would I not see him. As at this point we do not have exchanged numbers, as in, he asked for mine but I did not give it to him yet, I mean, come on dude, you live next to me, if you need something, knock on my door, I also realized that at this point I could not reach him. It mada me feel weird. I wanted to thank him for ‘yesterday’ but I couldn’t.

I told my self not to focus so much on this situation and to just go to work. Obviously, I am not the type that can ‚not focus’ on something when something is on my mind. Do you know what I am saying? So I actually did thought about him a lot the first day. A few days passed and every morning I hoped I would see him leave his apartment, at 8.45AM but every morning I was disappointed. No beep the nose action, no more good morning beautiful sessions. Nothing. At this point I did kinda forget about the situation and focussed on my work. At work everything went well and when I came home I had this urge to clean. I hardly ever have this and I prefer my cleaning lady to keep up my apartment but I just had that urge. So I jumped out of my work clothes and put on some sweatpants and a tanktop, my hair in a bun, put some gloves on and I cleaned. I cleaned and cleaned and at some point, due to the weather and all my hard work haha…I was really sweaty. I looked around and my apartment looked spotless. I did have to take out the trash so I put on my koala slippers and went downstairs. When I was in the elevator for some reason the garbage bag ripped and I spilled some food left overs all over the floor and parts also on my pants. I put all the things back in the half ripped bag and quickly made my way to the area where you can throw your garbage away. As I dumped my trash and made my way back to the elevator to go to my apartment I could actually smell myself. Not the sweat but the trash that fell on my pants.It left a big stain and it smelled so bad. but hey, I would be back in my apartment in 2 minutes and I could immediately hop in the shower. As I was waiting for the elevator not believe who I saw..My hot neighbor boy, looking fit as f*ck, gorgeous and more tanned than normal (seriously, where did he go) and with something that I did not see coming. He had this gorgeous girl on his arm. A tall brunette girl with an hourglass shaped body. They were laughing and he was telling a story to her that judging by her reactions was extremely funny. And there I was. Looking like shit, again. And not only looking like shit, but smelling like it too. Kinda literally. I wanted to turn around but since the only thing that parted us was a glass door he had seen me already.
He waved enthusiastically and was clearly happy to see me. I waved back in the most awkward kinda way and forced a skill on my face and gave him one of my  famous i’m trying to wink but it is not working so it is kinda  a twitch wink’.
He introduced me to the girl but he just mentioned her name. Not her ‘title’. Normally you say, ‘hey, meet my friend, meet my girlfriend, meet my whatever, life coach, and than you say a name no? It did not happen and I notice that it bothered me. Who was this gorgeous girl. And why do I look like shit after not seeing him for a couple of days.

The elevator trip was quite awkward. He was really in to his story but he was telling it to the girl. The girl was laughing and touching his arm and I just stood there. The shitty thing about the elevator in my apartment is that it is quite small so when you are in with 3 people you stand kinda all up against each other. We were standing so close that I could smell the lovely perfume of this girl and I wandered..If I could smell her, does this mean she could smell me too? Fuck my life. I hope that her perfume was so strong that she did not smelled me at that point. haha.

OompaAs we reached our floor they got out first. Walking towards their apartment, laughing and chatting and I just followed them, feeling like an Oompa Loompa from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Being completely ignored I just walked behind them and watch them enter his apartment. Without a goodbye or a goodnight. I felt like such an ass. I entered my own apartment and slipped in the shower. I thought about singing extra hard to annoy him but than I was like, nawh, that is kinda childish, even for me. Haha.
After the showers I made myself some bloody mary’s and I just couch potatoed. It was amazing.
About an hour later my doorbell rang. At this point, every time I hear my doorbell, I know it is him, because he has a certain way of ringing it. He does 2 quick rings and a long one. He is weird like that. And it is just one of our ‘things’ that we developed over the past month.

As I walked to my door and I opened it I made sure to stand in the middle of the dooropening so he could not enter my apartment this time. I really thought I was clever that way but of course I was wrong. I opened the door and asked if I could help him. He bend towards me as he wanted to give me a hug and as he reached out his arms I reached back. I felt like such a desperate Debby. What the hell was happening to me.  He hold my body for a split second and just pushed me out of the doorway. No hug. Nothing. It was just his sneaky way of entering my apartment after all.

As he did his usual thing and made his way to my living room I just stood there. Feeling like an oompa loompa again. He went to my kitchen and took two apples.
It seems like every time he enters my apartment he just comes to take stuff. I wonder if he is always so comfortable around anyone or is it just around me. I just can not read this dude. As he took the apples he said ‘My SISTER wants appletini’s, so being the good brother that I am I will make them. But I don’t have apple’s and she really wants fresh slices to go with it. He emphasized on the word sister and as he did that he gave me one of his annoying but so sexy, winks.

I tried to act casual but of course I could not. I am awkward like that. I sad, cool, in my most (not so) cool way. Pretending that I did not give a shit who that girl was.
He totally called me out on it. I knew you wonder where I was, who she is. That’s why I am telling you that it is my sister. I wanted to interrupt him and give him my famous whatevsz while shrugging my shoulders but I did not have a chance. Maybe it is for the better that I could not because he would not have believed my ‘casual attitude for a minute i’m sure.

He continued.- Normally I would have invited you to hang out but she is going through some stuff, that is why I picked her up and she will stay with me until tomorrow. Than she will stay with one of her good friends that lives in the city too. Tomorrow I will return your apples and we will have dinner at my place and we will catch up. He is so arrogant. He did not even asked me if I had plans, he assumes that I would just come. But again, I totally froze. I could not say a word. Why does this dude have this effect on me?

He walked towards my door again and I followed. Like an Oompa Loompa. As I was about to shut the door he pushed the door back open. ‚Oh yeah, I forgot’, he bend over and this time did kiss my head, Goodnight beautiful. I will see you in the morning.

bloody_mary_ahero_01Since I was still frozen I did not beep his nose. I just closed the door and returned to my bloody mary’s.


Ps; should I go to his home for dinner? What do you think?

4 thoughts on “The awkward encounters between me and my hot neighbor boy – Who’s that girl?

  1. Omg. I wish this guy was living next to me! But it’s kinda hard to say if you have to go to his place and have dinner with him. Hard to get ís a thing. But on the other hand, why not? Have fun!

    1. Hey girl. I know right. He is so sexy and annoying at the same time though. I have to make up my mind…At this point I really do not know…Cause we are just friends..but there is so much tention between us…I will keep you posted! xoxo

  2. Omg, such an amazing story. You really should go to his home for dinner. If you’re feeling uncomfortable you can always leave, right?

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