8 Reasons you will hate your hometown after you have lived in Bali.

bali-ramada-resort-one-of-hotels-and-resorts-in-bali-that-offers-infinity-poolsEllo sweet friends, For those who have lived in Bali or have been there on o Holliday this post will be ringing some bells. Bali is one of the most beautiful islands of this world and visiting this island will definitely change your perspective on life. Today I would like to discuss some things that i’ve noticed ever since I moved back from Asia to Europa and especially since I left Bali. Bali will always be home but for the next years it will be my ‘holiday destination’ and not my everyday home anymore. And there are a few things i’ve discovered that make me ‘hate’ my hometown and miss my beautiful island.

  1. THE WEATHER Okay, this one kind of depends on where you are from. For me, as a Dutchie this one really is a major one. Living in a country where it rains 70% of the time compared to the lovely tropical weather in Bali…I just can’t deal. Yes, of course Bali has a rain season too but it is still always so warm outside. Once you are back in your hometown you will notice how shit the weather there actually is.
  1. WINING AND DINING THROUGH OUT THE DAY In Bali you eat out, all day every day. You have all your meals outside. Let’s be honest, did you ever cook in Bali? It is seriously more expensive than going out to dinner so why even bother? You can wine and dine in the most luxurious and expensive places and still pay less than what a train ticket back in your hometown costs when you want to visit another city. Since I am back in Europe I feel what a luxury it actually was, going out without even thinking about how much it actually costs. Now I reduced my mails from 21 meals a week outside to 5 and believe me it is a big difference. The upside is that I love to cook and I am discovering all new things to make but still, it sucks that eating out is so expensive compared to living in Bali and I am pretty sure it is more expensive in your hometown compared to Bali too.
  1. THE FANTASTIC VIEWSsunset Bali probably has one of the best views and scenery’s in this entire world. You have literrally everything. From beautiful beaches, to waterfalls, volcano’s and jungle’s. It is just a magical island.sunset_at_parangtritis_by_stoneage43 Everything that you would ever want to see, I can promise you, you can find on this island. It is incredibly beautiful, you just have to know the right places. I never would have thought that I would miss seeing the rice fields. I mean, seriously, the rice fields. But I can guarantee you, when you are back in a concrete jungle you will miss those badboys. So for those still in Bali, when you see a rice field stop and appreciate it for a minute. You won’t find those beauties back in your hometown.

4. THE SUNSETSbali-driver-batur-trekking-04 We all know by now that Bali has the most magical sunsets. It is so easy and      convenient to watch those sunsets everyday. 1082061374I live in Antwerp now for 6 months and I have never seen a full sunset. I see the sun setting but after 1 minute it disappears behind buildings and I don’t see it fully set.  It sucks. It is one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful tricks, setting her beautiful sun so trust me when I say this, if you are still in Bali, make sure you watch it every day. You will, just like me, miss those days where you were able to see it.

Yes, while writing this I can’t believe that the Mac Donalds is even in my list because, you probably have Mac Donalds in your hometown too and let’s be honest, how often do you go there anyways?1195565-McDelivery-0 It is not that I went there everyday when I was living in Bali, haha but for those living in Bali, you know they have a 24/7 delivering service. And what is better than when you are coming back from a party and are too drunk to drive and get some food than to have a nice hamburger with fries delivered to your doorstep. I seriously do miss it.
Another thing that I really miss, all those circle k’s, mini marts and alfa marts. You need food, drinks, kretek or even indomie, you can get everything 24/7. There are a lot of convenient stores that are open 24/7 and it is wonderful. Here in Antwerp they do have some nightshops and by nightshops they mean ‚open till 23u. Well, that does not help my midnight cravings haha.
Bali has such a living culture, from the local people to the expats. It is just a really vibrant lifestyle. Everyone is out, all day, everyday. The island is too beautiful to stay inside. The thing that probably was the hardest for me to adjust when I moved to Antwerp. I have a job here and after working hours everyone just goes home .Sure some people go out for drinks or a dinner but that’s it. I moved here when it was still winter. It felt like such a depressing time, people were excited to go home. Like, why would you be excited to go home. I want to be outside, discover new places, meet new people, but the culture here, and in your hometown probably too is so different. People don’t hang outside till midnight, well they do but those are probably the creeps. You can not go to the beach after work with some beers and your guitar (or your friend that plays the guitar) to just chill and enjoy life.
No people go home, eat dinner and watch T.V. -That is something I could never do.  I do not even own a T.V. here. I do have facilities to watch a movie if I would like because that is the thing I am used to. With all the dvd shops in Bali, you would just purchase a dvd and watch it on your laptop. Okay, I do have a iMac which looks like a T.V but I mostly use it for work and I can watch a dvd on it too…But actually spending my night on the couch watching the telly all night creeps me out. It just feels like a waste of time.

8. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL INFINITY POOLShanging-gardens-bali-6 OH-MY-GOD! There is a separate article coming up about this topic because Bali does have the best infinity pools ever. Can you find these in your home town? Well I certainly can’t. No need to elaborate on this topic. Just enjoy the pics..bali-ramada-resort-one-of-hotels-and-resorts-in-bali-that-offers-infinity-pools  109212359683232680_lrfyh1al_f1 What are the things that make you hate your hometown after visiting Bali? xoxo

3 thoughts on “8 Reasons you will hate your hometown after you have lived in Bali.

  1. It’s so true. I’m from California but currently living in Jakarta. I just got back from Bali and keep daydreaming about how amazing it would be to live there. I love that people are constantly outside (not the case in Jakarta) and it’s such a great mixture of nature and amenities. Life there would be good 🙂

  2. Love this post! I’m planning a trip to Bali for July next year, so thanks for a glimpse into things to come. If you have a minute I’d love to get your opinion on my blog over at thisisyugen.blogspot.com 🙂

    xx Elle

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