9 ways to turn a shitty day in to a pretty day!

hakuna-matata-sehrish-33285567-480-330Ello friends,

How are you doing? I am doing well but a few days ago I woke up with a really sad feeling. You probably had one of those days before too.
But what do you actually do when you have one of those days and how do you snap out of it? Because let’s be honest, nobody wants to feel sad for a long time.
As I knew I had to work the next day I was determined to get out of that funk and feel better again. As I like to keep my private and working life separate (even though at times it is really hard because at this point my colleagues became friends and they are so incredibly sweet) I did not want to go to work with an negative attitude or with a bad mood.
So I followed these steps and it made me feel better and I am sure when you have an off day and you follow these steps, you will feel better too !

When I woke up I felt really sad and I had to cry. For me, it was quite easy to identify the problem because it was related to a situation that had occurred the night before. For you it might be different. You might not immediately know why you have this sad feeling but try to dig deep and try to figure out why you have this feeling. Because once you know, you can start to let it go.
Okay, now that you have identified your problem it is time to let all of this emotions and sadness come out and what is a better way than to literally let it all out. Basically, I did not plan this, for me, once I hit the shower and felt the warm water on my face it just happend. And as crazy as it may sound, it felt so good. You literally let the rain (well, water drops) wash away your pain. It feels like getting the dirt of your body and it is a really nice feeling once it is all out. So, you don’t have to do this for a full hour, take as much or as little time that you need but make sure that all your tears are out before we can go to the next step.
Yes, you actually read it correctly and I am sure you are like, well, that sounds so weird but secretly you want to try it. I know you do. Hahaha…and trust me, it will be all worth it.
When you come out of the shower and your face is still wet get your blowdryer, put it on ‘cold air’  and just blow-dry your face. After crying so much your face can feel tired and this actually will make you feel relaxed. You are literally drying your tears and the cold air feels like the wind in your face. Close your eyes and imagine that you are on a motorbike and you are riding in a beautiful environment on an endless road. You see the mountains and the flowers and the clear blue sky? Well, I certainly did. Imagine yourself in your own personal fantasy world and you will feel better and better.
This step can vary for everyone. For me, I like to write, paint and sketch to process my feelings and sometimes I write poems too (yes, I am that nerdy girl on the inside:))
But it does help. When you don’t want to talk about your feelings it can help you tremendously to tell your story in your way. It is a therapeutical way of processing your feelings instead of hiding and ignoring them.
You get my point right? Comfort food! Food can be a happy maker and you should treat yourself to something nice. I had a friend who came over and he brought some sushi and it was so nice. When you feel sad, it really does feel good to eat something that makes you happy. I do not want you to indulge in something and to overeat because than you feel bad after worths, but just do something nice for your self. After I ate the sushi I felt so much happier. So where Is started the day with 100% sadness at this point I was already at only 35%
Retailshopping darling! Yes, it does help. I do not care if you are a guy or a gal, buying something you really want will make you feel better. For me, as it was Sunday and the stores were closed I just went online and got some new art supplies and new shoes. Doing something nice for your self will definitely make you feel better.
If you don’t know what to get; think about that hobby that you have, is there something that you need in order to do that hobby? Or a new outfit? Shoes? Something Sportrelated? There must be something on the world wide web that you want and can afford. Go get it. You deserve it!
So after doing the previous 6 steps I can guarantee you that you will feel like 80% happiness but how do we get those other 20%? And know what you think right now, nobody is a 100% happy all the time but I strongly disagree with this. I think a positive mindset can create a great happy feeling and even though there always be some issues below the surface you don’t have to dwell on those and you can feel 100% happy.
So what’s next you might wonder? Well put on some music and dance. Feeling a bit weird about this don’t you? Like, should I really dance by my self, in my empty house ? YES YOU SHOULD! Put on some music and dance, sing a long, pretend you are that one artist that you love and admire. If you really want to step up your game, take a hairbrush and pretend it is your mic and create an audience by putting your pillows and whatever you can find on a table and just ‚perform for them’. This is your night, you are a rockstar!
After your wonderful performance it is time to kick back and relax. Crawl up on the couch with a warm blanket and put on your fave movie or your feel good movie. When i’m sad or sad’ish I always watch Disney movies (okay, to be totally honest I watch them when all the time..but hey, who cares, they make me feel good) If you don’t have a fave movie I can share mine: (well, I love 1000 million movies, but my feel good movies are these 2: The Lion King, yea, Hakuna Matata baby…and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Watch the movie, get lost in it and you will get near that 100% of happiness guaranteed.
As I believe it is a cure for many things, make sure you get a good, goodnight sleep. Give your body the rest it wants and deserves. Resting will make you feel energized and much better the next day. And after going to sleep after watching The Lion King I am sure you will have pretty sweet dreams too.
Follow these 9 steps and I will promise you you will wake up feeling entirely different.
I woke up and I felt great. I was excited to go to work and see my friends again and I felt happy on the inside, and when you are happy on the inside it will show on the outside.
And as we all know by now, happiest girls are the prettiest 🙂
(kinda same for the boys too though, happy boys are cute boys )

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