Schermafbeelding 2015-03-10 om 22.34.19Ello friends,

How are you all doing? It has been a while since I posted a personal update therefor I thought it was time to post one again. I can’t believe how much has changed over the last few months.

Do I dare to say it, that I finally ‘settled down’?! And no, not with a guy, but with a city. After wandering the earth for the past years, mostly in my beloved Asia I actually found a city that I loved so much that it was worth packing my stuff and moving there..

It all happend so fast and I still can’t believe that I actually live in Belgium now. Not in a million years had I ever thought that I would end up here. I was always Asia orientated and I was actually surprised by myself that I moved here. Where Asia is definitely my playground here in Belgium/Antwerp I did not even had friends to had to the playground with. haha. But sometimes it is good to challenge yourself and to step out of your comfort zone.

I love to move to a new place not knowing what will happen, who I will meet, the new friends that I will make. And so far, so good. I am getting lovely opportunities for my website and it is actually cool to discover hotspots and hotels in Europe!

I also have a great job with great colleagues which are actually turning in to friends (at least, that is how I see them :)) and that is a fantastic feeling.

I truly feel that I am creating a foundation here for my self and I am absolutely loving it.

This is a short personal update. WIll share more soon. Now it is time for bed.

Nighty night sweet friends,

Big Kiss!


  1. Wat fijn dat je een plekje hebt gevonden waar je jezelf helemaal goed voelt! Belgie heeft een hele goede vibe (voor zover ik het ken) en ik snap heel goed dat je daar nu woont. Wat voor baan heb je eigenlijk? Heel veel succes meis!

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