3 reasons why you should boycott Bali.

101231.jpgDear friends,

Lately I have seen several FB Groups on why should boycott Bali and this actually surprised and shocked me at the same time. For those that don’t know why this groups and actions are created… a very long (and sad) story short. 2 members, also called the ringleaders of the infamous drug smuggling group ‚The Bali 9’, who have been in jail for near a decade have been transferred to ‚execution island’. These 2 men have had the punishment of the Dead Penalty for quite some time but it seems like their last days are coming since they have already been transferred from Kerobokan Jail (Bali) to Nusa Kambangan (Java) which is also known as prison/execution island.
I myself, I do not believe in the death penalty. I do not believe that one human has the right of taking another humans life. But that is my opinion. You probably have yours too which is fine as well. But you did not come here to read about my opinion on the death penalty.
You were probably curious on why I think you should boycot Bali and I will tell you just that. 

You are one of those people that actually doesn’t know what’s going on. You see a topic trending and you continue in a conversation that you know nothing about.  Probably all your friends have joined the popular ‘Boycott Bali FB pages’ and you were like, hey, why shouldn’t I join too.
You read posts and slogans on ‘boycotting Bali’ because they are murdering ‘our men’..and you immediately get angry and fired up, not realizing that the punishment has nothing to do with the Balinese people nor with the island of Bali. You just think it is ‚so unfair’ and if someone has to pay, why not blame it on an Island (yes, because that is really realistic of you)
All of a sudden you have nothing nice to say anymore about Bali and the Bali locals. Because they are so shit and so fucked up. Well news flash, if you use those kind of words and expressions it seems to me like you are the one that is so shit and so fucked up. Who in their right minds would blame an entire island and it’s people for something they have nothing to do with. You just randomly go on FB pages and are participating in the riots and negative comments. Maybe you should educate yourself and learn about the situation before passing judgement?
As much as I am against the death penalty, as many of you out there are, it is not our country nor our law. How harsh and unfair it might be to a lot of people, Indonesia has their own right to practise their own law. Who are we to comment on that. It is not our country. We can only ask for clemency, pray and beg that they will not go through with this execution but if they do they are just practicing their own law…
Yes, I understand why people are upset, it is a horrible thing but how unfortunate the situation in this case is, the law is and will be the law. Their law. If you can not respect the Indonesian Law, don’t bother visiting the beautiful country in the first place.What I am trying to say is that negativity won’t get you anywhere. I do understand the situation and I do understand that people get angry and upset but it is totally ridiculous to Boycott an entire island. – If you really think about it, what has Bali done wrong? What have the Balinese people done wrong? Nothing.-
If you want to get angry and upset, investigate this situation, educate yourself about this case. Be angry and upset for the Bali 9 members for making this mistake and for putting themselves in this situation, but also forgive them, because they are just humans like you and I  and everybody makes mistakes. I do believe that they have bettered their lives in jail and that they did wonderful stuff for fellow inmates like giving art lessons and teaching English.
If you want to be angry, be angry at yourself. Those men have been in jail for almost a decade, why have you not taken action upon this sooner, organized protests, asked for clemency. Why do you get angry now, when there is almost nothing we can do that can save them…
If you want to be angry, be angry at all those countries and governments where the death penalty is still a punishment that is being given..It does not just happen in Indonesia you know…
If you are an ignorant hater I actually really do hope that you boycott Bali. Bali is way too beautiful to get poisoned by your words and attitude. Just stay away…but I can promise you this, whenever your angry mood has passed and you actually will visit Bali again, (which I am pretty sure that you will) Bali and the Balinese people will forgive you for all the negative things you have said and done and welcome you with open arms, a big smile and a hug. 
Love you.x

40 thoughts on “3 reasons why you should boycott Bali.

  1. This is one of the best posts I have read in the past few months. Exactly what I have been trying to reiterate to others…Also Balinese are Hindu, Bali is just 1 small island in Indonesia… Just because it has “The” prison there is this a reason to boycott? They have now been transferred to Cilacap so they are not even in Bali…Balinese did not make the decision…..
    Grrrr….Rant over…
    Great article…

  2. I agree with most of this article, but we do have the right to protest strongly against a law that we consider ridiculous. If the Taliban made it law to cut off hands for wearing nail polish, would we have to respect that too? We have every right to criticize another country’s laws when they are unjust and it would be remiss of us not to. “The law is the law”, as it were, is a very fallacious argument.

    1. P.S That said, I agree that boycotting is ridiculous and cruel to the locals, who have bigger things to worry about than the death penalty, like affording medical care and schoolbooks for their kids. They are not to blame in the least, and its sad that spoiled clueless bored middle-class 20-somethings would take it out on the poor and needy just to feel like they are “activists”.

      1. but like the writer said why didn’t you do it sooner? and why only Indonesia that is being criticized this heavily? there are many other countries that has capital punishment. I heard in China there were like more than 1000 executions in the year 2013. Just saying

      2. how do you dare!
        to compare the talibans slaughtering, killing, raping, human trafficking, enforced prostitution, drug commerce and terrorizing and other terror brutal acts to other humans
        a judicial system in a democratic country?
        You are a mother, it seems, and you really should try harder thinking of what you are supporting and what better not.
        First of all, get more information about ongoing terror groups and their terror at one hand and democratic systems for free citizens which are protecting you as well on the other hand…
        Maybe you read this:

        you are either VERY young or you are someone who is on a non thinking and non reflecting, ignorant human…

    2. but like the writer said why didn’t you do it sooner? and why only Indonesia that is being criticized this heavily? there are many other countries that has capital punishment. I heard in China there were like more than 1000 executions in the year 2013. Just saying

  3. It has little if ANYTHING to do with Bali or the Balinese, who ARE very gentle peace loving people. The Laws are made and enforced from Jakarta, the capital of Java. Normally Executions are carried out in the prison where the convicted are incarcerated, such WAS the case in every state of Australia when the death penalty was in use here. The Balinese will NOT permit executions to take place in Bali………thus all the trouble necessary to transport the prisoners to Nusambangan Island in JAVA for the purpose of legally killing them. When I say LITTLE, … it MUST be realised……….and acknowledged, that someone or some Group in Bali…. IMPORTED the drugs in the first place, in order to pass them to the Bali nine.

    1. Jakarta is capitol of Indonesia not Java and Bali is part of Indonesia. and for execussion based on Indonesia regulation only appointed to places with the proper facilities. Bali jail in kerobokan do not have the facilities for that.
      But again you have every right to boycott Bali but it’s nothing to do with Balinese and Bali people …and at the end of the day you just gonna miss it the island and the hospitality of the people…well why now? …why just the Bali 9? …before indonesia executed some smugglers from africa and vietnam and other countries for few years …and people just stay silent…so when people scream about humanity…hmmm what made them took so long? where were they?

  4. I have not read the case of the Bali 9, I’m not interested in the ins and outs of it. Everyone from free speaking countries is entitled to an opinion, and for some reason I am compelled to share mine, so here you go…… Drugs the world over kill people, ruin lives, are the cause of many muggings, burglaries, stabbing, drug addicted newborn babies and the list goes on. It is my opinion that ‘All’ drug smugglers should be punished for the countless drug affected people in the world! I have zero sympathy for the Bali 9 or any other person who chooses to smuggle drugs wether for personal use or personal monetary gain!
    As for the death sentence, like many things around the world, we are not accustomed to it. I’m quite positive that the death sentence is not passed without iron clad evidence, maybe I am wrong?? However, yes, it is the law, and we are all, if not before, now very aware that Indonesian law is – smuggle drugs = termination full stop.

    There is no blame, there is no fault. Indonesia is standing by its laws, and that is infact commendable, they have a law and they enforce it.

    Bali along with its surrounding islands are beautiful, I agree with the writer of this article, if you choose to boycot because an ‘australia’ was shot then do it, stop being small. Indeed and open your eyes to the greater picture.

  5. Very, very well said… including the comments above pertaining to your arcticle.
    I would venture to guess that a large majority feel exactly the same
    GBU and all the innocents involved. Nuff said…!!!

  6. Hi.. I’m a balinese.. We always welcome you with big smile and cheer.. No mather what.. 🙂 we love peace and harmony.. As a human we are brother in a different country.. Some group had bom bali twice and we clean it up.. Move on with our life and keep the harmony flowing.. For you who join boycott bali it’s ok to express your opinion.. And I deeply believe after the time flowing and you already miss Bali and Balinese people, fell free to come back and enjoy Bintang beer while watching the beautiful sunset.. Call me if you need friend to share the joy.. 🙂

  7. Thank you for the well written message to share with us and I am hoping this message will be read by some of those angry people out there. You absolutely nailed it. Bali was merely the place where the sentence was read for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukamaran and the place where they had been jailed and rehabilitated. It’s a sad and moronic gesture to punish a place and its local people based on what one feels about unfairness of a law in that related country. I have little sympathy for drug traffickers, but I do not condone death penalty. That’s solely my opinion and others are free either to agree of disagree with it. I hope Bali and the Balinese will continue to live in a gentle, spiritual, peaceful world despite the bad publicity, judgement and anger from a certain group of people thrown to them.

  8. Although I reckon Bali is beautiful place and it is neither island nor it’s people fault for the Bali 9 to be executed, I understand the Bali ban. How otherwise you expect foreign people to express their disapproval for death penalty? Does everyone has to find time to protest in front of embassy or fly to Bali for that purpose? I don’t think so.
    However the best and most visible way of showing to Indonesian government and president that people do not accept death penalty and chance for people to be resocialized is to support banning one of Indonesian symbols: Bali.
    Again, it does not mean anyone is negative hater supporting that. People just support humanitarian treatment of others.

  9. Please dont come to bali, we are balinese still rich without australian people, most asutralian people come to bali just for drunk, very arogan and stupid we dont need rubish !! You are should must be respect to our law rule .

  10. Australia especially the Prime Minister and Foregn Minister are confirming their double standard stance. They agree for dead penalty that imposed by Indonesian authority to terorists on Bali Bombing 2000, just because hundred Austrailians were killed. But they against the dead penalty for two Australians, because none Australians were victimezed by drug smugglers. Australian leaders are also showing their narrow and stingy-minded. They are asking clemency but at the same time demanding Indonesia to payback money that Australia has been donated for Tsunami 2004 victim in Aceh, Indonesia. I myself felt offended. That is why I join “CoinForAustralia” campaign where we are collecting money (coin) from everyone in my country to payback the Australia donation. I dont want my country, my people marginalized by Australian leaders for their political benefit both locally and internationally. We welcome every citizen of rhe world who love to come to Bali. But we reject Australians who impose their own standard on us. Bali will always survive. The beauty of Bali and Indonesia of course remains, with or without Australians or even foreigners who hate Indonesia’s dignity. Thank you.

  11. I respect who aggree and disagree. Express your disagree, but with do it respect

    One thing that all you must know is each country has its own problem, point of view and urgency on facing certain problem.

    In Indonesia included Bali drugs is a very strong problem that takes young people’s life and worse, their future. So many students are death, killed, and steal something because of drugs.

    Im so sad too if there is Balinesse people think its not their problem and in the name of tourism business they become ignorance and not respecting their national law. I hope none of baliness people will think so.

    Regardless the effetiveness of the dead sentence, this is Indonesia that has different point of view about law and the choice is coming back to you. US, Malaysia and Singapore is doing this also for drug, and killing human.

    When you know it and you do it, the blame should come to ourself

  12. Really, for a native i’d support Aussies to ban theirselves from coming to Bali. At least there’ll be a reduction for drunks and mad driver/rider in here, Bali.

    And also, reducing jams that almost mimic to what happened in Jakarta’s highways, \o/

  13. And what a shame you give an example in taliban while america did it also for a long long time eventhough for a different case, killing people. Singapore and Malaysia also do it.
    Drugs even worse, they dont kill, but they destroy our children’s future. Cmon

  14. WTF, if you are stupid enough to get involved in drug smuggeling in a country with death penalty, you just don’t deserve any better! Even worse if you are a foreigner! Would be better to boycott Australia for sending drug trafficer to other countries!

  15. It often astounds me how little my fellow Australians know there geography. How little they know about there closest neighbour..200 miles NW of Australia lies the first Island of Indonesia.. there is 17400 more islands spanning east to west some 2500 NM..
    250 Million People live here Bali has about 3 million of them.. yep there is so much to learn and see about Indonesia.. i find it sad that even expats that have lived on the island for 20 years consider themselves experts of Indonesia have never ventured outside of Bali.
    Name the 3 largest cities in Indonesia there population and religion? Name the island closest to Aus and the one further away? Tell me which regions predomentaly have a Catholic faith? How many people die each year to drugs like ICE and how many children die from water born disease and why? Where do they live and what part of Indonesia was joined to Australia?
    S8mple queations that might help the bogans that go to Kuta every year and drink cheap beer learn something about Indo not just Bali.
    salam Malicom Muslim for God Bless you.. i spelt it so an Aussie can say it.. Stop listening to our Australian Press they know very little..

  16. What guarantee is there that you or your family would not be framed with drugs? For this reason, I will not visit Bali and urge you to spend your tourist dollars in Hawai’i instead.

  17. Thank for your broad mind 🙂

    As for those narrow minded…

    Here’s the country that permit Death Penalty
    Antigua and Barbuda
    China (People’s Republic)
    Congo (Democratic Republic)
    Equatorial Guinea
    North Korea
    Palestinian Authority
    St. Kitts and Nevis
    St. Lucia
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Saudi Arabia
    South Sudan
    Trinidad and Tobago
    United Arab Emirates
    United States

    Read more: The Death Penalty Worldwide http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0777460.html#ixzz3YkwQdqag

    Go ahead and boycott them all (LOL) which means Japan and Phuket also out of question.
    Have fun hating 🙂

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