10 things to do for under 5 dollars [or for free] in Bali!

Hey lovelies!

I often get the same question: ‘Isn’t Bali really expensive?‘ Well in all fairness, the things that I do, the hotels and villa’s that I say in are not very affordable, that is true but that does not mean that Bali only offers expensive stuff. There are a lot of things you can do for (almost) free! I always combine my trips with the ‘expensive stuff’ and the ‘not so expensive stuff’ so I decided to share some tips with you guys today. Today I will be sharing 10 things to do in Bali for under 5 dollars. Some of them are even free! So let’s do this thing! 

1. RENT A BIKE971003_115239115349718_967985378_n
Almost in every other corner you can find a bike stand where you can rent a ‘motorbike’. These bikes, in the western world we call them scooters, are up for rent. It is very easy and convenient. You fill in a piece of paper, pay up front and you can leave with your new transportation. No passport copy is needed, nothing. Easy Peasy no? You have to negotiate for the price though. You can rent a bike for up to 2 dollars a day, it depend on how long you are renting the bike. If you rent it for a full month you can pay 25k rupiah a day, if you rent it for a day, the normal day rate is around the 50k rupiah a day, that is about 4 dollars

2. EXPLORE THE ISLAND      tphotoBlogDV_0019
When you have your new set of wheels it is time to explore the island. The thing I love to do most in bali is just hop on my bike and getting lost. That really is a way to discover places you would normally not see. You will end up in local places where no tourist can be find, and that way you can truly discover Bali. Not all the hyped up westernized places. And no worries, if you are lost, the friendly Bali Locals will always help you and guide you back to a main road or a big ‘city’ you are near too.

3. TAN ON THE BEACHbeach_tan_100512
The sun is free to enjoy for all. Where the Balinese people love to avoid the burning sun, the western people most of the time love to go tanning! We love our skin to be tanned and that fresh tan glow is always so gorgeous. Visit one of the many beautiful beaches, bring your sunscreen and beach towel and just enjoy the lovely weather!

While you are on the beach why not swim in the ocean as well? The sea is gorgeous and let’s be honest, those tanning sessions are wonderful, but in the burning sun, we all need a cool refreshment. The ocean will offer you just that. And again, the ocean is for free, like duh. So you have 0 excuses!

5. WATCH THE SUNSET/SUNRISE2053-sunset-in-bali-1680x1050-beach-wallpaper
OH-MY-GOD! Yes, the Bali sunsets/sunrises are honestly the best I have ever seen and probably the best you will ever see. The colors in the sky are magnificent. Each day it is a different surprise therefor it will never get boring. All the shades of pink, blue, purple, yellow, red, orange you could ever imagine will pass by.

Like I mentinoned in my previous post [Click here*!!] a spa treatment is extremely cheap in comparison to prices in the western world. You can get a professional mani or pedi for 2 dollars and a full body massage for only 3 or 4. But like I mentioned in my previous post, the massages are cheap but you should not be. Tip the person well!

7. VISIT THE HOT WATER SPRINGShot-spring-lovina
Banjar Hot Water is a nature hot wellspring from the ground and it is believed can heal the disease. It is a beautiful place to visit and so magical to see in real life! The hot water springs are definitely something everyone should experience once in their lives… I am not sure if it will cure all your diseases but just the experience itself is amazing!

My favorite warung can be found in Kuta, called waring PAMA! I come here since 2008 and they never disappoint me. Also, an important note, I never became sick from eating there and I think that is a big plus as well 🙂 At the warung (a local indo restaurant) they even serve western food which is pretty good too, but I always love to go there for my traditional indo food. The food is impeccable and very affordable. You can have your mie goreng ayam with a banana juice for just 3 dollars.

9. VISIT TANAH LOTu_1_20101009095103
Tanah lot, yes it is so gorgeous. I wish it was in the list of 7 world wonders because it really deserves to be up there. ubud-art-villageThe temple is amazing. They do charge foreigners a small fee but it still is really cheap, around the 3-4 dollars to visit this magical place. Besides the Temple itself it is connected to a small ‘artificial village’ where you can find little shops where they sell traditional crafted statues other souvenirs.

Ubud is a place where you can find a lot of art. From traditional Balinese and Indonesian art to Wester art and lots of portraits. The artshops are truly amazing, with all the lovely art, I promise you, you can’t resist to leave a store without a purchase. But hey, bringing a little piece of art back home is never a bad thing.ubud_artart-shop-in-ubud-bali-indonesia

These where my 10 tips for now. What are your tips? Let me know!
Big kiss!

3 thoughts on “10 things to do for under 5 dollars [or for free] in Bali!

  1. Wow! Is Bali zo goedkoop? Ik ben er nooit geweest, maar zou zeggen dat het duurder is dan Thailand. Meevaller zeg. Vooral lekker dat een massage zo cheap is haha. Voor dat geld zou ik er elke dag wel een nemen!

  2. een goede massage nu in vele salons reeds minstens 8 -10$, meestal zelfs al 15 -25$ per uur
    laatse jaren prijzen bijna de helft indien niet verdubbeld. Wel goed uitkijken waar je koopt – relaxed – eet ….
    – brood: 2-3-4$
    – pakje boter 3,5$
    – 1l verse melk 2,3$
    gemiddld loon van de lokalen voor een dag werk SLECHTS 4 -8$ per dag !

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