Where are the new posts?

Hey lovelies!

Oh my, I have not posted in a while and all with good reason. First of all I am sorry that I have not posted in a while but believe me, I feel pretty shitty about it. Let me explain what happend.
2 weeks ago, when I woke up I got my macbook air and I opened it because I wanted to work…However, my still relatively brand new macbook ( I got it less than 6 months ago) did not do anything anymore. My usually, quick starting friend refused to start. I could not believe this, how is this possible. I thought Apple products should be the best out there but this is totally not what I expected…That my laptop would crash after just a few months. I have tried everything to recover my macbook but nothing worked. Being so busy working and traveling I did not have the time to bring my laptop to an Apple shop. And than  of course Xmass came a long and it was just so incredibly busy. Today I finally had the time to bring my laptop to the shop, I was helped by a really nice guy and now I put all my faith in him and I pray to god that he can fix my laptop. Being a journalist and a travelblogger without a laptop is like being a baker without an oven or like a shopaholic without a creditcard. 😦 It just totally sucks.

First I was really down about this, but this, being my biggest problem I don’t think I should complain. There are far worse things in the world and I have faith that this problem of mine can be fixed.

I won’t be able to get my laptop back for a while. The sweet guy in the apple store told me it could take up to a week. Therefore there will be a slight delay in my posts. Today I have the privelage that I could use my friends laptop but I don’t have that possibility each day. Therefor, I will be posting a lot on my Instagram and hopefully, within a week I can be back on writing and posting my articles too!

I will talk to you in the new year! And I will see you on my Instagram! www.instagram.com/dobeglobe

Big kisss,love you!

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