Suite Novotel, The Hague

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-15 om 08.53.52‚Feel at home when you are away from home’. I have recently discovered a great new venue in The Hague, The Netherlands and I must share it with you guys.
I was invited to review the first Suite Novotel of The Netherlands which is located in The Hague. I was invited for the opening when they had their press day but unfortunately due to other assignments I could not make it. I was really happy that I could come later and review the venue because I heard great stories about it !

IMG_9994For those that are not familiar with the Suite Novotel concept; The hotel rooms are not ordinary hotel rooms but suites that are specifically designed for ‚long stays’. These suits are perfect for those that are away from home but still want to feel like they are at home. The suites are designed to cater to all your wishes in the best possible way.
The Suite Novotel situated in The Hague promises to be an amazing experience for all their guests.IMG_9837
For businesspeople that stay for a longer period of time, but also for friends that are staying just for the weekend because they are in The Hague for a citytrip.


When I received all the information I was curious. In The Netherlands I have not visited a ‚long stay’ suite hotel before and I was really curious on how it would be.

Let’s discuss the venue by bulletpoints!IMG_9902

The Location definitely get’s an A+. It really could not be better if you are visiting The Hague. The Suite Novotel is located in the city centre. In the midst of The Hague’s shopping walhalla. When you leave the Suite Hotel you are directly in the big shopping street so this could not be any more perfect. The tram/busses stops are exactly a minute away so if you want to discover the city or even take the tram to Scheveningen beach, you can absolutely do this!

Entrance+ Living room areaIMG_9889
To reach the entrance you have to take the elevator to the 3rd floor. When you get out of the elevator you will immediately see the reception in front of you and on the left side you will see the big, as I would like to call it ‚living room. Here you can have your breakfast in the morning, work on your laptops, and just hang out. It was a while ago that I fell in love with a hotel entrance. It is a beautiful space with beautiful design furniture. I was smitten like a kitten for their lamps. Oh my, they were so beautiful and I could just stare at them for hours. They had other cool items as well. One thing in particular that I really liked was the blue bird cage. It felt really vintage but at the same time brand new + high design. The stylist of this room definitely did their job well. It looks amazing. It looks like something from the movies, the living room could be a set for a hip and trendy show! I just adored it.IMG_9918

Freebies + cool stuff
What I loved about the Suite Novotel that in the common area/the living room they really tried their best to make it feel like a real living room.
I was told that during your entire stay you could use the coffee machine which makes a delish latte and also get some complimentary tea and fruits. Well, if that does not feel like being at home I don’t know what does? I have actually never been in a hotel before that offered free drinks for the time of your entire stay. That was cool and it make me feel like I was being in the comfort of my own home.
Of course they have other drinks that you could purchase as well like soda’s, but hey, during these cold winter days, let’s be honest, a warm cup of tea is so much better right?

IMG_9840They also keep jars of candy in the living room for the guests. At first I felt awkward to enjoy this candy cause I thought it was there for the ‚decoration’ part but you could actually eat it, jummy!

IMG_9930What I also really liked where the masks on the wall. They were (I think) Star Wars Masks? Okay, I actually never have seen a Star Wars movie, I know shame on me, but it reminded me of the movie posters I have seen before and I thought they were so cool!

The SuiteIMG_9756
They offer 118 suites. I stayed in suite nr. 303. The suite was amazing. It was so much bigger than a normal hotelroom. Again, like in the living room, the suite also had some cool design lamps that I really liked.IMG_9960There was a safe available where you could keep your important belongings and a nice comfy sofa where you could relax after a long day of shopping/working.IMG_9763There is also a very comfortable king size bed available that I of course tested by jumping on it and I must say, the bed is soooooo great! After I was tired of jumping around I layed down and I felt like I was in heaven. The bed is really comfortable and spacious.

IMG_9966     IMG_9964
Other big plusses of the suite:
*   A seperate toilet (not in the bathroom itself)
*   A luxurious bathtub
*   A seperate showerIMG_9770

*   Cool design thingie on the nightstand where you could put your phone
*   A Flatscreen TV that was easy to move around so if you for example want to watch the telly while you are taking a bath, like I did, this is possible. Just roll that big boy to the bathroom and voila, enjoying to the max  can begin! IMG_9793
IMG_9781The Staff
The staff all are very friendly. I met 3 different people and they were all so friendly and helpful. What I really love about the staff is that they were ‚normal’ clothes. Of course they still look well groomed and professional and they all were the same themed clothes (during my visit it were plaid blouses) but it is cool that they are not in ‚standard’ uniforms. It really works well with the concept of ‚feel at home when you are away from home’.IMG_9806

What I also really loved was my welcome note with some complimentary chocolatesWhat I also really liked is that they are hired on their personality. So not just on their resume and I think that that is an amazing thing to do. You can definitely see that they are a great team and they work well together and that makes it even more fun for a guest because you feel more at ease at a comfortable environment.

The breakfast was really good. There were plenty of options and there was definitely something for everyone. There were scrambled + boiled eggs and crispy bacon, yoghurt + fresh fruits, croissants and all kinds of bread and different jummy stuff to put on your bread.IMG_9841 What I also loved was their superfoods department.IMG_9864From Chia seeds to goji berries and different kind of nuts, they had everything you could imagine, yummy in your tummy guarenteed!
IMG_9857  IMG_9862

Overall Opinion:

I loved the Suite Novotel. I would definitely stay there again. The staff is friendly and helpful, the living room is beautifully decorated, the suites are spacious and feel like a home away from home.


The Suite Novotel is a perfect place to stay when you are visiting The Hague or even another city in the Netherlands.
A romantic get away, a business trip or just city tripping? Let the Suite Novotel be your home away from home.

I guarantee you that you will love it!

Enjoy the pictures down below!
IMG_9777 IMG_9778  IMG_9784  IMG_9794 IMG_9801  IMG_9815 IMG_9835  IMG_9838    IMG_9851 IMG_9855 IMG_9856  IMG_9858    IMG_9877  IMG_9880 IMG_9881  IMG_9893 IMG_9900  IMG_9904 IMG_9912 IMG_9917    IMG_9945 IMG_9948 IMG_9949 IMG_9950 IMG_9951     IMG_9986

Love, x

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