Hoorray, I am published on Thought Catalog!

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Hey lovelies!

A while ago I was published on thought catalog and I did not share that on my website so here it goes……! I am giving 10 reasons why you should date a woman who travels!

1. Because she is independent. Do not let her independence intimidate or frighten you. Love this quality about her. She can face the toughest challenges that life throws in her face while having the biggest smile on her face. She has her financial situation under control and is not clingy. She is not afraid to be by herself. Recognize these qualities and love her for them. And just because she is independent does not mean that she does not need you. Of course she does; however, she does not need you to complete her. She feels complete, but she wants you to add something to her life, and that is why she wants to be with you. Never feel insecure about this part.

To read nr. 2-10 check out the full article here:


Love, x

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