For all the lazy Sunday’s and rainy days…

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Hey loveliesss!

How are you guys today? I am doing so good! Yesterday I had a day off due to a Belgium Public Holiday and I enjoyed my day off so much. All the shops were closed, that was a bit unfortunate but it gave me a great opportunity to actually rest and catch up on my sleep!

One thing that I love to do in my spare time is watch TV-Shows. I am a big OTH,GG,GA,HIMYM, PLL, MF, BBT addict (only the true tv show freaks will know what those thingies stand for :)) but since a lot of shows are on their mid season break I was forced to discover new shows.

And I found some great ones….

First let’s start with the House of DVF:

HouseofDVF_2560x1450_1280x725_345134147899If you loved the City, The Hills and everything Lauren Conrad related, you will absolutely love The House of DVF. It is a new reality show that revolves around Diane Von Furstenburg and 8 candidates that are competing in becoming her new Brand Ambassador. The drama, the fights, the pretty girls in beautiful outfits, fashion, celebs. This show has everything. So far there are only 2 EP’s out but this is definitely a must watch!


This new show is so awesome, I think each episode I pee my pants a little bit from laughing : ) It revolves around a family and it shows their everyday life in such a funny way. The kids, all different characters are hilarious and the show is so well put together. It is definitely a mix between Family Matters (remember Urkel :)) and the Fresh Prince.

Jane the Virgin:


If you are looking for a show where nothing makes sence and everything makes sence at the same time, this is it! Jane the Virgin is a new Spanish American Telenovella. A show that revolves mostly about latin american people and their ridiculous lives. The main character Jane is a 23 year old virgin. Her virginity is so important to her and her BF of 2 years, the American Michael has respected her virginity and waited for her. But than, one day, Jane accidentally get’s insiminated with the sperm of her (what she finds out later) boss who she had a mini fling with 5 years ago. top it off her father, who she does not know, appears to be a world famous latin moviestar and so on. Sounds ridic? Yes it is, and it is soooo good! haha. Devious maids meets Ugly betty. Definitely a show to watch and it will make your own life feel so normal : )

Selfie!screen shot 2014-05-13 at 5.16.11 pm

A cool new show that really shows how we life our lifes. Mostly online. We share everything. On Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc. The show follows Instagrams most Popular girlie Eliza Dooley and her struggles to be taken seriously. She becomes the laughing stock of her company in the first episode and than she reaches out to a brandmanager from her company Henry and begs him to ‘change’ her. Their friendship (will it ever turn in a cute lovestory) is too adorbzies and you really see how much they start to care for eachother and they are just too funny. There is also the receptionist, Charmonique who is just too funny to even describe.

Sooo….these are my top 4 newly discovered show to watch these fall/winter!

What are your faves?


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