Happy birthday to me! My 27 year tag !

IMG_0611Hey lovely friends!

Today I will do a special tag for you guys! I often get a lot of questions on Instagram where people ask me to give advice about certain subjects. And that is why I decided to do this fun tag where you give the amount of tips and tricks that equals your age.

Since it was my birthday last Wednesday I decided that this was the perfect time to share my 27 facts/tips/tricks with you guys! 

1:  Tomorrow starts today:
This might sound weird. Tomorrow starts ‘tomorrow right’, you might think. But I don’t aggree with this. If you really want something, why wait? If you want something, go for it! You don’t have to wait untill the next day or the next week. Be a go getter!

2: Stay positive:
Don’t spend time on negative situations or negative people. It will cost you a lot of energy and you will get nothing in return. Spend your time and energy wisely and always stay positive. No matter the situation that you are in, always try to find the silver lining!

3: No drama!
Drama is not exciting and cool. Seriously, it is definitely not. When I was younger, I loved to have that bit of drama in my relationships. I thought it kept things interesting and cool. But it seriously is not cool and you just make your self crazy. Try to avoid drama at any times and try to avoid people that create drama in your life. You don’t need them!

4: Have a lot of fun!
Have fun in your life. Life is so much fun! Eventhough the situation you are in now might be a bit shitty, keep positive and keep having fun! Go out, meet people, spend time with your friends.

5: Spend time with your friends and loved ones.
Life is short. A bit too short at times. Over the years I have lost a few people that were really dear to me. If I could have that one moment back, where I told them how I felt about them, one more day where we could do random stuff, just one day..I would probably give up everything I have now for moments like those. Spend time with your loved ones and tell them how you feel. You never know what life will bring so enjoy every moment together!

6: Go somewhere every year where you have not been before!
Travel travel travel! Yes, do travel a lot. And if you do not have the funds to take expensive trips, keep it simple. There are so many ways how you can travel without spending a fortune. Discover your own country. I must say, being originally from Holland, there are so many cities that I have not seen before. And if you do have the funds to go abroad, invest in a beautiful trip. It will definitely bring you so much joy! And much more joy than a new T.V. or those new shoes.

7: Create memories!
Take pics, make albums, write diaries. Yes, it sounds corny but create memories and make sure you will have something that will remind you of those memories!

8: Stay classy!
Staying classy is something everyone should do. Boys and girls. Always carry your self in the best way and stay classy. Nobody likes a sloppy Sally.

9: Your body is your temple
You only have one body! Take good care of it. Treat it nicely! Eat heallthy, excersise a lot. And most of all..love your body!

10: Embrace your curves:
This one is for all my ladies! LOVE YOUR CURVES! Time will teach you to embrace your body for what it is! Don’t compare your self with the girls in magazines. Every body has a different body time and that is okay. Work with what you got! It is okay if you are not skinny. I never had a body of a model. I always had big boobs and an ass and when I was younger I felt insecure about this because it did not fit the image I saw in magazines etc. But this is not neccessary at all. So if you feel insecure about your body, please stop. You are beautiful the way you are. Love your body for what it is!

11: Accept your self.
Don’t go seeking for validation with other people. Validate your self. You are good the way you are. Don’t change. Accept and love yourself and your world be a better place, you will see.

12: You are not alone!
If you feel lonely, look around you. There are people that care about you. Your parents, your friends. Don’t shut people out. If you don’t feel okay, ask for help. You do not have to be perfect all the time. Let people in. Don’t push them away.

13: Dance a lot!
Yes, this sounds a bit weird but this makes me so happy. You don’t have to go out to clubs to enjoy dancing. Just put on some music and shake your booty in the comfort of your own home. Invite friends over and just dance together. Have fun and create memories!

14: Do what makes you happy!
Is it playing a sport, writing a novel, watching TV-shows, gaming, working, blogging?
DO IT! No body is stopping you. Follow your dreams and just do what makes you smile!

15: Dare to dream.
The sky is the limit. Dare to dream big! Chase your dreams!

16: Never be ashamed of who you are.

17: Clean house is a clean mind. 
Yes I really believe in this one. Your house/room, really reflects your personality. If you have a clean environment where you live, you will feel more relaxed.

18: Develop new hobby’s.
Keep on moving guys. If you liked something when you were a teen it does not mean that you have to like the same thing in your twenties. Maybe you will, but never stand still. Always keep developping new hobby’s and interests. Make your life a happy and interesting life!

19: Be independent.
Get your own shit together. You don’t need your parents or a boy/girlfriend to fully support you financially or emotionally. Do your own thing, you will manage!

20: Always be yourself.
Do not try to be something that you are not. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, just say it. If people don’t accept that, it means that they don’t accept the real you and you don’t need those peepz in your life anyway. Be true to yourself, always.

21: Be kind to others
Nothing is what it seems and never judge a book by it’s cover. Everybody has their own struggle. Always be kind to others. Maybe your smile will make their day a bit better and being a nice person in general is far better than being a bitch. (trust me, I have been both and I can honestly say that being a nice person is far more satisfying:))

22: Fall in love
Everyone has their heart broken at least ones. And it will probably break again. But don’t let this be the reason why you don’t take a chance on love. Fall in love, have fun, create beautiful memories. And if it does not work out, it doesn’t. It is not the end of the world. Always keep moving forward.

23: Make new friends
It is always fun to meet new people. Make new friends with similar hobby’s that you have. Do fun stuff together and make your life more fun.

24: Take risks!
Your life won’t become fun and interesting by doing nothing. Take action. Take the lead. It is your life, you are in controle. Take risks and see where it will lead you!

25: Spend your money wisely.
Always put a way a small percentage of your income for a rainy day. You never know when you might need it.

26: Spend time in the nature.
Go hiking, climb a mountain, or just take a walk in the park. Spending time outside will make you feel better, help you to clear your mind. It is scientifically proven that people that spend at least an hour a day outside feel better and are more happy and productive. Definitely something to consider right? : )

27: Always be respectful towards others and also yourself.
Respect is such an important thing. Respect and love your self and respect and love others. Treat others the way you want to be treated your self. And treat your self good as well. You deserve it!

Well these were my 27 tips/tricks and just advices in general. What do you think about these?
What are your tips/tricks and advices? Let me know!

Big kiss!
Love you, x

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