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Hey lovely friends!

HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOINNNGG?! Wow, seems like ages since my last post and I think it kinda is ages ago. Haha. I am still very busy with my move to Antwerp and still no working internet. BOOOO:(
Since I am working fulltime and in the weekends I am so busy with getting my apartment ready I still have not had the time to get my internet fixed so today, I am actually taking a lunch break to work on this #TOTD : )

And for this #TOTD I have another cool girl for you guys that shares awesome pics on her IG! Check it out !


1.  Where did you go for your first travel experience/holiday?
I grew up near the border to Canada and went to grad school in Los Angeles (to this day weekends in Baja are a favorite) so my first trips outside the US were naturally to our northern and southern neighbors. My first “real” adventure outside the US was in 2005 while on break from college. I spent 6 weeks backpacking and hosteling through Europe.

2.  Which 5 items do you always bring on your travels?
#1 My spousal unit. My husband and I have been exploring and wandering about since we met 12 years ago. We were 18, completely broke college students, and had barely just met when I convinced him that we needed a Seattle-to-Los Angeles adventure. We’ve been on a roll ever since.
#2 Technological Assistance. My itty bitty cannon, the S110 series (because I travel light and who am I kidding, I am no photographer!) and my Samsung Galaxy – one day I’ll get with it and upgrade to an iPhone…
#3 Moisture Effects. Planes suck me dry! I never leave without Chapstick, eye drops, and the oh-so-amazing L’Occitane hand moisturizer.
#4 Lululemon wonder under crop pants. These pants are my favorite thing to travel in and perfect to slip on before heading to breakfast when I just want a slow morning sipping my coffee. They also make the derrier look fabulous so that’s a plus.
#5 No adventure these days would be complete without my dog. She’s the best. We started traveling with her after moving to Morocco last year. We’re on the go a lot and finding people to watch her can be tough. She’s 2.5 kilos, is now an EU pet passport holder, and fits under our seat in the cabin so I just bring her along now.Marrakech, Marokko-Thumb3.  Where are you now and where will you go for your next trip?

nyhavn-bezienswaardigheden-in-kopenhagen-2(p-location,882)(c-0) Tentatively, (based on discount airline availability) next up is Copenhagen in late November.

4.  What is your dream destination and why?

I’d love to experience Central America from start to finish in one adventure. I’m a roadtripper, I enjoy exploring by car and love the freedom to change directions or the itinerary. Roadtripping from Mexico City to Panama City has been on my mind for two years. I’m determined to make it a reality soon so in the near future, this would be my “dream experience”.

5.  What is your favorite travel picture that you took and why/what is the story behind it?kayleeeenThe first photo was taken in August in the deep south of Morocco on Legzira Beach in the early morning. It’s an incredibly peaceful place that few tourists make the trek to. The second photo was taken in Colombia in 2012. My best friend and I traveled to Santa Marta on the coast with the intention of going to Tayrona National Park. We both overslept and missed our ride. We hailed a random taxi to take us 45 minutes into the jungle and settled on a price with the taxi to wait for us for 4 hours while we hiked around. He stressed that he wouldn’t wait for us if we were late. On our way back I took us on a shortcut that ended up taking twice as long and forced us to wade through knee deep donkey feces mixed with mud. We ended up stranded on a inlet and the only way out of the park (without traipsing back through the feces) was over a log that hovered inches above some nasty looking brown murky water. My best friend went first and snapped this photo of me. We were exhausted, sweaty, had giant mosquito bites, and were so unhappy, but even though we were an hour late, the taxi driver was still there! We couldn’t communicate, but he took one look at us and folded over laughing. Every time I see this photo, it makes me smile.

6.  If you could take 3 celeb travel buddies on your next trip, who would they be and why?
Naturally, I’m picturing a roadtrip. Anthony Bourdaine (we’ve got to eat!) Paul Van Haver stromaeaka Stromae (to improve my French and we need great music) and Mary Louise Parker (as seen in Weeds – because I can’t imagine a better character to create a storm with and travel about).

7. Are you a backpacker  or a flash packer?  And what was the best backpack/flashback accommodation where you have ever stayed?

I actually think I’m a boutipacker. Meaning, I adore finding small and quirky boutique family-run establishments regardless of the class. Sometimes these are in the backpacker category, sometimes they are barely a step above, and other times they are definitely flashpacker status. Since moving to Morocco, I’ve spent more time incorporating where we rest our heads at night into the entire travel experience and I’m constantly finding great places.

Check out Kayleens Instagram here: *Click!

And for lunch break is over, so I will talk to you guys ASAP! Big Kiss


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