Let’s get personal – Antwerp update!

innenstadt-antwerpen-shoppingHey lovely friends,

I thought it was the time for an update. My apologies for not posting a lot the past week. I will explain why..

As you guys might know, I recently started my new job in Antwerp, Belgium.

I was hired 2 weeks ago. We set the first day of work on Oct the 13th because I first had to find an appartment in the city! I found an appartment only unfortunately the realtor kinda screwed me over. So there I was, with a job in a city where I don’t live and I did not have a place to stay. This was a bit stressful but I did not really have time for all this negative BS so I just looked further. You know how they say that everything happens for a reason? I will give you another example of why I truly believe in this. I found my dream appartment. And if the first realtor did not screw me over, I would have had another appartment and I would have missed out on this great appartment. Therefor, always take your dissapointments and try to turn them in to something else, something positive. If I would have been angry at the realtor and if I would have put all my energy towards him I would not have had the energy to try to find another appartment.

I focussed on the positive things and I got something great for it in return!
Yesterday I signed my contract, tomorrow morning, before work I will go to my appartment and take some pictures which I will share on my Instagram! And next Tuesday I get the keys! YEEY! HAPPYTIMES

Why I have not posted a lot this week you might wonder..It is not due to my hectic and crazy schedule at the moment. I do not believe in being ‘too busy’ for something that you really are passionated about. But I do believe in shitty internet. Unfortunately, the hotel that I am staying in has a really crappy internet connection. And that is about the only negative thing because other than that, it is a great hotel. But I can’t write my articles during my working hours (obviously) and when I go to the hotel I can’t post either.
But no worries, as soon as I am settled in my new app you can expect the 2 articles a day again! And the #TOTD will definitely continue as well!

My lunch break is over (which I spend writing this and I have not eaten yet 😦 ) But it was all worth it. I will continue working and definitely will talk to you guys soon!


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