7 tips on creating and running a successful blog!


‘So what do you do for a living?’- he asked.
‘I am a blogger’. –she said. 
Blogging, something that many of us love to do and therefor I would love to share some of my tips with you guys to create and run a succesful blog.

1.  Chose a main subject for your website
This is a really important first step. Chose a topic. What is your target audience, what is your niche? What makes YOU different than all the other thousands blogs out there?
What are you most passionate about and have a lot of knowledge about? – Chose that topic and go from there!

2.  Focus on your target audience
Of course, we all love to get ‘hits’ and pageviews. But if you focus on your target audience you will get a bigger bounce rate. Meaning: If person A is visiting your site and is really in to the main subject of your site, let’s say, traveling, in is more likely that person A will re-visit your website another time. And that is what you should be striving for. Building a huge following. And you best can create that by focussing on your target group.

Social Media Logotype Background3.  Social Media 
Yes, of course every blogger is very in to the online world, or else he or she would have never started his/her blog. And creating a following and maintaining the contact, social media pages are very important. You have the most popular ones: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube.
My best tip for starters: Choose 1 social media platform and focus on that one for the first 6 months in to your blogging adventure. Build that platform and get more followers. If you focus on 1 social media platform you can really try to grow it and make it bigger. If you divide your time between several platforms it will all get half the attention it deserves. Choose the platform you think is most beneficial for you and work it!

4. Get more followers in an honest way
What I see a  lot these days is that, for example on Instagram, people have 100.000 followers. But when you look in their followers list and check the accounts you see that are following them, you will often see that those are fake accounts. (you can see this because they have posted 1 picture, have 3 followers, but are following 10.000 accounts)
Don’t waste money on this! I have been approached so many times by online marketing companies that want me to buy followers but why would I do that? It is not honest and it is false advertising. If a company wants to work with me because they see I have 100K followers but in the end only 300 people respond to my pictures, I would be cheating on them. And I am not like that. If you want to get more followers, post regularly, and also engage with your followers. – Trust me, your account will grow bigger and bigger, good things just take time, be patient!

5. Create interesting content and good visuals!
This is really important. When you have a certain topic that you would like to write about really think about how to bring it in the most interesting way. What would your followers like to read, what is interesting?
And really put some effort in taking beautiful pictures, or finding great pics online that match your story. We live in a visual world and people like to be entertained by good pictures. You have tons of blogs out there, if you really want to stand out, be the blog ‘that always has beautiful pictures’. Make it so, that when people see those pictures they will be like, Hey, that is Blogger A from website A! – You will develop your own style and trademark and that is such a huge plus in this business!

6.  Post regularly
If you want to build a following it is important to keep people interested. Post regularly. Don’t start a blog and than just write something down once every two weeks. Create a schedule that works for you. Daily posts, or 5 times a week? Everyone has a different schedule and just see what works for you. Be clear about this towards your audience.
For example:
Check out my blog, every Monday, Tuesday and Friday new posts online!
Than your following will know when to check your account and what to expect. You will have a higher ‘bounce rate’, and a big chance in getting regulars who are visiting your website.

7.  Honesty!
Keepin’ it real is the key! Never pretend to be something that you are not. People will see right through it and nobody likes a Fake Frannie. If you are not able to post as much as you used to, tell your followers why, they will appreciate your honesty!

If you do a hotel review and you actually did not visit that hotel in real life, don’t do it, you will cheat on your followers and will be falsely advertising. Also what I see a lot on blogs are girls posting their new ‘purchases’, often the latest high end brand handbags or shoes. But when I scroll through Instagram or Pinterest I see the same pics and they obviously belong to someone else. Do not try to be ‘interesting’ by creating a personality that is not YOU. Be YOU and be the best YOU you can be and I am sure a lot of people will like that person and will follow your blog!

These 7 tips are key for me in building my website + Brand. 
What are your best tips?

X, love you!

4 thoughts on “7 tips on creating and running a successful blog!

  1. Those are great tips! I like them very much! Especially those about being honest in what you say and put online and about building your follower group out of real people! It may then take longer to build a group of followers but I’m willing to be patient and I’d rather write for a smaller group of really interested people then for a bunch of fake accounts 😉 I don’t think that’s really satisfiing any ways..
    xx, Marky

  2. Amazing tips! I had no idea people buy followers, thats terrible! Some people work so hard to get their followers, just not fair… besides you are totally right, its cheating and the response wont be of 100.000 but of 300! Thank you for sharing, these tips are very useful and make a lot of difference! 😀

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