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Hey lovely friends,
Finally, a new #TOTD for you guys! Today I have an awesome girl from the States that is currently traveling through the world. She is working really hard on her own travel blog which she will launch in 2015. Until we can enjoy her website, which I am sure will be pretty cool, let’s get to know her a bit through her #TOTD and awesome IG Pics!

Short message from the #TOTD: Hello there! The name is Aubrey, I am a 22 year old Business major and Entrepreneur from the U.S. who just happened to quit my job, sold ALL my belongings and jetted off to travel the world! I’ve been away now for a wee four months with no set return date that I know of 😉 I’ve dreamed about this experience my whole life, and now I can say I’m living it. I believe the things in life we claim to be important (careers, degrees, marriage) will ALWAYS be there! But opportunities like this are not always going to be so attainable! Get up, get out, and DO why you still can! I have a overwhelming passion for travel and deep desire to experience everything and anything this world has to throw at me! I write and Instagram AubreyAroundTheWorld! 
1.  Where did you go for your first travel experience/holiday?
Besides the typical family road trips, short cruises, and small weekend getaways, I believe the first time I truly caught the “travel bug” was my first trip to Europe in 2010. I was 18 and off to visit a friend in England for a few weeks. I could barely  sleep the night before my flight and I felt like a puppy about to pee myself from excitement when I stepped off the plane to greet the new country. I remember trying to fully absorb each and every second before it got away from me all too quickly.  Everything tasted just a little bit different, the air smelled a little bit different, and I looked at everything from the cobble stone streets to the people sitting on a bench with such a curiosity as if I had not seen anything like it! Haha. I stayed in a small town in the East of England and hung out with the locals which gave me the cultural experience I needed and of course visited the bustling city of London to get my touristic feel as well! The experience surpassed my expectations! I practically cried when I had to return home! Been traveling ever since! (Should have never let me go mom, that’s where this unpredictable travel monster was created!) 😉
2.  Which 5 items do you always bring on your travels?10704948_10152257813377260_1617454494_n
1.  Camera ( because who travels without one?! )
2.  Journal ( unfortunately the details of our memories fade…this will be all you have left
3.  Essential Oils ( because I’m one of “those” people haha! Yes, I believe there are natural healers for everything! )
4.  Sarong ( this is so handy! Especially when you’re traveling light! Cover up, beach towel, shall, blanket, head wrap, skirt, endless possibilities! )
5.  An open mind. cliche maybe? But truthfully some parts of traveling are less glamorous, frustrating, and downright suck. BUT, if you remind yourself to have an open mind, the problems will turn into opportunities, and you’ ll realize everything happens for a reason:)
3. Where are you now and where will you go for your next trip?
Hola! I am currently sweating my way around Spain! Hot, hot, hot here people! It’s been flavorful, colorful, and enlightening to say the least! I’ve seen a bull or two, attended a sexy Flaminco show, visited cave dwellers in the South, experienced how the Spanish Fiesta and eaten my fair share of Tapas!

I head off to India in September, I absolutely cannot wait to indulge in a totally new way of life! Europe has been amazing, but I am looking forward to “roughing it” if you will, a bit more in India. Thinking about doing the Rickshaw Run…a 3500 km race across the country in a pimped out Rickshaw with no guide, no backup! 10695189_10152257813397260_2050591902_n

4.  What is your dream destination and why?
This literally changes every week for me as I learn more and more, yet at the moment I’m very interested in seeing the Pacific Islands/ Tonga. These kingdoms go unnoticed much of the time and untraveled. Taking to these uncharted waters would be a dream! I do not know much about these Islands, and I think the mystery and untouched beauty is what captures my curiosity the most. How do these islanders live? What are their traditions? Who are they? I’d LOVE to find out someday!
5.  What is your favorite travel picture that you took and why/what is the story behind it?
I’m sure I will have many more favorites as I get deeper and deeper into my travels but so far this is my favorite photo. This was taken in Venice, Italy. Backstory; for the first three weeks of my trip I was actually traveling with someone. I had met a girl on a lonely planet forum and we spontaneously decided to travel together! It was an absolute blast to have a travel buddy in the beginning and to have made lifelong memories together! However, this photo was the first day in the first city that I was 100% on my own. From here on out I would travel the world alone! The feeling was exciting, nerve racking, and a little overwhelming! I had just arrived in Venice, hopped on a ferry and was just in time to watch this beautiful sunset from the boat. In that moment I felt at peace and confident in myself and in my journey to come!
6.  If you could take 3 celeb travel buddies on your next trip, who would they be and why?
Here’s what I’ve come up with! First of all I would take Mr. Michael Melford, renowned writer and photographer for National Geographics Magazine. His work has taken him to the most pristine places around the world and he focuses on capturing the natural wonders of the world and sharing life stories through his photographs. Why? Imagine the stories this man would have to tell along the way from his thousands of assignments?! Better yet, imagine the places he could show you, the advice he could share, and the photographs he could take for you! It would be an honor.
Secondly, I would take Kristin Wiig. Comedian of SNL, Bridesmaids, Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and many more! Why? This woman is hysterical and one of my favorite things in life is laughing, so why not bring along someone who could make me laugh until I cry?! Life is too short to take too seriously. She’s talented, beautiful, and tells it like it is! We’d make friends everywhere we went! 😉
Last but not least, I’d bring my main man, Johnny Depp. Why? Not only is he a phenomenally diverse actor, and entertainer; but there is such a mystery to this man. You know he has to be very intelligent, and so suave. I think he would make a person think, ponder, and question. He always strikes me as an interesting person with great insight. I’d love to pick his brain! Added bonus: He’s incredibly sexy! Haha I think we can all agree, he would just be nice to look at 😉
7.  Are you a backpacker or a flash packer ? And what was the best backpack/flashback accommodation where you have ever stayed?
At the moment I am currently a backpacker on a budget! I have one 40 liter backpack, I eat cheap street food/cook, I sleep in rooms with anywhere from 4-24 other people and wash my clothes in a sink from time to time! Haha But it’s awesome and I absolutely love it! Of course one day I’d like to experience luxury travel…but hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere! In my opinion, even if I could afford to stay in fancy hotels, I’d still choose to stay in a hostel, or couchsurf, or camp! The people you meet along the way and the crazy experiences you have from traveling like this are reasons enough why every traveler should travel like this at least once in their travel career. It’s freeing, eye opening, and you will definitely learn a lot about others, but more importantly about yourself. So far the best backpack accommodation I have stayed in had to be my hostel in Prague by the name of Sir Toby’s Hostel. Only a 10 minute tram ride from the city center and perfectly placed in one of Prague’s cheapest neighborhoods! This hostel had such a neat vibe! I felt like I was at Hogwarts or something! 🙂 The hostel is clean, the staff is extremely informative and helpful, and there are plenty of bathrooms! Key card access only, and large lockers in each room making you feel very secure. The common lounge is large, quaint, and VERY cozy! With dark leather sofas, dimmed lights, candles, a flat screen t.v., full bar, and a fully equipped kitchen! The hostel also makes it very easy to make friends with organized walking tours, pub crawls, and free BBQ’s! All for around 14 euros a night?! There is never a dull moment in Prague, and Sir Toby’s Hostel is no different. I had some if my favorite memories here and I hope you will too!
Thanks for reading and thank you to dobeglobe.com
for featuring me!
For more information about Aubrey check out her IG account: *Click!
Loved how much Aubrey elaborated on her answers. Discovered some new cool stuff ! 
Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.
Talk to you guys tomorrow!Love you,


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