Let’s get personal !

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-25 om 14.24.46

Hey lovely friends!

What a beautiful day it is! Currently I am in Belgium, in Antwerp to be precisely and the weather here is beautiful. The sun is shining a bit and it allows me to still wear my leather jacket! Big YEEY!
I will post a traveler of the day #TOTD later today but first things first! I just went on a job interview and I want to share that with you guys…  If you follow me on my Instagram [click here for my account] you know that I had a job interview last week. It honestly is a dream job at my dream company. Since I don’t want to jinx it I won’t tell you what kind of position and at which company. Yes, I am superstitious. like that. haha. 

This company does cool stuff and I would be so honored if I could be part of their team.
It is an international company which in the long term would allow me to besides to grow and develop my self, also work in different countries. But that is something for the future. The position is in Antwerp and I am looking forward, that if I get hired, to move to Antwerp and build a new life here (here; since I am typing this in a cafe because I JUST had my interview.). I want to work in Antwerp for a few years, discover the city, the people, new restaurants, awesome places to photograph! Beyond excited about the thought that I could actually get this job.

What I really like about this company that If you are good at your work and you can prove yourself the world is your oyster. They groom their staff well and their products are amazing. I really believe in this company and what they are offering and it fits so well with my interests and with what I want to do with my life.

The interview went well. I really felt a click with the woman I had my interview with. I hardly know her but I look up to her already. She seemed very well put together and was working for the company for 10 years already. That is such a big thing! And it says a lot! If someone decides to stay with 1 company for 10 years it must mean that my thoughts are true and that this is a great company.

Well…who knows how it will all go. I will hear later on if/when I am invited for a 3rd interview. This interview will be the last interview and from there on a decision will be made.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Thanks !

Love you,


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