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Hey lovely friends,

Thursdays there will be a new topic from now on on DOBE GLOBE! The #FOTD tag!
Foodie of the day is a new tag that I created because I really enjoy reading blogs about food. I love the knowledge of these bloggers and I really learn a lot from it. I actually did this interview about a month ago with Natalie but today I am finally launching the #FOTD tag and I felt is was the best thing to kick this fun project of with this amazing Foodie!  Natalie offers great recipes on her website and she does far more than posting recipes.
You should check out her website and see what she is all about !Short message from the FOTD: Hi! I am Natalie Canizares of BeauitfullyBalancedDiet.com BeauitfullyBalancedDiet.com is an IIN certified Health Coach. Originally from Chicago, IL;
I currently live in New York City where I enjoy the abundance of healthy restaurants, juice bars, and Yoga studios. My passion is to work with people and help them achieve their healthiest, happiest lives.

Slide1  Natalie Canizares of BeauitfullyBalancedDiet.com is an IIN certified Health Coach. Originally from Chicago, IL; Natalie currently lives in New York City where she enjoys the abundance of healthy restaurants, juice bars, and Yoga studios. Natalie’s passion is to work with people and help them achieve their healthiest, happiest lives.

1.  Why did you start your blog?static.squarespaceI started my blog because I wanted to share all of the amazing knowledge about health and wellness I have acquired over the years. It is so important for me to help empower others to make choices that support them in living their best lives. Since I was already doing this for my friends and family I realized I could do it on a larger scale, so I started my blog and Instagram account.

2.  What is your favorite smoothie? 
I don’t think I could possibly choose one smoothie as my favorite. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I have serious smoothie obsession! They are great to have for breakfast, as an afternoon snack, or as a replacement for dessert. The smoothie that I have been making a lot lately is my “Better Than Ice Cream Smoothie”. It is a delicious and filling smoothie that satisfies my sweet tooth. 

Blue Velvet Smoothie
1 frozen ripe banana
1 cup frozen blueberries
3-4 frozen strawberries
1/2 pitted date
1 Tbsp raw almond butter
1 tsp cacao powder (trace amounts of caffein)
1  cup of almond milk (add more milk for a lighter texture)

Blend, top with some kiwi, and enjoy!

3.  What are your 5 things to eat? 
1.  Kale
2.  Avocado
3.  Bananas
4.  Dark Chocolate
5.  Pecans

4.  What is the best dish you ever head in a restaurant? What is the name of the restaurant?
The best dish I have ever had in a restaurant is definitely the “Broccoli Dogs” from Dirt Candy located in Manhattan on the Lower East Side. The dish consists of homemade buns and broccoli prepared to taste like a hot dog. It may sound strange but it is out of this world delicious! image-1

5.  If you could have a romantic dinner date in your fave restaurant with your fave celeb who would it be and where would you go?
This is a no brainer! I would have dinner with Kris Carr at Dirt Candy in NYC! Although this dinner date would not be romantic, I’m sure it would be amazing. Kris Carr, the author of Crazy Sexy Diet, has been one of my biggest inspirations and role models. Because of her work I was inspired to pursue a career in health and wellness. So meeting her at one of my favorite restaurants would pretty much rule!

photo (51)6.  For what dish/drink can we wake you up in the middle of the night?
A cookie dough peanut butter milk shake from the Chicago Diner. This vegan milk shake is my favorite dessert ever!

7.  What is your fave foodie guilty pleasure?
Sweets! It is pretty clear, I love sugar. I have let go of eating most refined sugar but I still love my dessert. Fruit, smoothies, juices, dark chocolate, cacao, if it’s sweet I probably like it. While I try to avoid refined sugar there are definitely days that I give in!

For more information check out Natalie’s Instagram account: *Click and her website: *Click

UMMIE, making that smoothie right NOW !
Hope you guys like this new topic !

Will talk to you guys tomorrow, 2 new posts and some exciting news tomorrow !

Big Kiss, love you


4 thoughts on “#FOTD: beautifullybalanceddiet

    1. Thanks lieverd! Ja die smoothie wil ik ook graag een keer gaan maken, ziet er zo jummie uit he! Je hebt trouwens echt een toffe website, van het weekend maar even wat artikeltjes lezen op je page ! ❤ X

  1. Super dat je dit hebt gestart en al een goed begin, Natalie lijkt me een zeer slimme coach die vast alle plekjes weet in NY om gezond te kunnen eten! Die shake ziet er ook geweldig uit, dergelijke maken we zelf ook maar dan met soja melk.

    1. Thanks lief, wat een lief compliment van jou!
      Ze is echt super goed en super cool en zo creatief. Haar blog staat vol lekkere receptjes !!
      Ik heb je page van de week gezien maar ga strakjes ook nog even kijken ! XX

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