Why we all love Pharrell Williams … <3- A must watch video clip!


Last year a Dutch guy, still very young, passed away in a car crash. His parents chose to use Pharrell’s song ‘Happy’ during the funeral when the cast was taken away. Today Pharrell meets those parents..Watch what happend next. How Pharrell helped mourning parents over the loss of their son is amazing. He was interviewed yesterday for a Dutch talkshow, RTL Late night and this happend.

Today a bit of a more serious subject. And you might think that it is weird that I mention the word serious in the same sentence as Mr. Williams because he is such a fun guy, makes us all laugh and he creates great music.

But the fact that he is extremely generous, sweet, humble is proven yet again. I wanted to share this clip with you guys. Not much words are needed. Just watch it. I will warn you, you will probably cry after seeing it…

Love you, xo

5 thoughts on “Why we all love Pharrell Williams … <3- A must watch video clip!

    1. Mooi he? Ik vind het zo mooi dat hij hier de tijd voor neemt. Hij is zo bescheiden en oprecht. Echt een pracht vent!

      Ps. ik had in de klas denk ik ook gewoon gehuild hoor. Maar ik ben ook echt een emo bal!

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