Travel in style: Lush Lips !

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Hey lovely friends!
So this is my first post for the new Monday Subject : Travel in Style; Beauty.
For all my female travelers, this one is specially for you ladies! But boys, you don’t have to leave this post just yet. If you want to surprise your girl with a fun present, keep checking!

31SqbTkFJfL._SL500_AA300_I am a big fan of make up. I love to put my glam on and look cute in a new lipstick.

However, when I am traveling I don’t always have the time to put on a full make up. Or even if I would have the time, I don’t want to put on a full make up.

It all kind of depends on where you are. Where you are traveling and what activities you are planning to do. It really does not make any sense to wear foundation on a day that you are going to climb a mountain. haha. But if you are going to a bar after the mountain climb and you want to look extra cute you can put in some extra effort in it and where a nice shade of lipstick.

One of my fave drugstore brands is Rimmel. Rimmel has several beautiful collections and lovely colors. But I have to say, Rimmel no 038: In Vogue is definitely one of my faves.

The texture of this lipstick is perfect for all kind of weathers so you can take this lovely lipstick on several different trips! It is hydrating and gives you a nice shimmery glow.

I love the bright pink color, it looks so cute ! IMG_7766

And like I sad before girls, just because you are traveling, does not mean that you can’t look cute while doing it !

What do you think of this shade? Any other lipsticks you can recommend? 

Love you, x

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