Creating Changes <3

Monday-1. #TOTD2. Travel in style- (1)Hey lovely friends !

As promised I would share my new schedule with you guys. As of tomorrow I will kick it up a notch and take my website to a whole new level. A new and improved level! 

When I started my website I did not expect that it would grow so much, so fast! I am so happy and grateful with all of you guys that follow my website and interact with my on my social media accounts.

I have noticed that I was getting a lot of request through Instagram mostly. Asking tips about solotraveling, asking what beauty products to take on a city trip, how to dress for a beachparty in Ibiza and giving recommendations on hotspots to name a few topics.

This made me think. I want to grow and give you guys what you want ! That is the main purpose why I have created this website. For you! 

So if there are any topics you want me to discuss, any subjects. Let me know.

Connect with me through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Can’t wait to start tomorrow.

1 week, 7 days. 14 posts.
Let’s do this !
Love you,

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