Traveling in style with Topshop !


Hey lovely friends!

I have an exciting post today for all the fashionista’s and wanderlusters. Cause who ever said that while traveling you can’t look fab & lush? 
For every sort of traveling there are other fashion opportunities and today I will discuss a beautiful shoe that is perfectly suitable for a citytrip! 

For those that follow my blog and Instagram, you know that I love traveling. But I always like to do it in style. Wether it is climbing a mountain, discovering a jungle or exploring a new city. There are always fun ways to be awesome and look cute at the same time.
When I visited London last week one of my shopping must do’s was to visit Topshop. I adore Topshop and their collections but this time I had a mission.
Find a shoe that is stylish, fashion forward and still suitable to walk around in a city for a couple of hours a day without getting sore feet.

After trying on about 23 pairs of shoes and driving the person that was getting all my shoes in my size crazy I found the perfect shoe!
IMG_9531For all the fashionista’s amongst us, Chelsea boots are so hot this fall/winter!
But what exactly are Chelsea boots you might wonder?
Chelsea boots are close fitting ankle high boots. The most notable features are the elastic side panel and tab of fabric (as you can see on the picture below) on the back of the boot, enabling to be slipped on and off effortlessly.

IMG_9548Putting the shoe on and off your feet is not the only thing that goes extremely easy when it comes down to this awesome boot. The shape of the heel makes it very easy and convenient to walk long distances in without getting sore feet at the end of the day.

As you can see in the pictures, it is not a high heel but a perfect size heel for walking for hours in a new city!

 IMG_9534     IMG_9535
Boots details:
The boots exist out of 80% leather and 20% textile. The boots are called the ‘Margot Leather Boots’ and are available at Topshop and come in a size USA 5.5 and USA 11.5 and everything in between. That is EU 36-EU 41.

Personal experience-
I adored these boots from the moment I saw them. They are so beautiful and perfect for the upcoming seasons. When I tried them on in the store it felt like I was floating on air. I could hardly feel that I was wearing shoes that even had a bit of a heel. I was impressed. But we all know that trying on a shoe in a store and actually putting them to the test are 2 different things.
I bought them and was excited to try them out. The next day I put them on and I left my hotel at 10am. I returned at 9pm. The entire day was filled with busy appointments through out London, walking all those stairs in different tube stations, catching bus after bus. Going from Notting Hill to Camden and from Camden to Neals Yard. And not even for one second did my feet hurt or I had the feeling that I should take a break or switch to my Converse Allstars. These boots are perfect!

So if you are looking for an amazing boot to bring on your next citytrip, you should definitely get this one!
And if you don’t go on a city trip but you just want to look fab and like a true fashionista, this is the boot for you!

The boots are available at Topshop: *Click!
And cost USD 125.IMG_9541 IMG_9543 IMG_9552 IMG_9554

I hope you guys liked this post,

Love you!


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