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Hej Lovelies!

The more and more I continue with my #TOTD project, the more and more awesome travelers I discover. And today I have someone that has something in common with me. Her love for the island of the Gods: Bali. Check out her story!

1.  Where did you go for your first travel experience/holiday?
I was 11 months old when I first went overseas. It was to Canada to meet my grandparents and cousins (my dad is from Canada) for the first time. I don’t remember anything from the trip but it was here that I learnt to walk with the help of my grandpa and where I experienced my first and only (so far!) White Christmas. The first overseas trip I do remember was from when I was 4 on a family holiday in Bali. I remember the colourful kites, crabs scuttling along the sand, getting my hair braided, swimming everyday. Bali holds a very special place in my heart because of those memories.Anna2.  Which 5 items do you always bring on your travels
1+2. My iPad and iPhone for staying in contact with my family, storing all my photos and doing all my travel writing.
2. My camera to capture all those irreplaceable holiday memories that I love sharing via my Instagram account.
3. A healthy appetite as food is always one of the things I look forward to most,
4+5. A positive attitude and an open mind. I find that leaving my judgements at home opens me up to more experiences, makes me more approachable and able to meet new people and really make the most of my travels.

3.  Where are you now and where will you go for your next trip?Bali2-350x220

Right now I am at home, having returned home not too long ago from London and settling into a new job. I’ve got 3 more holidays to
Bali to look forward to in October, November and June next year!
I’m also hoping to get to
New Zealand early next year.

4.   What is your dream destination and why? 006495-02-spa-exteriorBali is always my go to holiday destination. From Perth, it’s a short and cheap flight away. The food, the people, the culture, the diverse landscape and huge range of activities to appeal to everyone keep my coming back but there are so many places I would love to visit. Italy has been calling my name for years and I really hope to go visit the beautiful country soon! Any place that has such a strong history, culture, amazing architecture and delicious food like Italy does is a country after my heart!

5.  What is your favorite travel picture that you took and why/what is the story behind it?
My favourite travel picture is one of the most amazing sunset I’ve seen in Bali. It was 2 years ago and my first night of one of my holidays. My friend and I were walking along the beach after having arrived earlier that day and we couldn’t stop turning around to take in the beautiful sunset. It was just unreal, we couldn’t believe how magnificent it was. It was the perfect way to start a holiday and a memory that I treasure. I was very lucky I was able to capture it so well on my camera too. Whenever I look at that photo, it brings all the memories from one of my favourite holidays come rushing back to me. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

6.  If you could take 3 celeb travel buddies on your next trip, who would they be and why?

I think I’d have to start off with Jennifer Lawrence. She seems so down to earth, a lot of fun, and seems to love food as much as I do so I think we’d get along really well! I think Hamish and Andy (they count as one, right?) would be amazingly good value to have around and lastly I’d think I’d take Manu Fiedel. Not just for his cooking but his delicious French accent.

7.  Are you a backpacker (budget traveling) or a flash packer (luxury traveler)? And what was the best backpack/flashback accommodation where you have ever stayed?Schermafbeelding 2014-09-12 om 00.28.50I’m the kind of person that will be happy pretty much where ever I am. Everyone loves a bit of luxury and if you’ve got the time to spare to make the most of it, then that’s great, but I’m not one of those people. I’m naturally quite restless and I love being out and about and constantly on the go when I travel so I cannot justify spending a fortune on luxury accommodation that I’m not going to be around to enjoy so I like to find a balance between the two. Something that offers the facilities I need but something I won’t feel like I’m wasting my money on when I’m off enjoying myself elsewhere. I generally see hotels as a place to keep my stuff, to shower and to sleep. If it’s clean, comfortable and safe, I’m happy.

For more information about Anna and her travels visit her IG account: www.instagram.com/annasventures 


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