London on a budget: The Generator Hostel !

generator_london_lowres-30Hey lovelies!
As you might know, and if you are following me on my Instagram, last week I was in London!
I went there on assignment and I got back with some great content. Today I will share my first London tip with you guys!

As on my website I focus more on the ‘luxury segment’ and stay in the best hotels and villa’s, I was challenged to experience the ‘Hostel Life’ and to write an article about budget traveling.

I always love a good challenged and I accepted this one too! However, I had one demand. I, myself could chose to hostel.
I got the greenlight and so, here we are!London offers many hostels, some even for 12 USD a night. Considering that you are in London, this is a really really really cheap price. I browsed through some websites and hostels and than I came across the Generator Hostel. I was so pleased that the Generator Hostel had a hostel in London.|
IMG_8738    IMG_8739

I was familiar with the Generator Hostel as I had stayed with them last year when I was in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was extremely impressed with this ‘Hostel’, cause in my opinion it was more like a hotel. It actually was, and my visit to the Generator Hostel in London is, better than some of the hotels I stayed in before.
Big plus, this hostel is recently fully renovated and everything looks all shiny and new!

IMG_8740   IMG_8737

Generator London is a led-design hostel. They actually paid a lot of attention to fun and arty details and the rooms are impeccably clean. Generator Hostel offers several rooms like a ‘Private Twin’ room, where you will have a room to your self, but also beds in dorms. These dorms are available in the following sizes: 12,10,8,6, or 4 beds.
And yes, a big plus for all the lady travelers, Generator London also offers female dorms! Which come in either 8,10 or 12 beds.

generator_london_lowres-31      generator_london_lowres-18

And no, this is not ALL they have to offer, if you are traveling with friends and you are in a group of 3 or 4 they can also offer Private Tripple & Quad rooms. Sounds perfect right? And look at the pics, don’t rooms look beautiful and bright? I love how they have used white on the furniture to create an open and spacious vibe and vibrant colors to make the rooms more fun and attractive.

Location wise this hostel is perfect. The nearest tube station is ‘Kings Cross’. From this tube station it is about a 5-10 minute walk to the hostel. Other than this tube station there are also a lot of busses that stop near the hostel. I would give the location a 9/10 because it is convenient to reach, there are many possibilities on how to reach the hostel (tube/several busses) and it is located in a great area. When I would return from a late night out with friends who live in London, and I had to walk myself back from Kings Cross Station I actually felt safe.

Design HostelIMG_8766: Yes, it is possible for a hostel to be a design hostel. I am visiting a lot of Design hotels and for me it is fun to see a design hostel because obviously I will compare. Where a hotel is more luxurious and maybe offers expensive art and design objects, the hostel also offers cool design details. The thing I thought was cute is that they had street art on their wall, that looked like it was spraypainted with graffity where drawn figures would show you the room numbers. These little things are so cool! What I also liked is the beautiful lamp in the sitting area. Like OH-MY-GOD, it is so fab. And the British fella below also loves to show direction to the rooms.

nikolas-koenig-jan-14-generator-london-6   IMG_8764

Also another big LOVE from this location. Directly when you enter, on your left side you have the check in counter/recpetion. And on this counter they have this big shiny smily lamp next to a jar of fortune cookies.
I mean, how awesome is that? You can’t feel more welcome than that. A big smile + cookies. 
Yes, definitely a big plus!  IMG_8736

What I also really liked about this hostel is that they have a ‘Chill Out’ Area. Here you can come, lie down and relax. The thing that caught my attention is that almost everybody was here with either their tablet, smartphone or laptop so it really isn’t about connecting with fellow travelers but more about really relaxing.

nikolas-koenig-jan-14-generator-london-1   IMG_8742

If you want to connect with other travelers you can sit in the bar area where there are plenty of tables and seats and it is more convenient to start a conversation with another hostel guest.

IMG_8752   IMG_8747

IMG_8746   IMG_8758

Facilities and extra’s:
The hostel offers many cool extra’s.
– A photobooth where you can capture your memories with your fellow travelers
– A ‘Travel Store‘ where you can purchase stuff that you might forgot. Pet lock anyone?
IMG_8741  IMG_8748
-Showers and toilets on every floor
-A vending machine that I like to call the snack machine where you can buy some potato chips or chocolate. YES!
– Breakfast! For an additional 4,50 pounds.
IMG_8744  IMG_8745
FOOOOOD! During the entire day you can order sandwiches, cake and even pizza. YUMM!
IMG_8749  IMG_8750
-And last but not least a freaking cool PIANO and BOOKS!
IMG_8753   IMG_8756
For prices check out their website
They often offers great deals so make sure to check it out!

Would I recommend this hostel?
ABSOLUTELY! This hostel is a great place to stay for everyone. Young, old, families, couples, a group of friends.
The hostel truly caters to many different wishes as they offer all kinds of rooms. The location is great and it is so incredibly clean. Not only the rooms are very clean but also the common area’s, the bathrooms and the toilets.
The beds are comfy, the food on their menu is delish and oh yea, I forgot to mention. They have a doorman. I have never experienced this in a hostel. Every night when you come back, or even during the day, the doorman or maybe he is called the security guy, i’m not sure, will ask you for your room card. This gives me a great safe feeling. No strangers/non guests can enter this hostel without permission.

Tomorrow another London tip on my website, keep checking!

Love, x

5 thoughts on “London on a budget: The Generator Hostel !

  1. Design hostels zijn zo leuk! Ik hou van de Generator-keten. Ik roep al tijden dat er zoveel stijlvolle, leuke, schone hostels zijn. Leuk om bij jou ook zo’n blog te zien 🙂

    1. Ja echt he! Ik begin ze nu te ontdekken. Verblijf normaal echt alleen maar in luxury en boutique hotels ( zo dat klinkt echt heel arrogant als ik dat zo typ haha maar zo bedoel ik dat absoluut niet) Design hostels zijn cool ! Ik ga ook maar even je site door spitten en wat inspiratie op doen. Thanks alvast, cause I am sure you will inspire me a lot ! 😀 X

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