Review: Hotel Ibis Rotterdam City Centre

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Hello lovelies!

A few days ago I had the privilege to stay in the newest Ibis hotel that the Netherlands has. Just a week ago the doors of the Ibis Hotel Rotterdam City Centre have opened! I was honored to be invited to stay in this new hotel in Rotterdam.

I have some experience within the Ibis hotels and I am always really satisfied with the facilities and the service. However, I have stayed in Ibis hotels before but never in an Ibis hotel in the Netherlands so I was curious to see how my visit would go.

Dobe Globe Loves:
– Convenient location
– Beautiful building from the outside

– The cool red bench and details in front of the hotel
– The lovely decorated bar/restaurant
– The snack machine near the elevators where you can buy chips+chocolate
– Their cocktail menu in the Bar
– Very comfortable bed
– Flatscreen TV in the room
– Window view from the room

The Ibis Hotel in Rotterdam City Centre is qualified as a 3 star hotel. As a luxury traveler and getting the opportunities to stay in beautiful and luxury venues I was curious how this 3 star hotel would compare to the luxury hotels I am used to.

The first thing that I noticed was the beautiful building of the hotel. While walking up towards the hotel I saw the beautifully designed ‘Ibis building’ next to some other skyscrapers and tall buildings and I just thought that it complimented the view lot. I love buildings, and as seeing the Ibis building between those big buildings and skyscrapers, I think it is a perfect fit. I love how all the reds are coming together and forming a warm and cozy vibe in a city that moves so fast.

The frontal view of the building:IMG_7913 IMG_7915The left side view of the building: IMG_7916The right side view of the building:IMG_7917The entrance from the outside: (notice the cute little red details)IMG_7926
When I entered the hotel the first thing that caught my eye was the reception, since that is directly in front of the entrance and the beautiful bar on the left side. I could see in to the lobby and bar/restaurant area and the thing that really stood out were the fun colors Ibis hotel used to decorate this area in. It really has a chique and fancy vibe to it.IMG_7958

IMG_7964After I checked in I went to my room. I stayed in room 622 on the 6th floor. The first thing that I noticed is that the signature red colors from the Ibis Hotel were present in the room. A part of the wall was painted red and a part of the cabinet too. This really fits the Ibis Hotel’s theme and I really liked it.

There is a big comfy bed in the room, and I really adored the bed. The bed is obviously of great quality and I secretly wished that this was my own bed. Across the bed you will find a flatscreen TV. That will make it very convenient that when you are back in your room and want to relax a bit you can just lay on your bed and put on the telly.



There is also a desk at the right side from the bed. Here you can work from your laptop while enjoying the lovely view of the water and the beautiful buildings. The window might be a bit small but it is big enough to enjoy the magnificent view. IMG_7935This picture down below is actually the view from the window too. I took this picture while holding my camera pressed against the window to give you guys a good impression how gorgeous the view is if you would be able to look through the window like I did. IMG_7936The bathroom of this hotel is fully equipped and has all the basics that you need. Their is a big sized mirror and a lovely shower. Since this is a brand new hotel everything still has that brand new vibe to it. IMG_7943

I slept like a baby and the next morning when I went for my breakfast I was pleasantly surprised. Their breakfast buffet is definitely not a 3 star hotel buffet but I would rate it as a 4 star hotel buffet.

IMG_7953    IMG_7951    IMG_7952    IMG_7954

Their were plenty of options like fresh croissants, different kinds of bread, several cheeses, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, yoghurts, milk, orange juice, fresh fruit and all kinds of jummy sandwich spreads like peanut butter and chocopaste.
But the thing that caught my eye and stole my heart was this:IMG_7955
SPRINKLES ! OH-MY-GOD ! Adore it ! Never seen sprinkles in a hotel buffet before. Love to put this on my sandwich or even put some colorful sprinkles in my yogh!

After breakfast I went back to my room to work for a bit and when it was time to check out I could not resist to have one final cocktail in the beautiful bar. IMG_7960

IMG_7984IMG_7962I really enjoyed my cocktail, it was sweet and fresh. I am not really sure what I drank. I think it was their signature drink as mentioned on the picture above and that it was the ‘Red Ibis’. It was lush! And I can recommend everyone that will visit the hotel to take this cocktail!

Did you know?
Did you know that the Ibis Hotel Rotterdam City Centre hosts after work drinks on Thursdays in their beautiful bar and that the bar is also open for non-hotel guests. I can definitely see this bar becoming a new hotspot in the vibrant city life of Rotterdam. So if you want to go out for a drink, send me a message and we can go together : )

For more information on prices and availability visit their website: Click here


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