Let’s get personal ! #3 London, SATC, Ibis!

Foto op 21-08-14 om 13.15 #3

Hey lovely friends,

Time for another update from my side. It is Friday Night and instead of going out or going clubbing what a lot of my friends are doing, I am at home watching some SATC and typing this article. Doesn’t sound that glamorous, does it? Haha.
I am also researching on London for a bit. I have been there before but I am visiting again next week and I can not wait. That will be a bit more glamorous : ) 

I am beyond excited to wander through the city and take pictures! London really is one of the most beautiful cities in Western-Europe. London is such a beautiful and vibrant city.

If you have any suggestions for me, let me know!

I also wrote my post about my visit at the new Ibis Hotel in Rotterdam that will be online tomorrow. Can not wait to share that review with you guys. I really enjoyed my time there. Foto op 20-08-14 om 11.30 #5

Other than that, I am so happy and grateful with the chances that I am getting and the way that I am connecting with my followers, even though I don’t like that word that much. You guys are my friends! ❤

I will talk to you guys tomorrow,

Love, x

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