Hotspot: Smaakatelier Zoet en Zout in Rotterdam


Hey lovely friends,

Today I would like to share this amazing hotspot in Rotterdam with you guys !
If you are in to healthy and delicious food this place is a MUSTVISIT !
Smaak atelier Zoet en Zout is a hidden gem in Rotterdam city and is mostly visited by the hip and trendy residents of Rotterdam. When I am discovering new cities I love to discover new places where the locals of that city go to. I don’t like the touristy and overhyped places. I love authentic hotspots, and with this lush hotspot I can ensure you will have a great meal in an awesome environment!

Dobeglobe loves:
– Convenient location
– Cute place that is beautifulyl decorated
– The delicious food
– The many healthy drinks that you can chose from
– The warm atmosphere
– The possibility to visit and enjoy a high tea (reservation in advance is required)
– The possibility for private dining
– Trendy and hip hotspot

The name ‘Smaakatelier Zoet (sweet) en Zout (savory) kind of explains their delicious dishes on their menu. They have both sweet and savory dishes.
They are specialized in the Italian cuisine and everything is freshly made.

Smaak atelier Zoet en Zout is a lunchroom where you can enjoy delicious dishes but is also available for highteas and private dining.

The Lunchroom:
You can enjoy your breakfast and lunch in this awesome hotspot! I had these lovely mini chicken burgers (see picture down below) and it was like a delicious taste explosion bundled in mini packages. The chicken burgers tasted so good and were the perfect starter before I had my salad.

After this lovely starter I ordered the tuna salad. Smaak Atelier Zoet en Zout has 5 different kinds of salad in 2 different sizes:
1. The Salmon Salad
2. The Tuna Salad
3. The Caprese Salad
4. The Chicken Salad
5. The Parmaham with fresh fruit Salad

The small sized salads come with bread and the large salads come with focaccia.

IMG_7860    IMG_7859

This was my delicious Tuna Salad, doesn’t it just look amazing? Besides that it tastes really good I also love how colorful this plate looks and I love that Smaakatelier Zoet en Zout pays attention to these small and fun details:


Since I went for lunch with some friends during my review we decided that we would all take something else so we could try each others dishes. Therefor I also tasted the Panino Pollo (picture 1)  and the Panino Prosciutto. (picture 2)


2:IMG_7892IMG_7901     IMG_7896

I can honestly say that everything tasted so yummy and fresh and the quality of the food definitely made me curious about the other items on their menu therefor I will definitely go back when I am in Rotterdam.

Healthy selection of juices and drinks!

I love all these bottled drinks! They look so pretty and colorful. They have delicious coffees and teas on their menu but if you prefer a juice they have a big variety of healthy juices you can chose from! Therefor you will always have the perfect drink that will match your food!

What I also liked is that they offer highteas as well. The customer next to me was enjoying one of those highteas and it looked amazing. If you are interested in an hightea you can book a high tea arrangement in advance. For more information about the different arrangements you can send them an email at:

Love these decor details:
IMG_7868   IMG_7877IMG_7875   IMG_7873

Private dining:
Smaakatelier Zoet en Zout is also available to be rented out for an amazing night of private dining where you will have the entire location for yourself. This is possible from a minimum of 4 people up to 30 people.
What I love about this concept is that you do not pay anything for renting out the space. Nothing. You just pay for your dinner (these costs vary from a 3 course menu Euro 22,50- up to a 4 course menu that costs Euro 27,50-
Smaakatelier Zoet en Zout is the perfect location to host your own private event such as a baby shower, wedding reception or graduation party. They have successfully hosted many private events in the past. For more information send them an email at:


I can definitely rate Smaakatelier Zoet en Zout with an A+.
The food is amazing, they offer lovely drinks, you can have an high tea or even rent out the space for a private dining sesh. The location is extremely convenient since it is a 3 minute walk from ‘Rotterdam train station Blaak’ and a 5-10 minute walk from the shopping area ‘De koopgoot’. IMG_7852IMG_7848For more information take a look at their website: click

If you have any questions feel free to contact them at: Their website is in Dutch but you can write them in English and they will be happy to help you with your query.


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