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Hey lovely friends!
As I mentioned in the post earlier this week [press here to read] I have created a new tag, the #TOTD tag where each day I will feature a traveler and a wanderluster by heart. I have decided to do this because I love to read travel stories and I am sure that I am not the only one.It is very inspiring to read other peoples stories, watch their pictures. Therefor I am searching for the best travelers to inspire YOU! 
Today I chose the lovely IG user: latravelgirl. [click here for her account]. Love her pics and travels!

Hi! My name is Layla M Nia, I am 28 years old originally from Los Angeles, California in the US. I am currently living in Glasgow, Scotland in the UK which is a huge change from my previous home but I am loving the history and culture of this wonderful place. I have lived in 3 countries during my lifetime (UK, US, and Czech Republic) and hopefully will able to live in a couple more in the future! I love to travel, eat delicious cuisine, meet new people, learn about new cultures and photograph my experiences while I wander this wonderful globe! I studied pre health sciences/biology in undergraduate university and went to nursing school which I obtained my degree as currently I am a registered Nurse. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -St Augustine

1: Where did you go for your first travel experience/holiday?
th-2My First official vacation was when I was a young child with my family to  My parents would take us every summer because they loved Lake Tahoe as it’s a wonderful place to spend time with your family by the lake and on the beach during the summer time. I have fond memories of sitting in the front of my aunt’s speed boat on the lake, jumping the waves which gave me such a exhilarating feeling in my stomach…the fresh smell of the lake in the air and the beautiful views of the pine trees and amazing Emerald bay. I will cherish those memories in my heart forever….forever young literally in my mind!

2: Which 5 items do you always bring on your travels
I kinda over pack so this is a bit of a tough one for me!
1: I always bring my iPhone as I take most of my photos from it while traveling.
2: My Prescription sunglasses as I love people watching but I don’t want people to think I am staring as it might be rude in different nations!
3: My Alphonse Mucha Book of Postcards, a book which contains 35 postcards that I send one from each Capital City in each country I visit.
4: Hand Sanitizer because even though I am a traveler, I am still a nurse/health freak at heart! I love to touch & investigate things on my travels & know other curious travelers like myself do too…So I always try & stay clean to prevent transmission of germs!
5: Lastly isn’t really a possession but more of a emotional item 🙂 I bring an Open Mind….to all my travels I am open because if you always hold back and never try new things you can’t get the true experience a local may get.

3: Where are you now and where will you go for your next trip?

I am currently in lovely Glasgow the Largest city in Scotland and the  3th Largest city of the United Kingdom.
n about a week, I will be traveling on a tour through the Mediterranean starting in Rome, then to Santorini, Istanbul, Ephesus, Mykonos, Athens, Naples, then back to Rome. I am truly excited!!!

4: What is your dream destination and why?
My dream destination would be anywhere with lots of history, lovely weather and adventures to go on
(such as ATVing, river rafting, riding motors through a busy city, or food tasting in a busy market)

5: What is your favorite travel picture that you took and why/what is the story behind it?
I recently posted this photo of me on Instagram and I love everything about the moment. I am standing in the middle of a natural hot spring at the Springs Resort in gorgeous Arenal, Costa Rica. I am facing the unbelievably magnificent Arenal Volcano…one of the top ten most active Volcano’s in the world with my arms wide open taking in the beauty of all the natural around me. This was the best Holiday I have ever been on…hands down.

6: If you could take 3 celeb travel buddies on your next trip, who would they be and why?bourdain_01
I would take Anthony Bourdain because he seems to be the best traveler I have ever seen in my life from his love of food & culture to his views on life…he is truly the man! I’d take Louis CK bc he is hilarious and the commentary throughout the trip would be great.
Lastly they might not be famous but that guy who flew his Go Pro through the firework show this past summer & caught amazing never before seen footage from that point of view….brilliant idea and I am sure he could capture brilliant moments and photos for me on our travels.

7: Are you a backpacker (budget traveling) or a flash packer (luxury traveler)? And what was the best backpack/flashback accommodation where you have ever stayed?
I would say I am a luxury traveler? Not really into the backpacking hostel scene, I mean more power to anyone who is because you do truly make connections with other travelers and save loads of money…just not my thing. I love beautiful hotels and staying in hotel rooms with wonderful views. I would say the best and still my favorite til this day is The Encore Tower Suites in Las Vegas, Nevada. From it’s top notch accommodation and service…delicious restaurants and relaxing spas/pools to it’s Gorgeous panoramic views of the Strip and the desert in the horizon…It is the best of the best.


Well, this was another edition of the #TOTD ! I loved her answers and I love how through this tag we are discovering new hotspots and places. I just googled the Encore Tower Suites and it looks amazing ! Thank you girl for sharing this with us ! And Lake Tahoe is definitely high on my travel list now too!

If you want to become featured as a #TOTD too send me an email at info@dobeglobe.com

With Love,


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